Medifast Scrambled Eggs Are Here!?

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$14.50 per box!!!! (Less than the Stew, but more than the oatmeals.).

Hopefully, they'll be one of the specials in January..

If anyone gets a sample in their order, let us know how they taste...

Comments (48)

Actually, these cost the same as the Oatmeal and the Soups/Stews - $14.50...

Comment #1


Got my order placed and now I'll have some scrambled eggs by this weekend!.

Thank you MF!!!..

Comment #2

I ordered also. Can't wait to try them! The picture looks yummy BUT you know how that goes? ha!..

Comment #3

LOL! Yes, you gotta love all the Medifast meal pics!.

Orangeblood is probably the only one that has the ability to make all the Medifast meals look like their pictures!..

Comment #4

Ok, ok, I think I'm going to break down and try them. They have only 10 g of carbs and 5 whole g of fiber. Plus with a little cheese saved from your lean they may actually be pretty good. Like a dork I just placed a huge order that's due to arrive today so I guess with the new order I'll have to place I'll have like five years of Medifast stocked in my cupboard, lol..

And I think all the Medifast foods went up in price. I remember the hot drinks used to be around $12-$13 a box now they're over $14. Oh well, whadda ya gonna do?..

Comment #5

Yippieeeee...eggs. Well, the only problemo is the 10 gr. of carbs, for me at least. Eggs have zero carbs. Wonder what's added to add the carbs??? Will give it a try though. Now, BT, DO something to make these fabulous!!!!!..

Comment #6

Thanks for the heads-up on the price changes. I guess I'm going to have to update my spreadsheet where I calculate the cost of my next order.....

Lydiaa, maybe you'll get a free sample in your new order...

Comment #7

What the heck?!! I just looked at the ordering section and I think all the prices have gone up! I hope they don't make this too much for me to afford. My budget is already stretched to the max as it is. The hot drinks used to be $12.85, I believe. Now it looks like everything across the board is $14.50. I may have to cut back to a 4/1 plan...

Comment #8

I take that back - the bars have gone up to $15.25!!!..

Comment #9

The added carbs must be from the cheese they have added. The protein count is the same as two eggs. Unless I can eat these every day why wouldn't I just use fresh eggs??..

Comment #10

Hmmmm...cheese doesn't have carbs either. Not 10 gr. Not even low fat or fat free. I think I feel the same way. Regular old eggs or egg beaters for me. But I will try them.....

Comment #11

How does anyone get samples of new products? I have never gotten any except with my very first order. Do you have to order Medifast 4 wk variety package? I usually pick and choose what I like when I order and wondered if other's do the same as I do and still get a sample of new products to try? Also, are the new price changess effective immediately or does this take effective in January?..

Comment #12

They do have more carbs than regular eggs but as Medifast meals go they are pretty low. I like the fiber in them too. But I have to ask, how does one get fiber into eggs??..

Comment #13

They have added maltodextrin, polydextrose and corn starch to make them into a powder so they are easily transported. That is where the carbs are coming from. You can add fiber to anything. They sell fiber in bottles you can mix with food...

Comment #14

Anybody know if they'll replace one of the oatmeals (like peach) on the variety packs with some scrambled eggs?.

They did add the beef stew when in came out...

Comment #15

Mmmm, sugary eggs. Can't hardly wait to try 'em. (Not.)..

Comment #16

I always order individually. I don't eat the bars and would prefer to pay a little bit more and get exactly what I want and how much of each...

Comment #17

I got samples of the beef stew in my order before last and I have never ordered the variety pack beyond the first month. I think it's just a lottery when something new comes out.....

Comment #18

On thought came to my mind. I know some people are disappointed in the eggs.

BUT...Perhaps we could use them as a batter. Like for preparing chicken or fish?.

Just a thought..

Comment #19

As far as the carbs go, I thought part of the point of all the Medifast foods was that any of them can be switched out for anything else (except the bars of course). Like, you could have pudding all day every day if you wanted. So it would make sense that the eggs have carbs added right? So they're more equal to the other foods on the plan and can be eaten as any Medifast meal, or all your Medifast meals if you want, and you're still getting enough nutrition. So if you ate nothing but eggs your body wouldn't be starved for carbs..

