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I have been doing really well for 12 weeks straight. But for some reason, this week (unlucky number thirteen I guess) I just cant get with it. I didnt lose a pound for five days, then I lost one pound. Then last night I got into a huge fight with my BF and I ate a small combo from Jack in the box. I was proud of myself for getting a small, I would have normally gotten a large, plus extras. But obviously that caused a one pound gain today.

Last night was the only time I have cheated with fast food. But this whole week I have been adding extra lean. I am adding LF cheese to my soups. I am not drinking enough water... I also lost my job last week, so I am sure the stress of it isnt helping.

I HAVE to do this! I am also moving to San Diego where I cannot cover up with hoodies and fleece zippies anymore.


What do you guys do when you know you are having bad weeks?.

Also... What was the big thing that made you get off your butt and start working out?! I really need that push too.

Thanks you guys for all the continued love and support. I really need you all right now!..

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Wow! This is just my first day, so I can't really offer a lot of advice, but I do know that I've held myself back for years from doing anything about my weight, and now I'm looking at another hip replacement, and I'm in constant joint pain. I haven't had a date in years, and I am using all of that as motivators. Good luck - hope you jump that hurdle!..

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I'm so sorry you're having problems and that you lost your job. Stress will certainly make weight loss and sticking the plan hard to do. Small instead of large was a compromise that allowed you to keep going. Sometimes, that's all you can do. You just do what it takes to get through the day..

What do I do with bad weeks? I don't have one thing that works, but here's some of my coping strategies....

If I can't eat what I had planned, I do what works to get through the meal and then I start fresh. Minimize the damage (like you did). There is no before, there is only now. No looking back. Recommit and stick..

If things I can't control stress me out, I find something to do that I enjoy. Even small things. I've done a lot of crossword puzzles since my baby died. I focus on the small details, I write the letters as neatly as I can, I tune out everything but the puzzle and I let my subconscious scream and cry. I love working with my hands, so I crafted a memorial out of a stepping stone kit I focused on picking out the perfect picture to use, the perfect stones, making the perfect design. Things I could do to show the world how much she meant to me.

It also keeps me away from food..

When all else fails, I go to bed. It hasn't worked as well without my baby, but I clean until I'm exhausted, then sleep..

As far as getting motivation for exercise, I have 3 tips. (1) Start small. Commit to one times a week. Then after a week or two, commit to two times a week. (2) Add a workout into your day. I read an article that suggested carrying groceries in one bag at a time or moving your laundry through the house a little at a time so that you create extra steps.

(3) Find something you like doing. Evidently I like to dance, because discovering my Salsa DVD has been like a light turning on. I'm not pretty (do this in my house behind curtains think hippos in fantasia), but it makes me smile..

I hope this helps. Hang in there. You can get through this..


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Sorry about your bad week. and congratulations for jumping right back on track! it's hard when things hit us all at once. one thing I used to do when I dieted for the first time was take a paper doll like barbie and trace it onto a piece of construction paper and draw circles aaround her belly for every 10 pounds I wanted to lose. I cut the pounds out when I lost them. it helped keep me focused on my goal. now I have my before picures and have a picure of the after outfiit that I am going to have custpm made for me when I reach goal. for me spending this much money is a lot so blowing it is not an option...

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You are undergoing ENORMOUS stress right now-and boy do I applaud you for keeping your "cheat" under a measure of control!.

You've lost 54 pounds! FIFTY FOUR POUNDS!!!!.

That is FANTASTIC-and is a wonderful testament to your commitment to achieve and enjoy a healthy new life-you are SO worth it!!!!!.

Please-despite everything else that is happening, stick to the program! You've come so far and are doing so well -"victory" is well within your reach. You DESERVE to be HEALTHY and you are WORTHY of being SLIM-please don't let a couple of bad weeks ruin three months of success!..

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I agree with everyone - Congrats on your journey so far! Falling off the wagon but jumping back on before it ran over you deserves a huge pat on the back!!! Aren't we such strange creatures ... someone else hurts us and we turn to food, which only means we've chosen to hurt ourselves as well. Makes no sense, but I can surely relate. I've been reading the book "Women, Food and God" and it is changing my life! I've been hurting myself for years by using food to comfort me. Now I've decided to treat myself as well as I treat everyone else because gosh darn it - I'M WORTH IT - and YOU ARE TOO.


Started: 4/5/10.

WEEKS (1 - 4): -7, -4, -3, -6 (-20 lbs.)(-9.2% body fat)(-8").

WEEKS (5 - 8): -2, -3, -2..

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Ladies! You all just made me cry. Thank you so so much. This program really is unlike anything else, because WE HAVE EACH OTHER!!! Thank you so so much. And how random that you just mentioned the Women Food and God book! That book just caught my eye litterally a few hours ago at Costco. I may need to get it now! Since I lost my job, I actually have time to read again. haha.

Thank you so so much. I did much better today. Still not 100 percent as far as water, but for the most part I did a great job today. But now I have what I need and Thank you all so so much. Tomorrow is a new perfect day.


I can.....

I will...

I am.....

I can do this.

I will succeed.

I am worth it!..

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Stasia - I'm sorry that you're going through some rough times. Think of it as a test of your commitment to yourself and your happiness - for you will get through this and be stronger for it.

Just be forgiving and gentle with yourself and know that each day brings a fresh opportunity to climb back on the plan which is WORKING so well for you. 54 pounds in 12 weeks!! That just shows that you can do this, so long as you take the little ups and downs in stride and stay focused on the what's in front of you.

Do not, I repeat, do not beat yourself up for a misstep, just get back on track and let nothing get in the way of continuing to love Stasia for the wonderful woman she is. Hang in there!..

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As someone who also has had a huge amount of weight to lose, I feel your pain. You have made a mistake and correcting it is the key...don't let one slip turn into a week of mistakes..

I know it's hard but every time you say NO you are stronger than the food....

Best wishes to you!..

Comment #8

I am so sorry your having a rough patch of "life" right now! What helps me when I am going through stressful times is this:.

THere are others out there, you dont have to look far, who have it worse and they made it, I can too. THen, whatever I am facing doesnt seem so bad.

WHat DIDNT work for me was/is "God only gives us what we can handle"! OK THEN WHY LET MY MOM GET MURDERED, MY SON DIE OF SIDS, LET ME GET RAPED, LET MY NIECE KILL HERSELF,...I could go on but I think you get the point.

You got back on track, you will stay the course and see this through. We are here for you!..

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