Medifast Salad Dressing Help?

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Hi there. I'm new to MediFast (Day 5 for me) and I'm not sure what's allowed as far as salad dressing. I've just been using plain balsamic so far. That's getting old. Any suggestions??.



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Ditto! I would love some tips and ideas for this too!!!..

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BTW, Joanna, how are things going for you? I am waiting for my food to get here so I can start. I have to admit, I am getting a little (or a lot) nervous!!.


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Hi! Welcome to the Medifast community!! You can have 2 tbls of any low fat salad dressing with 6 carbs or less per serving. If you check out Walden Farms online, I like the ones I have found there.

Good luck with the program!!..

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I really like Galeos salad dressings. I have to order them, but they are worth it. Their website is www.galeoscafe.comMy favorite is the roasted sesame seed dressing. You can easily use them as a marinade for your meat. I did check with Nutrition Services and they agreed this dressing is fine. It is what the folks on The Biggest Loser eat...

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Thanks for the tips. I'll check those dressings out..

Outlaw30: So far I'm doing great. I haven't experienced any of the lightheadedness or headaches that some people complain of in the first few days. Overall, (especially considering the low amount of calories) I've felt really good. When I've tried Atkins or South Beach I felt like crap the first few days. This is the best I've felt in a long time. I haven't weighed or measured yet so I don't know about that.


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OMG I would be lost without the WishBone Spritzers!!! They are so light and awesome with LOTS of flavor. There are 3 of them..

Red Wine Vinegar.


Balsamic Breeze.

I have had the Red Wine and Balsamic one's. I love the Red Wine one, Balsamic is ok and I am waiting to open the Italian one when I need a change from the other 2..

They are right in the salad dressing aisle..

They last a long time. I have used the RWV everyday for over a week and it seems like it is still full so the small bottle is deceiving..


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When looking for a salad dressing you want something that is 6 grams of carbohydrates or less per two tablespoons. If possible also look for a low fat version. Oil and vinegar combinations are great. You can also use the new Wishbone spritzers...

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Lately I've been doing the Wishbone Spritzers and I found a Galeo's Cafe ceasar dressing that's sooo good and only 30 calories for 2 whole tablespoons! Very yum with a shrimp ceasar salad...

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Lydia - where did you find the Galeo Caesar dressing? Just wondering if they sell it at Kronger etc??? or does it have to be a specialty market (don't have them where I live) may have to order if not...

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I found it at Albertsons in an organic foods kiosk at the end of an isle. I had previously never heard of it. I haven't been to Whole Foods in a while but they might have them there...

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I would love to try the Galeo's, but I'm not paying $13 shipping for salad dressing! I'll have to see where the nearest Albertson's is!! Thanks for the tip, though...

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Mark - I just went to the website & order 1 of each. I hope it is good. They have the new wasabie - which my husband normally likes that taste - so we will see....

I'm assume all these can be used as a dressing, marinade, & dip - - Is that correct??..

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Yes, that's correct ... salad dressing, marinade or dip. :~) I've tried all 4 flavors and like them all. It's cheaper to order them by the case because the shipping is the same for a case or a bottle. We ordered them at work as a group for a while to save on the shipping since we split it 5 ways...

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You can use oil with your vinegar also, which is one of my favorites and I add something like Crazy Jane's mixed up salt- yum!.

If you feel like being really experimental you could try an oriental blend using peanutbutter and ginger - I have't experiomented with these yet..

Also Maple Grove has some sugar free dressings and the Dijon is really excellent. I do not remember the nutritional information but I do remember it fit with the plan..

They also have other sugar free and carb free products:.


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Update: sesame oil and rice vinegar with a little crushed red pepper and whatever other seasonings you like make a GREAT oriental chicken salad tossed with napa cabbage, scallions, and any other veg you may like...

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I also prefer this kind of dressing. I ordered two dressings from Walden Farms and they had sorbitol in them... flavors that should not be sweet, and aren't traditionally :( I don't like salad with artificial sweetener on it, the taste is wrong.... for me. Many don't mind it and that's fine :).

But I am ordering from Galeos... in the meantime, 1/2 tablespoon of flaxseed oil, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with a good shake or two of Spike seasoning salt. That way I get to use my high Lignan flax seed oil in addition to the tablespoon a day of ground flaxseed meal since you can't cook with the High Lignan Flaxseed Oil the only way to "eat" it for me, is a salad dressing, or get the same benefits from the actual flaxseeds..

Thank you for posting the link to Galeos, you might want to start a thread with that in it's name or "Non-Sweetened Medifast Approved Salad Dressing" ;) I can only guess that others would be happy to learn of this product, I know I was when I first heard of it, here on this board a few weeks ago..

Take care~..

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My favorite salad dressing is greek. My dh makes it. Olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper with garlic. yum.

You only need alittle. very flavorful..

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I use High Lignan Flax Seed Oil in place of the Olive Oil.. also lemon juice, and a shake of Spike which has salt, pepper, garlic, and so forth... I agree, it's excellent.

I am VERY curious about the Galeos Salad Dressings... I really want to know which are good and which are just okay or better for other things, marinades and such..

I very very very much dislike SWEET salad dressing or sweet anything on salad. The salad dressing your husband makes for you is similar to the one I have, I used to use Olive Oil also, it's wonderful as well..

But the ultra low calorie Galeos dressings, that are Miso based, and are 14-19 calories per TABLESPOON with a mere .5 carb per tablespoon and have won taste awards are very intriguing indeed... the thing that is a bit of a caution to me is the "dash of honey" since that means "dash of sweet" but how much sweet could there be with a mere half carb of carb?.

Had anyone tried the full range of these dressings, can anyone let me know which are good and which are great, and whether any are sweet at all? I would greatly appreciate it..

Thank you!.

BTW, for those unfamiliar...

Mark you'd listed the link and now that I've been to the website I'm concerned I'll end up ordering the wrong thing. The description is a bit of a concern, what does it taste like? I love Tahina... (sesame seed sauce, essentially, a middle eastern favorite usually mixed into Hummus to make it creamier, or spooned over your Felafel that you buy at the corner Felafel place) and I love Miso... but that description is of concern:.

If it's suitable to go on fruit, it does sound sweet... I have never liked barbeque sauces, at least most of them because of that sweetness.... Miso and Sesame are great, but the "Sweet/smoky flavor" and the dash of honey are concerns for me....




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This must be a old post that has been brought back up - - because I have rec'd the Galeo's Dressing - - all 4 flavors - - I love the Sesame best - Wasabi is good too. I will be re- ordering!!! I crave a salad now with it!!!!!!..

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I've tried them all. The Sesame and the Dijonnaise are quite sweet, the Caesar and Wasabi-Ginger are not at all sweet.

But you might want to try them all. I thought I hated sweet dressings, too, until I tasted these. (I'm a fresh virgin olive oil and balsamic gal). BUT I have to say, I love all the Galeos and I never could STAND bottled dressings before! I just ordered another case.

They're good on steamed veggies, too...

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