Medifast Month 1: Just 7 lbs down

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Argh... I've been on medifast for a month and I've only lost about 7 lbs!! I'm 140 and want to be around 120.... I'm grumpy all the time, I'm constantly hungry (whoever said 3 days is out of their minds) what gives????..

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As for the still being hungry, are the following the program to a "T"? I would say everyone is different and so it is possible it is taking longer for the hunger to go away.

For the weight loss, granted you are smaller you will lose a little slower, however 7 lbs in a month seems like a great weight loss to me.

Stay positive, it seems like you are doing good...

Comment #1

How small are you, small fry? Those of us who are smaller and have less to lose will lose slower. We're at the bottom of the percentile pile so to speak. Take a look at my loses, they are out there for all to see. Some of us are slower losers than others. That's not a bad thing as long as the scale moves down. As far as being hungry, are you drinking all your water? Are you following the plan as it's written and staying below 100 carbs per day? If you're female, is near that time of the month (TOM) where you're going to feel like eating everything including the dust bunnies under your bed, anyway? Are you counting your condiments and snacks? Lots of things can contribute, but you've provided very little information for us to go on to help you more specifically...

Comment #2

When you have less weight to lose the slower it can come off. I just finished week 4 and there are times I am still hungry but I will drink hot tea, eat my snack for the day or go take a bath. If you have 20 more pounds to lose you will be at goal soon. You have lost 6 lbs and that is better than a gain. Like posts above stick with it and also have you incorporate exercise yet?.

Good luck!..

Comment #3

I do need to work out more.... I'm definitely trying to stick to the plan. I'm 5'1 and about 140... but I guess I carry it well? I've noticed my stomach is flatter and such... I'm just getting super frustrated. blahhhhh.

Ps has anyone gotten crazy mood swings on Medifast?..

Comment #4

My doctor has told me not to worry about the weekly weight losses, but rather to judge by the looseness of my clothes and how I am feeling. In fact he went so far as to say not to weigh myself for 3 months! Sometimes the scale is our friend, other times it is our worst enemy. We can do this !!!..

Comment #5

When you're small like us, go by the measuring tape more and the scale less. You'll be much happier. We do lose slower than most too, so don't get too frustrated. I'm sure it will take me more than 3 months to take off these last 15 pounds. As long as you're staying on the plan and the scale hasn't moved for two weeks on the trot, all it well. Good luck and I wish you an OP day...

Comment #6

If you give us a run down of your typical day, we could have a better idea of what to say/suggest...

Comment #7

I just started a week ago today. I was hungry the first couple days, but that went away. I only lost 2 lbs the first week and I was disappointed also, but I'm going to try and stay positive! You should too!!! You can do it!.

I have a lot more to lose than you do, so I assumed my weight loss would have been larger...I'm going to try for a great week 2!..

Comment #8

Just wanted to say, sorry for your frustration :-)..

Comment #9

Great attitude apples, I'm sure you'll have a great 2nd week loss..

Comment #10

It must be true that smaller people lose more slowly because I lost 7 lbs the first week. I'm a lot bigger than you and so I burn more calories because it takes a lot more calories for a bigger body...

Comment #11

Not to worry. I think 7 pounds a month when you have less than 20 pounds to lose is about right. I am losing about that rate.

Think about the positives - how much better you feel, I'm sure your clothes are fitting looser, and you only have a couple more months til you are at goal..

If you want to try to lose a bit faster, maybe try upping your work outs - intensity and duration..

Good luck and congratulations on a great start!..

Comment #12

There are so many factors to take into accounthow much water you have retained, how much you drink, etc. I lost 14 pounds in my first week, but have had weeks where I have only lost a half a pound since. The important thing is just to keep trying!..

Comment #13

I feel your pain! I have less to lose an the scale seems stalled from that first week. Although I do have to say I feel that my body is changing - tightening, thinning..

Hanging in there!!!..

Comment #14

Let's be rational here,'ve lost 35% of the weight you want to lose in 4 took me 8 weeks to lose 35% of the weight I wanted to lose! You're doing fabulously! How long did it take to gain the 20 pounds? Try to be's definitely worth the time and effort you're putting in!.

Savor the journey and enjoy the results!.


Comment #15

To answer your other questionyes I experienced mood swings on Medifast. For me it was a number of months into it but I definitely became a raving witch at times...

Comment #16

Your probably withdrawing from carbs. and sugar. Drink water w/fresh lemon in it, it helps to cleanse your system. I'm 5'2", and it does come off slower, just keep going - you are losing weight, and that's what's important and healthy. Good luck...

Comment #17

Your losses are right on target I think. I lost THREE pounds in ONE month!!! And that was staying OP 100% too..

I have less to lose also, but I would have been thrilled to have lost 7! You and I are not going to oose 7 pounds in one week like those you have alot more to lose. Just keep are doing great. Medifast says an average of 2-5 a week. My disappointment was I did not evern lose ONE a week.......

Comment #18

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