I really can't wait to try them. I'm doing the 6/0 and am heartily sick of all the soups and the bars, and am pretty stoked to get to have eggs. My taste buds are so jacked right now anyway that they'll probably taste like ambrosia.


Comment #20

I odered 3 boxes of the scrambled eggs today. I am not thrilled that they have all that sugar in them from the maltodextrin, polydextrose ( these are sugar). I don't know why they sugar in stuff. I ordered these before I realized they had all the sugar...

Comment #21

I don't understand the value of ordering the Medifast eggs when you can just eat egg whites for a millionth of the price. Egg whites are healthy, low in calories and carbs...

Comment #22

I put in an order for the eggs last night ....

And scrambled eggs shouldnt really have carbs ... at least the real ones...

I am assuming that these are going t o be powdered eggs ...LOL.

Why did everything go up so much?.

WOW !!.

I just started the Medifast last Monday , lost 9 1/2 pounds so far.

But prices were a lot lower when I ordered....

What is a person to do ?

Comment #23

I so agree with you, Mary! The way they have been "created" make it easy for people who want to keep it simple. You can swap the eggs for any other product and not worry about your nutrition (carbs, protein, chol. etc).

I think eggs are a great addition to the product line for many reason and not everyone has to like them or eat them...

Comment #24

Because with the Medifast eggs you can have Eggs for breakfast (or any other meal where you would eat MF) and STILL have real eggs as part of your L & G...

Comment #25

I think it was Jessica, the dietitian, who posted that fiber is carbs, just mostly indegestible carbs. so maybe some of the carbs in these eggs are the fiber that has been added. where are these nutritional breakdowns coming from? I would like to see them myself. I was cheap and only ordered 1 pack of eggs, so if I don't like them, I am not out much money...

Comment #26

When you go to the shop online and pull up the product you can click on the nutritional info that is posted for that product..

Comment #27

Hi there,.

I just tried them and to me after adding salt and pepper they did not tast too bad, next time I am going to try a sprinkle of low fat cheddar cheese.


Comment #28 you just add water and microwave just like most of the freeze-dried foods? I'm trying to imagine how they would get a "fluffy" consistency that I would expect from scrambled eggs...

Comment #29

I liked them...they were pretty good I thought...i put a little pepper, oinion and garlic powder in them..I also found them very filling. I would order them...

Comment #30

I'm going to try a box in my next order. I like the fact that I can have these eggs and still have a L&G later on in the day...

Comment #31

I wonder what the lure is with the eggs to everyone. I like eggs and they were 79 cents per dozen at the grocery today. They have zero carbs and I just don't " get" the egg fascination.

Tell me Tell me someone PLEASE!!!!!..

Comment #32

I guess the fact that they are portable, just add water at work and you have another Medifast meal. I will use them that way as a change of pace but real eggs at home...

Comment #33

It's because on the 5 & 1 plan, we should be eating 5 Medifast meals and 1 L&G. The 5 Medifast meals can get boring for those of us on the plan for a while, so having one more product to choose from helps. And yep, real eggs are cheaper! But they don't have all the vitamins and nutritional components that comprise the Medifast meals according to the Medifast formula for weight loss, so today, if you want to get your "egg" fix, you have to use them as your L & G for the day. But having the Medifast eggs allows you to use that as one of your "5", and then still have your chicken/fish/tofu/beef/turkey/cheese/boca burger for your L & G. Or "real" eggs for your L&G if you are so inclined!..

Comment #34

**Corrected post.

It's because on the 5 & 1 plan, we should be eating 5 Medifast meals and 1 L&G. The 5 Medifast meals can get boring for those of us on the plan for a while, so having one more product to choose from helps. And yep, real eggs are cheaper! But they don't have all the vitamins and nutritional components that comprise the Medifast meals according to the Medifast formula for weight loss, so before, if you wanted to get your "egg" fix, you had to use them as your L & G for the day. But having the Medifast eggs allows you to use that as one of your "5", and then still have your chicken/fish/tofu/beef/turkey/cheese/boca burger for your L & G. Or "real" eggs for your L&G if you are so inclined!..

Comment #35

What is also good with having the eggs be a Medifast meal is that you can use it in place of oatmeal every morning... I had been doing the oatmeal in the this will give me a bit of a break in the action ... I got my box today , along with a sample pack of them !!!.

