Medifast Shirataki Noodles

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Hi everyone,.

This is the first recipe I've posted here. I am so excited about this recipe!!!.

First, let me say that I heard about Shirataki noodles on the Medifast website. I googled them and read comments. Some people loved them, some people hated them..

Anyway, I tried to find them locally just to try them. No luck. A few months ago I asked the HEB grocery(if you're in Texas, you know what that is) if they could get them, then I forgot about it. Last month, there they were! Brand name is House Foods, Tofu Shirataki, Spaghetti shaped, Angel Hair Shaped and an egg noodle type shape! They were about $3 a package, and had 2 servings per package. 20 calories, .5g fat, and 3 carbs per serving.

Ok, so here's what I did..

I cut two chicken breasts into bite sized pieces, sprinkled them with some liquid smoke(optional) and browned them in a couple tsp of olive oil. Remove from pan..

Add some water to deglaze the pan and add chopped vegetables according to your "green" limitations. I used zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, onion, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, green bell pepper and spinach. I sauted them with some chopped garlic(adding water as needed) and added some dried parsley and mixed italian herbs.

I let it simmer while I worked on the noodles.

Drain the package/s of noodles and rinse very well. They smell sort of fishy(?), but the package tells you to parboil for 3-5 min, or microwave for 1 min to eliminate the smell, then dry well and use as you normally would. I used the microwave..

After I microwaved and dried them on paper towels, I mixed them into the vegetable mixture and let them warm up and absorb some of the flavor..

I divided the mixture between plates, topped it with the chicken, and sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top. It still needed something though, so I sprinkled some(a little) Weber sesasoning called Kick'n Chicken(it's spicy) on top. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!.

It was wonderful! The texture of the noodle was good. The "fishy" smell was gone. I used the Spaghetti shaped noodle, two packages, but we should have only used one. We have enough left over for another meal. I served a spinach salad on the side, but we barely touched it. Again, leftovers for another meal..

Can you tell I'm just a little excited about this??.

I think if you try it, you'll be happy you did..


Comments (13)

Becky, where in TX are you? I seem to have checked everywhere, and can't find them! I'm in the Houston area....

And thx for the recipe. If I ever find them, I'll try it! (I know I can order online...just trying to save shipping, although with the driving, I prob should just do that!)..

Comment #1

Thanks Becky for posting.... I have 3 bags of Angel Hair Shirataki in my refridge I have not been brave to try yet....I will now, craving chicken and lite laughing cow cheese with them. I also want to try them with shrimp too...

Comment #2

I'm in Texas too.. my HEB doesn't have them but Whole Foods did. I'll have try your recipe because the first time I tried them.. they didn't turn out too good (and I didn't parboil ).

The texture was similar to what I imagine chewing on intestines would be like. I still have 2 bags to use up!.

Thanks for your post!..

Comment #3

LOL. When I saw all the posts about how awful the texture was, I was thinking, "How bad can it be?" Little did I know! I felt like I was eating a brain. Never again for me on these noodles!..

Comment #4

I saw these noodles today at a market Called Sprouts. I did not get them, but may try them some time...

Comment #5

Hi! I'm in Spring. I found them at the HEB on 2920 and Spring Cypress Rd. It's a newer HEB. They're in the produce section. If you have one close to you, speak with the Produce Manager, and see if they'll get them for you..

Where are you? Maybe we could meet for a coffee and a Chocolate Crunch Bar! :-).


Comment #6

Go for it! I've read about using LC Cheese, but haven't tried that yet. Let me know how it turns out. :-)..

Comment #7

Ewww...while I've never tried brains, I can only imagine. Maybe it was the brand, or maybe the way that we cook them makes a difference. I don't know. This is the first time I've used them, and both my husband and I were very pleased. We truely couldn't tell a difference between the shirataki and pasta.

Sorry you had a bad experience.


Comment #8

Oh my goodness, I'm still laughing about the "chewing on intestines" line! Anyway, unfortunately, I live way out past the east side... I'm closer to Beaumont than to Spring! I wish we could meet though! It'd be nice to have some Medifast friends close by! DH is applying for jobs on the "other" side of town, but will probably stay here another year. Thanks for the info. I prob should just order those darn things if I want to try them!.


Comment #9

Why not talk to your local HEB? Who knows? They might already have them. Check in the produce section with the other tofu products...

Comment #10

Central Market has them in Austin - but I think the Houston CM is probably far from you..

Comment #11

Any Central Market HEB should carry it. The Angel Hair ones are my favorite. With broiled tomatoes, garlic and bell pepper... toss in a little shrimp. Yummmm!..

Comment #12

I'll try that! I have some shrimp in the freezer and it's calling my name. :-) I picked up some Spaghetti, Angel Hair, AND Fettuccinie Shiritaki a couple of days ago. I'm so glad that it has a long shelf(refrigerator) life. Have you tried the Fettuccine? I made some Shrimp Scampi last night, using Butter Buds, Garlic Powder, True Lemon, and a little water. It was really good. I sprinkled a little Lemon Pepper(my favorite seasoning right now) on at the end...

Comment #13

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