Medifast Oatmeal Mishap?

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So, I saved my oatmeal for the mid-afternoon meal and planned to make a pancake out of it (one of my favorite weekend meals)... There was apparently a lot less in the packet than there typically is because it was watery, but I thought it would still work. HA. Started boiling in the skillet. I went into the pantry to pick out something from my reserve to make instead and came back to turn the stove off. Thought I'd give it a little whirl with the spatula and see what happened.

Tasted it and liked it! Very interesting and a nice change/option for the oatmeal (which I love anyway)...

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Oh yum! I love the consistency of rice pudding, something nurturing about it. Glad it worked out well for you...

Comment #1

Someone please tell me how the oatmeal taste good. I just started today and am looking forward to great success. But, my maple & brown sugar oatmeal was so nasty. I barely got it down. HELP!! I usually love oatmeal but it didnt really taste like oatmeal. Where do you get your ideas?.


Comment #2

Mrsjj, there are about 10 million threads in the food section on how different people make their oatmeal. Just search "oatmeal" and they'll come up. YOu just have to experiment by adding sf syrups, flavor drops, baking cookies or muffins, to find the way you like it. Good luck! The oatmeal is one of my fav things on MF!.

Also Medifast approved a T of flaxseed meal a day and that really gives the oatmeal a nice texture...

Comment #3

Thank you for the advice. I will go there now. If oatmeal is a fav then there has to be hope for me. Thanks again. Bless you...

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Ha! I just had the EXACT same experience! Mine came out with the consistency of paste. I think after I try the other flavors, I'm going to experiment with the muffin recipes to see if I can make them more palatable...

Comment #5

I eat the oatmeal almost every breakfast. (Except the blueberryshudder). I do add more water, with much better results.

Plus, cook in the microwave with the "heat beverage" setting. Experiment with the micro...and extra water. Plus STIR well before and after cooking..



Comment #6

I tried the blueberry today. Thank G** that is was a sample pack. I had to add milk and a few frozen blueberries to it to choke it down. It was SO sweet. WHY???.

I love oatmeal in real life and am hoping that all of them aren't as unpalatable as the blueberry. I am going to add flax to the next one I try. I don't want to keep blowing my food allotment on milk for the oatmeal.

Thanks for listening to me rant...

Comment #7

.. I just had an oatmeal mishap too! Inadvertently doubled the water! I put it in a coffee cup and drank it like a cream soup. Quite frankly I will do this again as it does away with the pasty gluey consistency and goes down quite nicely!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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