Medifast preparation tips without a microwave

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Hi! It's my first day on Medifast and so far so good...I realized when unpacking my foods yesterday that most call for microwave preperation. Three years ago, when remodeling our kitchen, we decided to not include a microwave in our kitchen. We cook from scratch 99.9% of the time and heat leftovers in the oven or stovetop. It's not presented a challenge until now.

Anyone have advice for preparing items on the stove/oven? I did make the scrambled eggs on the stove top today and they were fine. Any tips are appreciated!..

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Pretty much everything that needs to be hot can be made on the stove instead. If you soak your soups beforehand, you're just heating them up anyway, and it's fine to do that on the stove..

I'm not sure about the brownies (but I don't eat them, so I wouldn't know)..

Actually, many things are better on the stovetop than from the microwave. People especially talk about the eggs being better. (I don't like scrambled eggs either, so I just use them in recipes.).

What particularly are you worried about?..

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Scarlet: I think the brownies (I hope you ordered some ) are even better when following the oven directions. AND your entire kitchen will smell like homemade brownies. All of the soups can be done on the stovetop. Drinks can be prepared with water from a kettle instead of mw. Just be sure to take about 1/4 cup of the cup of water and stir into powder to make a very smooth paste. I use two utensils. A fork (to get into the very bottom corners of the cup because the powder likes to hide there) and a small whisk that is meant for salad dressings, but works beautifully for Medifast drinks and soups...

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And I even made the oatmeal into cookies using the oven. I really enjoyed them...

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I make almost everything in my sandwich machine. Well except for the drinks. I make Oatmeal in the morning, soup breads for lunch and brownies for my dessert. I rarely use the microwave...

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So many wonderful ideas! Thank you all for responding...after day two I have built up a little confidence. Everything has been cooking fine on the stove top and in the oven...even made brownies yesterday. I am very grateful for the support...

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The only thing I use the micro for is the oatmeal, and that can obviously be easily done on the stove. I prefer soups on the stovetop, the dehydrated veggies cook up fully and the soup thickens nicely on the stovetop. Plus, I add usually a few leftover veggies, spices, and protein to my once a day soup. Love it!..

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For the oatmeal, I just boil the water, dump the oatmeal in a bowl, and add the boiling water to it until it's the consistency I want it to be. (But then again, I'm one of those strange people who actually like the oatmeal, LOL!) For the soups I put the dry soup in a thermos, boil the water and pour it into the soup. Close it up tightly and let it sit for an hour or so and it is nice and hydrated by the time I'm ready to eat it and it is still hot. I've done the brownies both ways and I prefer them baked in my toaster oven...

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I don't have a microwave either and I haven't had any problems just using my convection oven for brownies/muffins, boiling water and thermos for soup, and blender for shakes...

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You MUST share soup breads, how to! Please!?! Sounds amazing!..

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I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only household in America without a microwave! I usually get a cross-eyed poor thing, how do you survive look from friends when they realize we don't have one in the kitchen. I've made it through nearly a week and had no problems using the tips folks have posted here. I also have a new wave oven (little countertop thing) and the brownies turned out great in there. Used my countertop sandwich maker for pancakes this weekend..

Thanks so much!..

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