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I have the worst eating habits usually consisting of a Hamburgers and Fries , Pizza and Fried food, sweets cookies cake etc.

I know they try to tell you that you need to "learn to eat" and I will. I will need to learn how to control myself..

When you are addicted to something that is killing you have two options ween yourself off or quit cold turkey.

Well.. I don't have the self control to ween. I have to do somethign drastic and that is make myself stay on a plan....

This is only my Day one so I am not going to kidd myself and claim I know how hard this will be... but I am really trying to amp myself up into following this...

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Scott, this is the hardest thing to go through when you're addicted to food. But you made a great choice. Good luck with your Medifast journey...

Comment #1

After you've been on the plan for a couple of weeks, you will start to lose that drive for fast food. I never thought I would be able to pass up McDonalds fries, but it DOES get easier.

Just be prepared to know that at first it will be hard, but it does get better if you stay with it. When I lost weight before on MF, I was amazed that instead of daydreaming about (and actually doing it) going through the drive through, I started to think about how good a salad would taste, or looking forward to maintenance so I could have fruit..

Hang in there!..

Comment #2

Allow your body to go through the detox it needs to in order to rid itself of all the high carb, sugar involved foods your body is used to receiving. Once you get detoxed you will have energy, not be hungry and be amazed how eating 100 or less grams of carbs per day of nutritious food feels terrific! I NEVER thought I would be saying this. You may go through some days of pain to get there, but I bet within a week you will feel like a new person and love looking forward to that L&G salad...

Comment #3

Scott I so know what you are talking about..

I see my doc today and then probably will be ordering food..

I too am addicted to fast food. And the biggest reason is I am usually tired in the eve and I hate cooking. I must also learn new habits. Everyone here seems so supportive too! I just love this forum and it's been a short time..

Good luck on your weight loss journey...

Comment #4

Yep, totally hear you here. I had to do cold turkey too. Mmm, carbs, fried things, fried carbs... *mouth begins watering*. The above posters are right, though... I'm day five and a half, and it's really true that I was suddenly OK without these things.

I really never did realize how much I would come to appreciate veggies. I suppose when I'm drinking RTD shakes all day that's my "treat" for the day. Pain now to lose the weight, but it will be worth it! Thank goodness some of the bars are portable and tasty enough to taste "treat" like, or I'd be a goner for sure.....

Comment #5


SO many of us on these boards understand your thoughts. The best advice I can offer is to know that going cold turkey is the only way to go. Trust me when I tell you that in time, your cravings will pass and you will understand your body and how to fuel it with protein which fills you up and gives you energy. I haven't been to a fast food restaurant since starting and that's been almost 2 years! My weakness is pizza and my thoughts has been here long before I ever was and it will be here when I can handle a reasonable portion so I can do without. One bite of a carb or sugar will set me off plan so I know that it's not worth it. I have struggled, most of us have, but it's a process and it works if you stick with it! Focus on the plan and make it work!.

Wishing you the best!!! You deserve it!!!.


Comment #6

Hi, Scott - I sooooo understand the food addict mentality. I've been one pretty much since I married my first husband. It's all HIS fault!! hahahaha Not really, I made my own choices. But my life pretty much revolved around food. We ate out SO MUCH when my kids were little that if I called them to come and eat - they headed FOR THE CAR!!! I'm telling the absolute truth!! This is my second serious weight loss journey - and like you - I knew it had to be an all or nothing effort. I had to have a plan that didn't require THINKING about food at all.

No thinking involved. And I find that if I don't THINK about food - I really don't WANT food. The first time, I pretty much starved myself - was not doing medifast - and that's not the way to go either. My hair fell out and I had other issues. Medifast is the HEALTHY way to kill the food demons..

Comment #7

What do you mean sm that your kids headed for the car? What's your most embarrassing food addiction story? I have a few!..

Comment #8

I too was addicted to bad food choices!.

Before I started MF, my eating habits were terrible. I started my morning with a Dr Pepper and always had one with me through out the day. I also stopped at every fast food place I passed..

Once I started Medifast I learned new eating habits. In the beginning it was a little tough but each day got easier and easier. I haven't had a Dr. Pepper since Oct. 2, 2007 the day I started MF.

In the beginning, I stayed OP because I spent the money and couldn't afford to go off plan, within the first two weeks I became addicted to MF!.

Scott, keep up the good work and know that you can do it!!.

I wish you much success!.


Comment #9

You can do it!!!!!!!.

I survived Week One and I feel better than I have in a long time. I can't say I don't have cravings, but at least now I have more power over them!!!!..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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