Medifast recipe for Flavor Drops

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Hi All,.

So in the Flavor Drops craze, I have now received the following flavors:.

Pumpkin Pie (custom blend) Tried this, not that thrilled. Anyone else get these?.

Vanilla Ice Cream.

Chocolate Mint.

Chocolate Strawberry.


Chocolate Raspberry.



Orange Creamsickle.


Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

Banana Nut Cream Put this in Banana Creme Shake Very good.



Pralines and Cream.


Toasted Almond.

Strawberry Cheesecake.

Double Chocolate Like this a lot too.

I have not had a chance to try all of them. So if anyone HAS tried some of these flavors and has some ideas what to do with them, can you help me out here. I really like the Egg Nog a lot and just reordered the larger bottle..



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Bummer about the pumpkin pie. I didn't order cause I wanted to hear what someone said about it...glad I didn't. What was wrong with it? I really like the Cinnamon Danish Swirl in the Bananna Pudding..Yummm!.

Aloha, Tracy..

Comment #1

Those sound really yummy...I was curious, Whats the nutrition stats on these? (Carbs, Cals, Fat, etc...) If you have that info, I would totally like to know. I have been curious for sometime about the "actual ingreds" Thank so much! ~Shannon~..

Comment #2

As for the Pumpkin Pie, it might be me, but I have never found anything that captures that flavor. Have tried EVERYTHING...every extract, syrup, etc. because it's my favorite flavor. I just think it's a little bitter and doesn't get the flavor right. But maybe someone else likes it. I much prefer the eggnog..

As for the carbs and calories O across the board. Nothing. There is no sweetener, splenda, none of that either..

Will try the cinnamon danish swirl next Tracy, thanks...

Comment #3

Bettinia, I do believe we should award you with FDA (Flavor Drops Addict). Anyone else have more flavors than Bettina?.

I have tried the Cinnamon Danish, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Mac Nut and Strawberry Cheesecake. The only one I was disappointed in was the Strawberry Cheesecake but I'm still working with it...

Comment #4

Where do you get these? It sounds like they may make my life a lot easier!..

Comment #5

Hi You get the Flavor Drops at and we get a 10% discount for being MFasters if you use coupon code Medi10Fast. They are great!!!!.

And yeah I tried the Strawberry Cheesecake in a Strawberry shake. Eh. But I don't think I used enough. It seems that some are stronger than others and you have to play with the amount of drops used...

Comment #6

I just ordered some I got the 6-pack mini sample pack to start out with and I'm super excited that they have free shipping. Thanks Bettina!!! You are a life saver... er... diet saver!..

Comment #7

Just ordered a 3 pack on 11/29. Still waiting on it. I ordered Egg Nog, Pralines & Cream and Chocolate Caramel. I'm anxious to taste them!..

Comment #8

Strawberry is a hard flavor to fake, the shakes are disgusting (my opinion). I usually stay away from that. I think the fake nutty flavors will be the best, it isn't hard to fake a nut : )..

Comment #9

I ordered two sets of the mini 6 packs, telling myself that one would go to a coffee fanatic friend as a gift, but I made sure to order different flavors in hers just in case I liked them too much, heh...

Comment #10

I still haven't ordered them. I'm holding out for Chocolate PB in January!..

Comment #11

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I think I'll be makin' a second order in January..

Comment #12

I'm not supposed to say anything, but I conned the owner of Capella Coffee to send me the Chocolate Peanut Butter drops NOW so I could try them out for everyone. He won't fill any orders until January but I get a sample so I will report back. I am sooo hoping they are great. I will buy them by the boatload. Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Very Happy Bettina...

Comment #13

I can't wait till you get these! I hope you try them as soon as you open the box!..

Comment #14

I probably won't even wait to put them IN anything. Will drink them straight out of the bottle..

Comment #15

[quote=BETTINAV]Hi All,.

So in the Flavor Drops craze, I have now received the following flavors:.

Have you tried the Marshmallow yet?.

My order arrived them and sort of OD'd on the double chocolate. Will try the other flavors later this evening. The toasted almond smells good, but I couldn't taste it after the chocolate lol.


Mad scientist in the kitchen..

Comment #16

I just got mine a couple days ago. I should have ordered more of the Eggnog, I want it in every vanilla shake I make. (I previously hated the vanilla shakes.).

I also got Toasted Almond and toasted Coconut and they are both very good..

I'm ordering more today...

Comment #17

LOL Gwen. I feel like a mad scientist too. And I agree about the Egg Nog. Wow is that a good one. I can't wait til I get the large bottle I just ordered. Going to try more and will report back...

Comment #18

I love the eggnog drops. And the double chocolate are a close second. They really add a nice chocolatey flavor to things. Oh, and I can't forget the pralines-n-cream!! They make the MBS oatmeal, with a T of flaxseed of course, a scrumptious bowl of deliciousness!..

Comment #19

I re-ordered today, more eggnog and I'm anxious to try the Vanilla Hazelnut and Cinnamon danish swirl. I also ordered a 6-pack for my mom for Christmas. I wish they had a gingerbread flavor (they have gingerbread coffeebeans I noticed) but didn't want to go to the trouble of calling in a custom order. I would have ordered some beans too but I'm cheap and didn't want to pay the shipping.

The ones I liked in my first order are eggnog, prailines and cream and chocolate macadamia. Toasted Almond is OK, I think I would like Vanilla almond better. I really don't like dolce de leche and marshmallow though.

Don't forget to use the coupon code "medi10fast" to get 10% off (I think Bettina facilitated that?)............

Comment #20

It was lovely Larbec who got the discount. All I did was convince the owner to send me the chocolate peanut butter drops now, before they are available in January..

Comment #21

I have to say, those folks at the Cappella Co. are great. Saturday night I went online to place my order, went to the checkout procedure and somewhere in the middle it lost everything and took me back to the home page. I didn't want a duplicate order, so I sent an email asking if they received it..

I got a call about an hour later 9:30 N.Y. time from a nice lady who made sure my order hadn't gone through, then took it over the phone. She was great!.

After I hung up, though, I thought, darn, I should have asked her if she could tuck in a bottle of chocolate peanut butter!..

Comment #22

I received my sample pack last week and I too LOVE the eggnog in the vanilla shake.

I have the Chocolate Mint and I put that into the chocolate pudding or the chocolate shake, very festive.

I have used the orange creamsicile in the orange shake and it helps a little bit..

White Chocolate into the Strawberry shake, helps!!.

Cinnamon swirl in the banana shake? Hum, I will have to try that one. I have the original box of Banana shakes that came with the original shippment, will have to try that...

Comment #23

If you put the eggnog drops in the vanilla shakes, does it make it taste a LOT like eggnog? I looooove eggnog, but I'm scared of being turned off to it by an unappetizing Medifast recipe..

Comment #24

Thanks for sharing Lynette. I have so many to try. But that Egg Nog is just delightful. I made the best Egg Nog shake last night. Yummie...

Comment #25

And, yes, IMO it tastes exactly like Egg Nog. But what I do is use some Davinci SF Egg Nog syrup, the flavor drops, some nutmeg AND a capful of Watkins Rum Extract. I swear you would think you were drinking the real thing...

Comment #26

Mmm... I might have to get some of that......

Comment #27

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