Medifast recipe for Muffins?

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Oh my, Maple oatmeal muffins......the food so far has been pretty good but I have to say this made my gag. The oatmeal already smells like baby formula (moms you know how gross that is), but my muffins tasted like baby formula too! Yuk! I followed the directions, my only alteration was apple cider vinegar instead of white and I accidently mixed all at once and not wet and dry. The came out ok, but the taste was so bad I can't even describe it.......I was not even able to choke it down with water!!!!!!!!!!!.



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I am not sure what happened...Hmmmm...I am not a genius with this stuff but I think the cider vinegar might not have been a great thing. Maybe if you try it again with the white vinegar? Also, you can add extracts and syrups to help with the flavors. I could not eat this without that. I use the blueberry for that recipe and add Torani SF syrup and some vanilla extract and some Splenda. So sorry this did not work for you. I suspect that it's the vinegar but maybe someone else can answer that for sure...

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Maple extract with the maple oatmeal tastes great (ok, maybe not great, but much better)! Had some this morning. I always add a little cinnamon to the maple muffins, too..

I use vanilla extract and apple pie spice to the apple cinnamon muffins...

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I made muffins once too and haven't done it again. I do plan to try pancakes with sugar free syrup one of these days!.

But I've had a problem with smells, of lots of the Medifast food, and found that if I put some strong-smelling spices in, it helps immensely. Things like Chili powder in the chili, cinnamon in the oatmeal, peppermint extract in the swiss mocha shake have made a big difference for me. I haven't found anything to put in the blueberry oatmeal yet, though.....

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Another thing is too let these muffins cool, then refridgerate..

They taste so much better when they're done this way!..

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I would say the problem was using cider vinegar. For some reason it just doesn't work right and ends up creating a really awful flavor. The original recipe I got the idea from was for a Chocolate cake. The one time I made it with cider vinegar it was basically inedible. Try again with plain white vinegar. Oh yeah, don't try rice wine vinegar, it doesn't have the right amount of acidity to work for this..


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Not sure which recipe you used. I tried changing mine last time and used True Lemon instead of lemon juice, the way I do it. Didn't really like them with the True Lemon, there was the smell everyone had talked about that I hadn't experienced before! They even smell days later in the fridge. I'm going back to my recipe,.

Any Medifast oatmeal.

1/8 tsp baking powder.

1/4 tsp baking soda.

1 tbl ground flax seed (optional).

Mix together well before adding liquids:.

In separate cup:.

1/4 cup water.

1 tsp WHITE vinegar.

1 good squirt or a tsp of lemon juice.

Add to solids, stir till wet and dump in 10 oz baking cup sprayed w/Pam..

Bake in 380 degree oven, dump onto plate to cool, refrigerate.

That's it, these are the best I've tried. The bad smell is minimal too...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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