Medifast Magic bullet help?

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I bought myself an early Christmas present last night-a magic bullet! (Everyone was raving about it so much that I just had to try it myself.) So I tried to make the pudding in it tonight thinking that it would make it into a mousse-type food. Nope, didn't solidify enough to be considered anything but a thick drink. (Good taste BAD texture).

Anyone have some good recipes for the bullet or at least some tips for me? I'm freezing a banana pudding right now for my last food of the day and will see I get mousse if I start cold..



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Sorry, the closest I've come to a mousse is the pudding with a small wire whisk, and just whisk briskly for about a half minute then pop in the freezer for 15 minutes or so to get it real cold (remember to use very cold water to start). I love my magic bullet, but it doesn't work well with pudding...

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I LOVE my Magic Bullet. But I mainly do two things with it. Obviously the shakes, hot drinks and cream soups are much better whirred up in there. And when I am baking I usually grind the dry ingredients in it first, before adding the wet ingredients. For the record, and this could just be ME, I have NEVER had decent pudding. I have whisked, chilled, frozed and everything under the sun and it is always runny liquid.

If you put the pudding in the Magic Bullet, some flavorings, water and ice, you get sort of a thick ice cream-ish thing that is actually great...

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Best tips I know for pudding are (a) use really, really cold water (b) use a teensy, tiny whisk, about 4" long, found in better kitchen stores and sometimes Bed Bath & Beyond. Aforementioned teensy, tiney whisk is also great for hot drinks too...

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I also treated myself to a MM for an early Christmas present and do not know how I've lived without it! This thing is fabulous!.

Now, I never have a hard time with pudding, even when I just use my spoon and bowl..

They all come out thick and ready to eat!.

Like Robyn, I always use COLD water and now use my mini-whisk to get the best results..

Hope this helps!.

Also, you can try my Egg custard recipe using the vanilla and banana puddings...

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Okay BT, you and Robyn have me convinced. I have one more meal today. Going to give the pudding one last go and make your custard. Smootch!!!!!..

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I read about how to make the pudding on this board last month..

I take 1/2 cup cold water , eight ice cubes & pudding and mix in the magic bullet. Maybe 10 seconds at a time. I keep stopping and restarting. It gets pretty thick..

I stop and start the bullet because I remember reading not to run it for a minute straight.

But I mix till it gets thick and the ice is mostly crushed. Then I freeze for 15 min..

It is pretty good..

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About pudding...I read this on the board somewhere (don't remember where) but this works for me everything for making perfect pudding..

1. Place 4oz of very cold water in the Medifast SHAKER JAR.

2. Add a packet of pudding into the water.

3. Place cover on the Shaker Jar and shake the jar until you no longer hear it mixing, usually takes about a minute..

Comes out perfect every time! I tried using a whisk, a blender and even freezing the pudding, but it never came out right. Using the Medifast Shaker Jar was quick and easy. Just keep shaking until there is no liquid..

Good Luck!..

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Well, we all know what I was doing last night, while I was thinking about making pudding. Doing the MediFlop. But I will try this again tonight, thanks...

Comment #8

Robyn is right about the teensy wisk. I'm fortunate to have a minature metal fork from Air France (before it was a weapon) and it works great to wisk pudding. Regualar forks don't work because their tines are too long. I also use less than 4oz of very cold water and a glass type bowl that's been in the freezer for a minute or so. But then, once upon a time, I could make mayonaise by hand...

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Yeah, the only way I've gotten the pudding to work right is less than four ounces of very cold water and shake in the jar until it doesn't sound like liquid any more. It usually works, but only if you don't add all the water it says too. I've had some runny stuff before too!..

Comment #10

Okay thanks for all this. I can pretty much make any Medifast meal work but the pudding...

Comment #11

I love the pudding! I have 4 boxes in my cuboard right now. It always come out perfect from the shaker jar everytime. I think cold water and ice cubes are the trick. You can do it Bettina, I'll be rooting for you tonight!..

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Lydiaa It's a sad day when I am challenged by a little packet of PUDDING....Good Lord. But I will give it a whirl. I want to make that recipe with the little crust cups that was posted a while back. Not sure why, but I have a little sugar craving this week. And, no, it's not TOM (BTW, WHERE did that TOM thing come from???)..

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I love to make shakes with the MB, I use the small cap I throw in a few ice cubes and 1cold water mix it up, then I put it in the fridge for at least hour ad then I re-whip it with the bullet it comes out very thick almost like a mouse!!!.

And of course I love the vanilla pudding - I have a kitchenaid stand mixer so I make 6 packets at once I use 1/2 water per package I use the whip attachment and whip it for about 2 minutes and then pour it into individual containers and keep in the frig.

I've added both vanilla and almond extract and it's yummy with both..

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Magic Bullet Mousse.

4 oz. Cold Water (Fridge Water).

1 Tbs Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip.

1 Medifast Pudding.

Flavor Drops (optional).

Place water in the small jar then add other ingredient.

Use the flat cross whipping blade for your magic bullet.

Then Tap, Tap, and Tap until it fluffy's up and then use a spatula...

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Yes, this is the way I do it. I put 4 ounce of water in the Medifast shaker cup and place in the freezer for 30 minutes. Then I add the pudding mix and shake the daylights out of it! You can feel the difference in the shaking when it is done. This is the best way I've found to make the pudding so far..


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I have never had bad pudding so far. I do use a fork and I add my water a little at a time...and it is smooth and cramy and I love it!!..

Comment #17

Make that read CREAMY!! I also add 1 tsp of sugar free fat free jello pudding to a shake...any flavor ( like pistacio pudding and vanilla shake. I add extra water and whir in the Bullet, I whir about a minute in spurts...and it is BEYOND yumm-o!!!..

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