Medifast Recipe Book reviews?

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I'm updating my order for my next shipment and saw there is a Medifast Recipe book. Does anyone have it? Is it worth spending $6.95 on? Awhile back I downloaded a decent sized document from here with lots of recipes...was that just an electronic version of the book? I'm not a cook so any help I can get with recipes is useful to me. However, I don't have money to waste if I have copies of all the recipes already. If someone has it and could give me a review, it would be greatly appreciated!..

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When I talked to Nutrition support a few wks ago they said book wasn't ready yet. So I am surprised. This book is to have recipes developed by medifast and totally approved. Many recipes on the boards are not endorsed by medifast nutritionist. They are made by members...

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I wonder if they are referring to a different Medifast recipe book? The one I am referring to has been listed on the website for quite some time! I order my items through TSFL, but as far as I know it is all of the same options. Interesting.....

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I bought the recipe book listed on the Medifast website a year ago and IMHO, it was not worth the money. It was a small binder 20 or so 5"x5" pages, one recipe per page, with a full page photo on the other page.

The pictures were pretty as serving suggestions, but there is much more variety in the recipe forums...

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I too am wondering if the official Medifast-created Recipe book is worth buying I'm new and would like to add more variety to my Medifast meals, but I would like to hear more reviews first from other members who have bought it. Thanks!..

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Hi friends.

Just wanted to let you know there is another resource out there for all things Lean & Green that I created as a Certified Professional Chef & Medifast success story..

If you'd like more info, you can go to and see all the Lean & Green support that is available and the cookbook I have created. There are tons of posts on this site about it..


Stacey Hawkins.

The Queen of Lean & Green..

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I didn't think advertising was allowed on these forums?.

8) Promotion of Direct-Selling Business or General Business.

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WRT the Medifast Recipe booksave your $. Most of them are online under the "Eat Right" tab on the success tools. I bought the book thinking it would be useful but ended up giving it to goodwill...

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I have seen the book at the local clinic and I agree not worth the money IMO. It talks about blending the shakes with ice.. Okay yeah I do that already. And there were a few other receipes but really you can get that information off the boards...

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I ordered the book last month & was very disappointed. There were more & better recipes right here on the board. I'm talking about the ones that are OP & without a lot of additives that could possibly be off plan. I thought maybe I could condense all the papers that I have my recipes on without taking the time to write them on recipe cards. Better to re-write..



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I ordered the book with my last shipment, and I was disappointed in it. The book is small, and the recipies don't even come close to great ones you can find on these threads...

Comment #9

Thanks for all your input! I will save my $$$ and just look for recipes here on the forum appreciate your feedback!..

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I ordered the recipe book almost 2 years ago and it is pretty disappointing. The bulk of the recipes are for Medifast products - which I couldn't care less about. I was really interested in the L&G recipes - of which there are only 5...

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I don't think it was worth it. It was basically just recipes that consisted of adding a certain syrups etc to shakes to make flavored shakes. There was a few lean and green recipes, but all in all it was not worth the money. Lots of photos..

I have ended up writing pancake/shake cake/muffin recipes on recipe cards and using a gluestick to glue them on the useless photo pages...

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Hmmm...That's weird. I ordered the Medifast Recipe Book with my last order, and I actually find it pretty helpful for my lean and green meals. But as another poster stated, a lot of the recipes can also be found under the "Eat Right" area of this website. I just like having something I take with me when I go grocery shopping to know how much of a certain "lean" to purchase. It gave me estimated weight conversions (cooked vs. uncooked) and I thought that was pretty cool.

There are a lot of recipes on the discussion boards, but for someone starting out, it's hard to figure out where to start copying and printing of the posted recipes :-P..

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I copy and past the recipes I like into Word, print out the pages and keep them in a binder in those plastic sleeve inserts...

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Stacey I LOVE watching your L&G videos on Utube! Thank you so much. I learned something new today, too never knew you could freeze ginger!! I always ended up throwing it away, or didn't buy it because I couldn't use it all. Great tip!..

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Bought the book with my initial order. Very few recipes, expected more..

I've found the discussion boards to have more recipes...

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I've never been a cook. And I've never been on a diet before. For me, Stacey's recipes and products solve both problems. She combines flavorful ingredients in easy recipes that meet Medifast plan guidelines. Totally takes the guess work out, and it's one less stresser in my life.

For those looking for more creative recipes, I highly recommend the TimeSavorGourmet..

Thank you Stacey!..

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If she would provide her recipes without us having to purchase her book or products, I would consider it. I can get healthy free recipes from Food Network...

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There are 18 recipes available for free. As for the seasonings, Stacey tells you what to use. You don't have to purchase the Time Savor seasonings, unless you want to save some time...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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