How does the Medifast chicken noodle taste like?

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I'm new to MF(only 3rd day). I'm not really pleased w/the meals that I selected. Can anyone make any suggestions? The chili as prepared per package(Uuggggg!!!). Tomato soup was lumpy and today I placed my packaged shake in my blender w/ice and gritty to say the least. I want to order other meals. How is the chicken noodle? Can I use the new fruit drinks as meal replacements??? I'm still spittin' out the grit!!!.

Please know that I'm not about to give up. I can and will do this I just need some help from Medifast Vets...

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Hi there and welcome..

We all have such different opinions on the foods...some people absolutely love the two things that you can't stand! But I'm with you...the two you mention are the worst..

I practically live on the oatmeal. I eat it as oatmeal, I make muffins, I make english muffins, I make cookies....pancakes...all from the oatmeal mix..

I love the ready to drink shakes when I 'm running around..

The chicken noodle is great. Just soak it a while before you cook it, it comes out better..

The eggs are surprisingly good too. Don't nuke them though..

If you don't like the shakes, there are some good recipes on the Recipe board for the shake mix..

Oh and the pudding...I love the chocolate and the banana. Really nice treat..

Good luck!.


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First, a few easy suggestions. Shakes mix them up ahead out of time. Even if you are going to blend with ice later, I find that if I mix the shakes up the night before, they are creamier than if I do them just before drinking them..

Two, the chili is a tough one for most people. I can tolerate it if I put it in a pot on the stove (or do a bunch in the crockpot) adding seasonings like garlic, chili powder, pepper, etc. Oh and some beef boullion. And let it cook for some time. It needs some serious soaking time. Or else you end up eating little pebbles (the beans!).

Tomato soup, only way I can do it is as bread, so I don't have any advice there..

I personally love the chicken noodle. It needs some soak time too though. I mix it up in a micro bowl then put a lid on it and put it in the fridge for at least an hour. I also love the eggs. And I couldn't live without the cocoa!.

As for the fruit drinks. The "flavor infusers" are just meant to be an additive, not a meal. Sort of like Crystal Lite. The Cran-mango, Raspberry tea and the other meals are listed under drinks..

Whatever you choose, I really think almost all Medifast meals are better if you let them soak and therefore rehydrate. Gets rid of the grit, makes them smoother or creamier. And after a few weeks on plan, you actually begin really liking some of it! As hard as that may be to believe!.

Oh and the shake cakes are reasonably good too. Just read thru the recipe board to get some great ideas (and some not so great ones!).

Hope this helps...

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Thanks so much! The tips on rehydrating beforehand will probably be my lifesaver. Much appreciated and congrats on meeting your goals!!!!!..

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As said above everyone's tastes are different and what I like you may not. That said I do have some tips and suggestions.

1) Buy a magic bullet or other personal blender. It makes a WORLD of difference in the shakes and puddings. Then blend them with really cold water or what I do is blend with a little ice and then 8oz of water.

2) The chili tastes best if you add some garlic salt, onion powder, & cayanne. I also add a little ground turkey and ff cheese.

3) Go to the recipe room, it is a great place to get recipies to make things like the Cream Soups taste better. I make the COT into a tortilla type thing and add some FF cheese and it tastes like COT & Grilled cheese sandwich. (Basically Chip recipe with less water and then put the tortilla in a pan and melt the cheese. ) Oh and only cook for 2.5 min.

4) Hot Cocoa is great with 1/2 cup ice & 1/2 cup coffee. Starbucks Mocha. Same recipe is good for the cappuccino.

5) There are some great muffin recipes out there.

I personally did not find the fruit drinks to be filling enough. Also the Medifast shaker jar helps with the shakes too, again lots of ice and cold water.

Hope this helps!..

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I really like the chilli! I add a little salt, pepper and hot sauce. It's my fav..

I too don't find the fruit drinks filling enough. I'd rather have a shake. I haven't had any problems with the shakes, but the magic bullet blender probably makes a difference. I've never had them made without the blender..

All I can say is soak everything. It makes a huge difference in texture..

Sometimes, I find the cream soups or hot drinks mix better if you just mix in a little water and just mix it up really good and then add the rest. At work we have a kettle so while the water is boiling I stir up my soup in a couple tbsp of water and then once the kettle goes off I mix in the rest. I've never had lumps that way..

Wisking the pudding makes a difference too. I bought a mini whisk just for my pudding!.

Remember too that your taste will really change over the next few weeks. So keep trying things because even if you hate them today you might enjoy them next week...

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THanks for the suggestions on adding seasons, ground turkey and FF cheese. I'm also glad that I asked before purchasing the fruit drinks. I will definitely follow your suggestions for checking out the recipe board. Thanks for the support..


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The Tropical Fruit and the Cranberry Mango Punches, if that is what you are talking about, are meals...

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