Medifast recipe for Tropical Punch?

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I put this into my shaker cup, but it was still clumpy. The water was really cold, so I think that may have been the problem. Has anyone had this problem?.

Also, I am not sure I like this punch all too much. It tastes like something other then punch, but I can't place it. Does anyoen else have a suggestion on how to perk this up some? I thought that diet 7up or diet sprite (sierra mist?) might help. Please help me out and give me your suggestions..

By the by... I am really enjoying this diet. The food is much better than I thought it would be and it is wonderful to have these boards so we can vary them up. I am making the pita bread tomorrow and having a tuna fish sandwich tomorrow. Thank you everyone for being so wonderful..

Miss Vassy.

P.S. How do I get one of those cool tracking things that everyone has at the bottom of there signatures...

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Try mixing it in crystal light, I used peach tea or strawberry kiwi.

That saved me, because I hated the punch the first time I tried it!..

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Yes, I mix in tropical punch crystal light and put it in the freezer for 30 min or so- that helped it a lot!..

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MissVassy To make your weight loss tracker, go the "Commnunity Home Page." There is a ticker maker there with step by step instructions... have fun!..

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Crystal Light (I sometimes use the trop punch flavor which makes the Medifast taste like real trop punch) or some type of soda (I use a Hansen's - almost any flavor will work but I tend to use the mandarin lime a lot). Use a blender and some ice cubes if you can...

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I'm new too and can't seem to figure out the "ticker" either...I guess I have to post something to see it? All I see is the code... Loving Medifast so far - I'm not too hungy at all. I find the shakes and puddings a little sweet for my taste...I never really had a sweet tooth, I have a "salt tooth" - I could eat goldfish crackers all day! And have! I know I'm not talking about Tropical Punch, sorry, but I didn't get any in my first package..


Started: 02/01/07..

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I love the tropical punch. I mix it with a capful of pineapple extract (I also have used peach and mango too) and then shake it up. Then I put it in a huge glass with ice and add a bunch of diet sprie in it. It's awesome, put a bendy straw in it and enjoy!..

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