Medifast recipe for Tuna cakes?

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I saw someone's Tuna pattie idea a couple days ago and ran amuck with it. Here is what I did:.

1 6-ounce can tuna - drained (or salmon would be good too.).

1/2 inch slice of medium sized onion - minced and sauted (about 1/8 cup cooked).

1 heaping TBSP grated parmesan cheese.

1/2 tsp kosher salt.

1/4 tsp pepper.

2-3 dashes lemon pepper.

1 tsp parsley.

1/8 tsp paprika.

1/4 tsp garlic powder.

1/2 tsp onion powder (optional I like the strong onion flavor in these).

1 egg white (or whole egg if you prefer).

One pkg Medifast Crackers ( I used the veggie ones).

Grind the crackers into slightly-course crumbs. Mix all ingredients very well. Heat skillet on medium. Add 1 to 2 TBSP olive oil and heat. Make 5 to 6 patties approximately 2 to 3 inches across and 1/2 inch thick. Carefully place in pan and cook til medium golden brown.

Cook til medium golden brown. (NOTE: you can replace the fresh onion with 1 to 2 tsp dried onion flakes.).

I ate mine with a TBSP of Blue cheese dressing (only had on carb), but am going to find some tartar sauce that fits the program. The onions only add about one carb....the crackers are the kicker, but you can count that as your snack for the day. They were very filling...

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Oh YUM! I have some of that Ole Bay crab cake seasoning that I use when I make zucchini "crab" cakes. I am going to go and try that in this recipe. Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #1

OOPS!, I forgot, I also added about 1/4 tsp of Liquid Smoke...

Comment #2

Wow..thanks for the reminder. I'm going to use the MFwhite cheddar soy crisps in mine (a couple less carbs and there are more of them)..

Growing up, mom always made tuna patties with white sauce w/ peas in it...I'll be glad to pass on that. Great idea...thanks for the recipe. love and peace...lynnann..

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Thanks again for sharing this. I tried it last night. I didn't have any crackers, so I used an additional egg white. Put the whole batch into an 8" non-stick chillet, and a little olive oil. Cooked it well on both sides - it was awesome. Family even came sniffing around.

There are lots of possibilites with this one!..

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This recipe with crackers is also great with canned Salmon....Bumble Bee Pink gourmet is the best and worth the few extra cents. I have these every night cause I really like Salmon and red meat has too many additives. I have not been able to track down free range beef yet. (no antibiotics or hormone additives) but I am still looking...

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This sounds awesome. I am dying to find a way to like salmon. My mother loves it...I think it's ewwwwww...but I will get the Bumble Bee salmon and give this a shot. Thanks for the great recipe. XOXOOX..

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The salmon I use is Bumble Bee Atlantic Fillets in a pink 6 oz can that has small lettering on the label "gourmet salmon" will love it cause it is mild and tasty with no bones or skin and can be eaten right out of the can it is so mild. I work for Stakist so if I push Bumble Bee, you know it is good. It beats our brand hands down...

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I hate to burst your bubble but onions are no longer an acceptable green. carbs are too high...

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Yes, I know that the onions have been removed from the list, but the amount being used is so small that it most likely won't effect your meal... you could just hold back a little on your green portion..

Onions were removed from the cooked and raw veggies. According to the stats, which I just looked up in th MY PLAN section, they are as follows:.

1.5 cups cooked onions = 138 cals and 32 carbs.

0.5 cups raw onions = 20 cals and 4 carbs.

My recipe:.

0.13 C (about 1/8 cup) cooked onions = 12 cals and 2.8 carbs.

If you still don't want to use the onions, you can replace them with scallions (per Nutritional Support) or use chives or just extra onion powder (although, I have been eating them all week and so far have still lost 3 pounds)...

Comment #9

According to the recent post by MF, 1/2 cup of raw onion is 10 carbs so 1 TB is about 1.2 carbs and that is what I use in the salmon patties, so no problem here..

Comment #10

How do you log that in for you l&g meal? Do you just put it for the amount of tuna? I am only 3 weeks in and still not sure about logging foods like that with multiple ingredients...

Comment #11

I just log it as Tuna for the L&G then go to other foods and log the crackers, onion and parmesan. They are nominal amounts, but it helps to remind me that they add up, so I make other choices for my Medifast meals like cream of chicken soup instead of a bar or pudding...

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Hi. I made this recipe for dinner tonite (day 3 for me) without the sauteed onion and used one egg white. While it tasted delicious, it basically didn't hold together. I had it with tossed salad and tomato and oil and vinegar dressing. Would somebody be able to tell me what I may have done wrong? Thanks in advance...

Comment #13

I'm bumping this up as I was hoping to receive some help with the recipe...

Comment #14

Different brands of tuna are different qualities. Higher quality tuna is chunkier and drier and requires more moisture than lower quality tuna. Try adding a full egg or not draining quite so much. You need to have a binder in there and that is the egg.

Also, feel free to really squish them together before cooking....kind of like a hamburger patty..

Hope this helps...

Comment #15

Thanks Jenny! I use tuna from Trader Joe's. It's very dry. Next time, I won't drain it as much...

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Hey everyone,.

Just to chime in on the onion conversation..................I haven't given up onions either. I gave up broccoli gladly, lol, but not my onions. But I don't use a lot at any one time..

And, as another opinion, this one from Nutrition Data (which I thought was the database Medifast was checking things inbut maybe I'm remembering incorrectly): one cup of raw, chopped onion has 15 carbs..


Comment #17

As I am not a scientist and have not done the testing myself, I don't know the EXACT numbers on the carbs for onions. The information I posted on this thread came from the data I entered in the "Add Food" area in "my plan". I used the "other foods" and entered the quantities and type and those numbers came up.

I guess everyone should just use their best judgement and decide with source to trust the most. I, personally, will just use the Medifast numbers as this is the plan I am using..

Good luck to you all...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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