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Hi everyone,.

Every once in a while I have to eat in a restaurant; either because there are political reasons that it's prudent to or because I'm traveling or because I am SO TIRED of cooking. <grin> Sometimes it's hard to get information about the nutritional value of restaurant meals. I'm wondering if anyone has found restaurant meals that would fit our L & G..

I'm wondering if the Applebee's Brick Oven Chicken is low in carbs if you omit their salad dressing? It's tastyI'll vouch for that..

I found a turkey wrap at Ruby Tuesday that I usedexcept I took the wrap off. They list net carbs not total carbs and I figured that the wrap would put me high on carbs. (The wrap as prepared is 417 calories, 17 gms fat, 11 gms net carbs, and 10 gms fiber.) There's not enough green stuff to make up that part so I added some salad..

Ruby Tuesday has a Skinny Chicken Salad (380 cal, 15 gms fat, 7 gms net carbs, and 3 gms fiber).

And they have a Tomato and Mozzarella salad (112 cal, 7 gms fat, 6 gms net carbs, and 1 gm fiber)..

What do you think? Would these be good L & G? Are there any other restaurant dishes people know about that are good for L & G?.


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I presonally love Ruby Tuesdays......I think they have agreat variety of choices for us. I usually have the tilapia and either a sald or the steamed broccoli (although it does have some butter in it). I also love their chicken dishes but you have to hold this and that and it is just too difficult sometimes.

At most restaraunts, I usually order a steak, fish or chicken and salad or steamed veggies. I almost always pack my own salad dressing, just in case..

At Applebee's I had a grilled teriyaki steak skewer, super good! Is the brick oven chicken skinless??? I don't remember looking at that one, I would think that is the only issue with it.....

The only issue I find at restaraunts is salt and butter or hidden oils. They cook everything in butter or oil it seems! I just try to choose wisely and am not afraid to ask my waitress if they can hole the butter and all...

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The few times I've eaten out since starting MF, I didn't worry about counts and values (we're not supposed to be concerned about that anyway) and just focused on my normal portion sizes. I always choose the closest to legal I can get, and don't fret over any additives I'm SURE are bound to be there. So far, no trouble with a gain. Eat and enjoy!..

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My favorite restaurant L&G is the Close Talker salad with chicken at Moe's. I get it with no shell and no chips and also no olives or jalepinos because I don't like them. I get the southwestern vinaigrette dressing. It's wicked yummy and really fills you up.

I ate at Chili's a few weeks ago and I got one of the combo grill things. I got chicken and shrimp and then asked for a double porition of veggies instead of veg and potato. I might have had too much broccoli but I think it might have been ok.

For Chinese or Vietnamese food, I usually get either chicken, beef, pork, or seafood with broccoli or with mixed veggies and for mixed veggies I usually ask them to only put broccoli and cabbage...

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Hey Pawp,.

Yep, restaurants put a LOT more of many things than I would even if I wasn't on a diet. (I find restaurant food VERY salty for example.).

There is skin on the brick chickenand I ate some of it. I know it has some olive oil on it but I patted it with my napkin and couldn't see any traces of it so I don't think it's much..

Thanks for the ideas everyoneI have a Chili's here that I haven't been to so I'll try that the next time I have to eat out..


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PAWP - I tried the Tilipia at Ruby Tues. after your recommendation - & left off the rice - - It was very, very good - (Their salad w/ ranch was great!) I mostly had just salad & the tilipia because I was so full I didn't want the brocoli (Mainly because I eat so much of it at home!! & the salad was so good there - I wanted it & the fish) Thanks..

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Here's a website that I've bookmarked and used many, many times....

Hope this helps!..

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For my lean and green meal I have been eating the McDonald's Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with the lowfat Balsamic Vinaigrette. I love it!!!! I take out the carrots, but I eat the cheese (it's lowfat). Anyway, the dressing only has 3 grams of fat and 4 grams of carbs. Perfect for on the go! HTH..

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I take a different approach to going out to eat - I have my standards that I know are legal regardless of where I go. Here's my choices:.

1. Chicken Caesar Salad - dressing on side - no croutons (I bring my own Waldens calorie free, fat free, sugar free dressing when I go out to eat haha) This is the most popular meal available at a multitude of restaurants and it is my number one choice..

2. Chinese - Steamed Chicken with chinese vegetables - no rice - no sauce. I put a bit of low sodium soy sauce for flavor..

3. Mexican - chicken fajitas - no tortillas - no sour cream - no cheese - no guacamole. So basically you are left with the chicken, peppers and onions. If you have a Don Pablo's restaurant near you they even serve the fajitas in lettuce wraps which is yummy..

5. Seafood - Broiled Scallops with Vegetable of the day - no butter or sauce. Sometimes I carry butter buds with me in my pocketbook..

6. Indian - I've had to go out to lunch a bunch of times with coworkers from India - there are many meals to choose from as long as you limit the sauces and do not eat rice/bread.

These are basically my standards so I don't have to look at the menu or worry about going off plan. My husband and I have gone out to eat many times since I started in September and it hasn't affected me so far (I have other food demons to deal with at home! hehe).


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#1 and 3 above are my best choices, but I also get a side salad of romaine lettuce and tomatoes to eat with my fajitas!.

Also, I love to get a nice filet (Outback is my fav, too!) or broiled fish with steamed broccoli or a plain salad..

If I get a little butter, so be it. Hasn't affected my WL..

And, I have noticed that the foods are VERY SALTY, too!!!!!.

I usually drink even more water that day to offset the extra sodium and get it flushed out!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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