Medifast pancake recipes for improving them?

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Hi everyone,.

Can anyone give me advice on making the plain pancakes palatable? They were bad to me..

I was glad to get 3 of them but the texture and taste was bad..

I have the choco chip version and I hope they'll be better tasting. should I add vanilla and maybe a nut flavor?..

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I make one waffle with the mix. Add a little SF syrup to the batter. It is much better as a waffle than a pancake in my opinion...

Comment #1

First I mix mine with 1/4 cup plus 1 tsp. water. Makes it a little runnier.Use a 10 in. skillet sprayed with pam and add pancake batter. Cook till done.After I take it out of the pan, I spread 1 T. of low fat flavored cream cheese and roll it up like a blintz or jelly roll.

Really good. You can use different flavors of cream cheese, just watch the fat. But you need to use it as a condiment or healthy fat...

Comment #2

There's a recipe in here about using the pancakes to make a sausage biscuit. That is probably my favorite of all the Medifast recipes! It's genius!!..

Comment #3

I make the muffin in a Large coffee mug..

1 packet Pancake (either flavor).

2 TBS Water.

1 TBS SF Chocolate Syrup.

Mix in coffee mug and microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 mintues..

It rises tall, no sticking, dump it out on a cooling rack..

Let cool some, cut in half like a biscuit..

Sometimes I either heat up a MSF Sausage Pattie and use SF Grape Jelly or mix the jelly with 1 wedge Original Lite Laughing Cow Cheese..


Comment #4

Ok I just tried the above recipe and I LOVED IT! It really does come right out of the cup and it tastes great! I put a little WF p-nut butter on it and I am loving this. I also like the fact that it is portable. Good job ladies..


Comment #5

Just like with any pancake mix, I add a touch of vanilla extract & dash of cinnamon. I also add about 1/8-1/4 tsp baking powder. Helps fluff them up. Just wisk everything together real quick with a fork...

Comment #6

Use the recipe for the bisquit and make strawberry shortcake. SF strawberry syrup and a little waldens farms marshmallow dip, nuke for about 10 or 15 seconds to melt it all together...

Comment #7

I like to put cinnamon in the plain ones and a tiny drop of vanilla extract...

Comment #8

I don't really like them much so I mix one pancake mix with one brownie mix, 5 and 1/2 to 6 T of water, cook like pancakes, makes two of course, one per meal... eat one in the morning one mid morn.... it's good!..

Comment #9

Take: That sounds awesome. I love the pancakes cooked as muffins. Chocolate muffins. YUM!!..

Comment #10

What do you put the mix in for cooking? stove top, micro, or bake?.

Sound s yummmmy..

Comment #11

I tried making the muffin out of the pancake mix. It was tough and dense. I assume that I should have nuked it for less time. Anyone that has tried this, are the muffins dense and heavy?..

Comment #12

So glad I just read this! I'm going to try mixing with brownie for my next meal. Yum!..

Comment #13

I "shake" in a small amount, about 1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons of Smucker's SF Blueberry preserves before cooking. Blueberry pancakes. I entered the BBPreserves in my private food list, along with all my other condiments, and account for every little thing. I don't know if it's actually allowed but it's the only way I can get the pancakes down. And it does make them so yummy!..

Comment #14

I tried the pancake muffin idea with the SF choc. syrup. Ick. Couldn't even stand the went right in the garbage. I actually like them as pancakes, so I'll go back to that. Thanks for the blueberry idea, I'll give it a whirl!..

Comment #15

Yes, the muffins can be dense...try using 1/4 tsp baking powder no aluminum..

Yes, they can be dry if you microwave too long..

Mixing the pancake and brownie together comes out moist, but that is 2 meals and I have a hard time splitting it and eating half now and half later!!! LOL..

Comment #16

Ha ha.. I made it last night and had the same result. Of course, I ate it anyway.

I think I nuked it too long. Maybe I'll try it again and add some baking powder...

Comment #17

Sunshine, you can weigh the powders and just half it so you have one meal. I do that with my vanilla pudding and choc. pudding when I make shakes, so I can mix them together...

Comment #18

Wow these ideas are amazing! Now I cna't wait to try it tomorrow!! What a great support group, many thanks...

Comment #19

Great ideas for the pancake mix. Can't wait to give them a try! Thanks :-)..

Comment #20

I cook mine in a cup in the microwave and comes like a muffin then put WF peanut butter spread and WF syrup very tasty no time for the frying pan waste of time..

Comment #21

I like to make one big pancake in a 10" skillet like a crepe. mix 3oz of cottage cheese with a little splenda and cinnamon and fill and roll like a blintz. yummy..

Comment #22

I just make the mug pancake muffin for the first time. Im allergic to gluten so I cant do the sausage but, I bought the PB2 chocolate and spread that on. OMG Heaven......

Comment #23

I like the pancakes, though I cannot seem to do anything but make one big one. Then I use a tbsp of SF walden Farms pancake syrup that I heat in the micrwave as a topping, but I am going to try the blintz thing, that sounds like heaven.

I cook them on a skillet. Flip them when they get bubbly in the middle. If you cook them too long, they get nasty (rubbery and blah) '.

I like pancakes anyway, so these work for me. Now those nasty eggs; you can keep those!..

Comment #24

You caan also use spray butter on pancakes as sf syrup mmmm good!..

Comment #25

I made the pancake as muffin in a mug in the microwave today and cooked it for 1.5 minutes. I came out of the mug like a deformed rubber blob that I couldn't even cut with a sharp knife. Is 1/5 minutes too long?..

Comment #26

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