Medifast recipe for ministone soup!?

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Hey all,.

I have love the soups up till today. Tried the ministrone and I hate it. Anything besides salt that would add some flavor and make it atleast bearable? Otherwise can I return the rest of the box in exchange for a soup I like better?..

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Yes you can return it! If you want to try adding some beef boullon and some chopped veggies you might be surprised. Just be sure you deduct the veggies from your green! I personally made it thru my one box and will NEVER order it again!..

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Gee, none of the recipes posted made it tastier for you? The minestrone has been a big topic with how to help it out but if none of them worked, then perhaps it's just not a flavor you enjoy. While the minestrone is probably my least favorite of the soups, I found making it ahead of time so it has plenty of time to soften up and adding a little canned diced tomato and some Italian seasonings made it pretty ok. However, when that box runs out I don't think I'll order it againI like too many of the other soups!..

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Sorry, that is the one Medifast food that I just can't stand. I've doctored it up every which way and still don't like it. There's plenty other choices so I just stay away...

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How funny that the Minestrone is one of my favorites. I use Better Than Buillon, and a lot of spices. Garlic Powder, some Instant Gourmet Rustic Italian (love this) and more water than suggested 10 oz. I also add some Mrs. Dash's Tomato Garlic Basil seasonings and cook it on the stovetop for a long time. Hmmmmm.....I think it's great...

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I add a teaspoon of "Better than Bouillon" either the beef or vegetable, a little Lowry's seasoned salt and some pepper. It makes it tolerable. I won't be ordering it again, though...

Comment #5

Thanks guys I will try the bullion or maybe return it...we'll see.

Suesully: I never saw any recipes for ministrone soup, but then again I am very very new. Just started this week. Where can I see them?..

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Genbee if you go to the orange search button above, then put in Minestrone you will get I am sure a lot of threads to go to. Personally, if you are new, I would really suggest Better Than Buillon for all the soups. I can only find a few flavors in the store, so I get it online at Others have issues with the chili, but I use the Better Than Buillon Chili Base and have always enjoyed it. Since you are new, hang in there. There are a ton of MediChefs who have a lot of experience making things yummie...

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I will never again in my life order that soup. I will just gobble it down like those ppl on Fear Factor do when something wretched is put in front of them to eat. Yes, a bit extreme, but when most everything else Medifast has been fun and delightful, minestrone is just sort of a let-down. IMO-of course...

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I must be the odd one out but , I love the ministrone.

I add some bullion, garlic powder and oregano. Then some chopped steamed cabbage..

I nuke it for two minutes. Let it sit for an hour or two. Nuke 2 more min and yummmy..

Comment #9

Lisa, it's you and me with the Minestrone I think. I must be the strangest one of all. My favorite soups are the Chili first, the Minestrone and the Thai Coconut Soup I make out of the Chicken and Wild Rice. I guess we all just have different taste buds. BUT I think that if people made the Minestrone right they would like it. IMO......

Comment #10

I tried it two different ways, with different seasonings, oh, and probably followed one of YOUR recipes Bettina, and NO, I will NEVER like this soup. Not that anyone should care about my own disdain for this soup, just had to reply to that comment.


Comment #11

Of course it isn't for everyone. Maybe it's just my taste buds or else I am just resigned to somehow make all this food work. There's enough variety that if you hate one thing, there's a lot more to choose from. I can't stand pudding and everyone else likes it. I have to use mine in baking or in shakes...

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I haven't tried the thai coconut soup yet. But I do like the chix and wild rice so I am guessing I'll like it.

I wrote the recipe down and will try it this week. I think the chicken and wild rice is my favorite...

Comment #13

I actually don't know how to cook, so Medifast is pretty much teaching me too cook. I never really liked the Minestrone soup, so I thought I would play with it to see what I could come up with.

I started off with a can of beef broth (the 99% fat free and I think it counts as your snack) and added two packs of minestone soup. I let it boil on medium for about 10min, then added whatever seasoning I felt like adding. I don't know much about seasonings, so I just added paprika and some adobo seasoning I had in my cupboard. Then I let it sit again for 10min and then added half a can of chicken breast (takes away from you L&G) and then just let it simmer for 20 min). I would of added tomatoes, but I had no vegetables in my house..

I couldn't smell anything, but when my stepdad and mom came into the kitchen they thought there was an awful smell in the kitchen. It happen to be my food. But I just split it into two portions and when I tried it, I actuall liked it. Go figure. But everything was nice and soft and filling!..

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I make it with broth instead of water. About a half cup of shredded cabbage (called angel hair in the vegi section). Let it sit overnight, then nuke it when I am ready for it during the day...

Comment #15

You definitely need to add boullion and spices to improve the minestrone..

I haven't had very good luck wth improving the chili. I tried some salsa in it the other day which helped some. the chili is a different topic, however!..

Comment #16

I found this helps: I put the minestrone mix and water in a tupperware container the night before I go to work, so it gets really soaked well.

I also added a couple spoonfuls of this great roasted tomato salsa I picked up at the store....


Also, a few drops of lemon juice livens up all the soups...

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