Medifast recipe for Got chicken thawing?

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Hey Kids. I got the 'ole chicken breasts thawing in there and would like some ideas on what to do with it. I just can't bear another dry, plain chicken night. Thanks for any suggestions...

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I bought a George Foreman Grill and it works great! In a zip lock bag I add some Olive Oil and Some Mrs. Dash for Grilling Chicken. Shake then grill. It turns out moist. A lot better then pan cooking..

I also grill Asparagus, Steak, & Shrimp that way too. I hope that helps...

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A quick answer split it or pound it so that it's only about 1/4 inch thick, then saute in a pan sprayed with Pam until browned. Add in 1/4 cup of water and scrape all the little bits off the bottom of the pan (this is the fond, which holds a BUNCH of flavor), cover and let simmer for a couple minutes. Flip the chicken over and simmer, uncovered for a couple more minutes until the water is gone..

This should improve the basic flavor of the chicken and also improve the moisture..

To enhance things further, marinades are a great way to flavor things. Let the chicken sit in a mix of 1/2 cup water, minced onions & garlic, basil/oregano and some rosemary. Put it all in a ziplock bag and let the chicken soak it in for an hour or so before you cook it..

Other things to try when cooking is to add diced tomatoes after you've browned the chicken (use the juice this produces to scrape up the fond at the bottom rather than adding the water) and let that simmer for a while. Top with some fat free cheese and you've got pizza chicken!.

In my signature is a link to my recipies blog, which has some chicken recipies in it. Give it a shot...

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Put the chicken in a baking dish. Sprinkle with rosemary, garlic, pepper and salt to taste. Sprinkle with lemon juice and place fresh lemons around and on the chicken. Bake in a 350 degree oven until chicken registers 160 on an instant-on thermometer. Take out and let rest for 5 minutes (it will come up to 165 degrees by then). It usually takes about 45 minutes.

I make pans of these on the weekend and keep for the week...

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I'm sorry, I'm a bit lazy so my chicken is very basic:.

1. Cut chicken breasts into small cubes.

2. Heat a skillet on medium/high.

3. Spray with Pam.

4. Sprinkle Lemon Pepper on skillet.

5. Add chicken, keep moving to keep until no longer pink.

In the meantime, I will have cooked up my broccoli with a tsp of water in the microwave. They both finish about the same time and then I mix them together. I don't know what it is with me and lemon but I'll take about half a wedge and squeeze as much as I can over the top...

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I like to put my chicken in the crockpot with some spices, for some moist, shredded chicken. You should try it over salad (we had shredded chicken taco salad the other night).


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Brush Dijon Mustard on the chicken breast then grill on a George Foreman type grill. Very tasty and juicy if you do not overcook..

No sure what you are doing with your green but I had mashed cauliflower last night and it was great!..

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You guys are awesome. Thank you so so much. I love these boards and I love ya'll for taking the time to help out a fellow loser. And of course I mean that in a good way. LOL..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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