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I just started Monday. Already not sticking to it perfectly. I find the food to taste ok. The shakes are great and so are the bars. No problem with the eggs. I hate oatmeal so I won't even try them.

It was so thick and I forced it down. And I found that if I freeze the puddings, YUMMY! It's like a pudding pop in a bowl. But when I make the lean and green I am still including some carbs. I want to be sure I fill full. Snacking is my problem so the Medifast plan is certainly helping me with that.

I'd love to know where to get these infusers and other recipes to make the meals more interesting and tasty. Thanks for listening!..

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Hi and welcome..

You can purchase the infusers from the site. I'm drinking one right now and it's delish..

There's a recipe section w/in the forums - you'll find a lot of great stuff there..

As for including some carbs, unfortunately, you're going to need to put a stop to that. Otherwise, your body won't enter the fat burning state it needs to be in for this plan to be successful for you..

Good luck on your journey...

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Also - try to make muffins out of the oatmeal..

It helps a lot...

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You will continue to be hungry and not achieve ketosis as long as you include extra carbs in your day. If you want to feel full, stick to the plan 100% for a few days, and once you get into ketosis you won't be hungry anymore.

It's tougher for some people than others, but everyone who has been successful on this plan had to get through those first 3-4 days to get into the fat-burning state. Every day you add extra carbs you restart the clock at zero and are basically starting over...

Comment #3

Hang in there! Try to stay OP for three or four days and you will be amazed at how great you geel and you aren't hungry. I have to practically force myself to eat sometimes and believe me, that has never happened before. Stick it out, you can do it!..

Comment #4

Carbs will make you hungry faster than anything in the world.... You might want to re-read the material, and especially the book. Did you get a copy of the book? I think it explains it well.

Also, do you have a coach? I think you need to make sure you get your questions answered for your best success at this plan.

If you add stuff to it, you WILL feel hungry, and you won't lose weight as fast once the first, water weight drop is over.

Good luck, and welcome to Medifast!..

Comment #5

Hello everyone,.

I am new here and looking for some friends for motivation.

This was my first week and I think it went ok. Please email me or add me if you are looking for a friend for mutual support...

Comment #6

Keep a positive outlook on all of this. You chose Medifast because you desire to lose weight. The only way to lose that weight is to stick on the program. If you don't think you're 100% ready to start now, don't. Wait a while. It doesn't help to only be doing Medifast partially..

You CAN do this, though. Keep your goal in the forefront of your mind. The food really isn't that bad, and anything you don't like, you can work with!.

Good Luck...

Comment #7

First off, I love saying "MFers" sounds so inappropriate, and sometimes living on the edge with a secret smile is all the difference in the world. I have never posted anything before in my, if I bumble, I apologize I started Medifast May 15th and have been lurking and reading..THANK YOU to everyone for the stories and the has been very helpful. For any newbies out there who haven't cut carbs before and may go into utter shock ...TRY THE SOUP CRACKER RECIPES. These saved me from defeat my first two weeks!!! (I have cut carbs before...was on an autoimmune disease diet, but still found the "crackers" a godsend) I make a "pita" outa' the soup, spread a little laughing cow lite garlic on it, add fresh veggies and chicken..and even my main man has entree' envy. My biggest challenge has been removing the beauty that is red wine from my diet!.

Anyway, thank you again to all the Medifast veterans..and I hope to build my page up and "meet' you all in the months to come! Cheers! (but only with seltzer, of course..

Comment #8

The first 3-4 days are the absolute worst!! once you get over that hump it gets A LOT easier. I have been on it for about 2.5 weeks and it has definitely gotten better. I agree with everyone here, you have to get the carbs out of the plan if not there is no point... your body won't go into the fat burning state and all you're going to do is frustrate yourself when your results are a lot slower than you hoped...

Comment #9

I'm a newbie. I lost 2 pounds after my first day. That has helped to get me inspired. I am hopeful that this is the beginning of the end to my food addiction. I am a compulsive overeater and use food to mask all my emotions. When I solve this distorted relationship with food I will reach my goal.

Good luck to all other newbies...

Comment #10

Kimmie - for a new MFer, you have hit the nail on the head! That's exactly how this plan worked for me: breaking my addiction to food and teaching me how to eat right! And the fast weight loss really helps get through those first few tough days..

Stick around these boards, make new friends, and take it one packet at a time. Congrats on a great start!..

Comment #11

Welcome to all the newcomers!!! This is certainly ONE wild ride!!.

I have lost over 75 pounds on this program and over 57 inches - WHOO HOO!!! I have come to realize that is almost 5 feet- how WEIRD is that!.

Just know that you can do this - whatever else you do, get your head in the game. Because in the end, the person this will matter the MOST you. It's fun to get the compliments, it's great to have the accomplishments, but at the end of the day, if you gain your weight back, or your cheat yourself by not allowing this program to do it's job, you pay the price - physically, and mentally..

I don't know about you all, but I have BEEN there, many times before. Mad at myself, frustrated, thinking I COULDN'T - but in truth, that is simply a mindset. I can, I did, I have, and I WILL! Tell yourself what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.......

Stick to the program, find support on the boards, grab a health coach if you want one, read some books - I love the Beck Diet Solution and 100 Days of Weight Loss......

Sometimes you sail through, sometimes you muck through....but the important thing is that you GET through and you don't give up.....on yourself!!!.

So welcome, welcome.....and if you ever need some help with program, or advise, or some good old fashioned nudging, let me know!..

Comment #12

Laurie that inspired me and I was just being nosey reading some new posts! YOU ROCK thanks for that..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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