I figure with winter I am not doing those shakes too much , saving those for summer.

I am sticking to Oatmeals, soups- chile & vegetable stew.

And am totally loving those Hot Drinks !!!.

So the eggs will break up the oatmeal monotiny for ME !!!..

Comment #36

The eggs are in place of a regular MediFast meal real eggs would be in place of your L&G meal. I liked the Medifast eggs I had mine with a sprinkle of scallions, 1T shredded NF cheese (taken off my L&G total for the day) and a sprinkle of hot pepper flakes. Very yummy! I really appreciate having another medifast meal that is not sweet I never had much of a sweet tooth anyway. So, I will be ordering more of the eggs, since they are a nice replacement for the soups and other non-sweet things I was eating! (and they worked well in the muffin recipe I baked them into, along with a peach oatmeal)..


Comment #37

Made a "mini quiche" in a large muffin pan (makes 1) - spinach, onion, 1 oz LF cheese, s&p and baked. Let it cool and took it into work as my mid-morning meal at work..

Still got to have my L&G tonight! Yeah for Medifast eggs...

Comment #38

Diane - that sounds GREAT! If you haven't posted the full recipe for the "quiche" on the recipe board, you should! What temp did you bake on? How long? Fresh or Frozen Spinach? I have so many questions! I want to try this one out!.

I personally loved the eggs. I seasoned them with seasoned salt and topped with 1 T of salsa. VERY yummy! I really like the idea of being able to enjoy eggs without having to give up my L&G to do so. I was really, REALLY missing breakfast foods on this diet. (Never been an oatmeal eater...I'm a grits girl!)..

Comment #39

Just tried 'em yesterday. Thought they were gross. Bleah!..

Comment #40

I received a sample pack of the scrambled eggs in my last order and I tried them..

They are DELICIOUS! I love them!!!! Had to order 4 boxes. They look horrible when you mix it up with the water at first but once they are in the pan they start looking like scrambled eggs. They are very yummy!!!..

Comment #41

I agree that they are good. I cooked them up in a pan, a little salt and pepper and a tablespoon of salsa and they were definately a keeper...

Comment #42

Thanks guys for clarifying, I too was wondering what all the hype was about. Makes sense. I just ordered a 4 wk supply of food and wished I would have added a few boxes of eggs. darn!!!..

Comment #43

Question: If I were to make "real" eggs for bf (lets say just one egg) then how much lean could I eat for dinner? Sometimes I have a real hard time stomaching 7 friggin ounces of chicken at dinner time, so if I could 5 ounces and then 1 egg for lunch I would be happy...

Comment #44

Got my samle pack of eggs today along with my order of 1 box of eggs. this is the box that I ordered on 12/19. took 3 notes to Medifast before someone answered me. I fixed the eggs with molly mccheese and pepper with onion seasoning ( not salt and not dry onionsjust the granulated onionsonly puts a very little bit of onion in the food.) it was great. of course, smarty pants me, decided to cook the eggs the way I usually cook real eggs, on a higher tempeture than is recommended for the Medifast eggs. well, you quessed it.

Some of us are very hard headed and only learn by trying and failing. eggs that I actually got tasted very good though...

Comment #45

I tried the eggs this morning. I added aome Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning and a thimble fill of Salso. They were wonderful! They are great hot, not so good when they get cold...

Comment #46

I tried the eggs today too- I can't believe how good they are! A bit of a pain to mix, but that's OK. They even cool well in the microwave. Man, it was good to have something new for breakfast after 6 months of oatmeal I put some (real) bacon bits in mine...

Comment #47

I also really like the scrambled eggs. I wish I'd gotten more than one box! I first cooked them in a pan, but they separated and a lot of liquid came out. (Tasted good, though!) The next day I tried the microwave, and that worked amazingly well. Today I bought a microwave omelette maker and I'll try that out tomorrow morning! MMmmmm, a mushroom omelette- my mouth is watering. I'm tired of oatmeal, too. And, the eggs for breakfast, and a cream (chicken or brocc) soup for another meal give a lot of leeway on the carbs to fit in a delicious chocolate bar!!..

Comment #48

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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