Medifast is gross!

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I was really hestitant about starting this program bc I am such a picky eater, but they convinced me the food tastes sooo good. So I signed up and spent all this money and I really really HATE the food, like the only thing I have found is that I will eat the crunch bars.. That's is all sooooo GROSS!!!.

Now they won't let me quit. I like the idea of the program, but I can't do it if I can't it the food. I'm not asking for a refund but shouldn't they let me quit if I want to.

Alot of things has come up that wasn't expected and I'm not sure I can even afford it, but it seems they are just concerned about getting their money. I have too many reasons why I can't do this, and of course none of this came up until after I signed up.

Plus, they didn't have a way to taste or try any of the food, so It was sign up or don't. I really want to lose weight so I did and now they are screwing me over. WHY, WHY, WHY???..

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Who won't let you quit? Did you join a Medifast center or something? How long is your contract for?..

Comment #1

Oh, sorry. Yes I joined a clinic. The contract states that I cannot get a refund of the money I already spent, but The way I read it. It says I can cancel for what ever reason...

Comment #2

I would imagine the centers are similar to health clubs...many states have time periods after sign-up during which you can reconsider your decision and back out without losing money. Call the local Better Business Bureau (?) or some such organization to find out..

I'm sorry you're in this pickle....


Comment #3

First, welcome! I would suggest if you like the bars, then use 5 bars for your 5 Medifast meals, they should let you exchange what you don't like for something else. I would also suggest that your taste will change over time. Most of us start off not liking most of the foods, but as your taste buds detox from all the salt, sugar and fat you're getting weaned off of, you'll find they're really quite tasty. The other option, which is what I choose: I consider it medicine to get me healthy. That means it doesn't have to taste good, it just has to work. Just like any other medicine the doctor prescribes, I don't have to like it, but I do have to take it.

It's up to you how you want to do it, but for me, I'll just take my medicine, thanks, because it's working...

Comment #4

Actually, you can quit. You can just stop going, but you can't get your money back. That was a question we asked before we signed up through a clinic.

Just think about this, if you quit MF, what are you going to do? What program are you going to try until it gets too hard? If you give this 1/2 and effort - start with 1 week...see where you'll be. After the loss of the first week, see how you feel about the food then..

Remember the old adage "keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you've got".

I wish you luck...

Comment #5

How long ago did you sign up? My contract had a 3 day period where you can cancel and get all your money back.

I'll be honest, I thought about canceling after my first day, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. I am really happy with the food now... I only really disliked it the first few days..

I don't see how they can stop you from canceling though - did you do any kind of payment plan? I think you should ask to talk to the manager or the owner of your location if your counselor tells you something that doesn't seem to match what was written in your contract...

Comment #6

Try to at least get through the food you have....once you start seeing the results and how quick it happens it makes the food taste better. Good Luck!..

Comment #7

I have to agree that some of the food is rather hard to swallow. What I have done is check out some of the threads regarding recipes and spices to add to the food to make it taste better. I also always soak my soups/chili for at least a couple of hours before I cook it. It really does make a difference!.

The medicine concept also helps for the foods I really don't like still. I just get them down as quickly as possible and try not to dwell on them too long. Luckily there are only a few like that, lol....

Just keep reminding yourself that you are worth it and the payoff will be worth it in the end. Sometimes the path to get there is tough but that makes the reward all that much sweeter...

Comment #8

I'm sorry you're having a hard time with this. What does your contract actually say? Not how you understand it, or how they interpret it what does it actually state? Did you pay the whole membership fee up front? If so, and your contract states no refunds, then unless you are within your state's back-out time frame (usually 3 days from signing the contract), you are out of luck. That doesn't mean you have to continue buying the food or services, though. Even if the contract says cancel at any time, it doesn't mean you will get your membership fee refunded...

Comment #9

You may not want to hear this but maybe you need to give a little more thought to things before you act and maybe you should think about why you want to quit.

Did you ask to see the contract and read it through and ask questions before you signed it - did you ask for references, ask to speak with others who are using the clinic system (I am unfamiliar with them but did you check it out?) or ask to try some packets of food? Did you check out the Medifast system online, go on the various open boards and/or Facebook page to "get a feel" for what was involved in this program and what others thought of the food?.

Did you really think about making a commitment to this program in time, effort and dollars before you signed the contact and paid the money? There is NOTHING I have read in the literature or online that suggests that Medifast is a quick fix, painless, or cheap. That said, making a committment to spending the time, effort and dollars and sticking to it and staying on plan is, in my opnion, a pretty good system to ensure that you take responsibility for yourself and decide to get healthy in a controlled fashion.

Today you are upset because you signed a contract and can't get out of it. Actually, you can stop the process, you just have to honor the agreement - you CAN quit doing Medifast but you will probably have to pay the costs you agreed to and/or a cancellation fee.

It is time for you to give a little thought to "personal responsibility" and "choices". What do you really want, how are you going to achieve it, and what choices do you have to make to get where you want to be. No one else can do it for you - and no one else is responsible for your bad or foolish choices.

We all have tough times, make mistakes, fall off the weight wagon, have to make hard decisions regarding where and how to spend our limited resources, need encouragement and sympathy from others on this board who are in the same boat, BUT something we all need to do more of (myself included) is take responsibility for where we are today, what choices got us here and then make intelligent and well-thought out decisions about how we are changing our lives.

I am sorry if you don't like reading this, but I actually cringed when I read the title of your post "They won't let me quit!!!" - it's not always everyone else's fault, sometimes you need to take a good long look in the mirror...

Comment #10

I will have to agree with you that the food is pretty awful.... at first! Give it some time for your tatsebuds to detox and I promise alot of the food will taste better. Not everything will. I have been on this for quite a few months now and there are still things I cannot eat, like the eggs and the shake cakes that everyone raves about. To me, the shake cakes are utterly repulsive. You may also find that things you loved dat first, will suddenly take on a bad taste after a few months.

Loved them for 2 months, can't even stomach them anymore..

I know it is not what you want to eat. And I know it can be depressing to not be able to enjoy the things you loved. But we all have to accept the fact that we cannot continue to eat burgers and fries and brownies and still maintain a healthy weight. Those who can are very few and far between and mark my words- their habits WILL catch up to them someday..

My advice to you is to give it time, try some of the modification recipes and VENT!! Get on here and VENT, VENT, VENT 100 times a day if you need to. We have all been through it and we will listen and offer advice and help you. Just don't quit!! Do this for yourself because you are worth it!..

Comment #11

My DH and I are using a clinic and you pay for their services all at once and up front. You purchase your food weekly, at your weigh in and you get to choose 5 boxes - there's a great variety. The first week, you start with all shakes. Week 2 you can add anything else. We also have an exchange basket. If you purchase something and don't like it, you can trade those remaining packets with something else in the basket.

But, we did ask - what if this doesn't work, what if we're hungry, etc. can we cancel? We were told we would not be reimbursed for the cost of the program. That was a big incentive to us to make this work...

Comment #12

If you like the crunch bars, go with them! I personally can not resist the oatmeal raisin and fruit & nut bars. I love the chocolate pudding but despise the vanilla pudding. Love the beef stew but can't stand the brocolli soup. My point? Try out some of the other foods, you might just find something else that you like. After all, you've already paid so you might as well get your money's worth. And you joined for a reason so give it a chance to work.

Also, check with your center or with Medifast and see if you cant exchange some of the food... I believe Medifast allows you to do so if you send back 6 of the 7 packets.

Like other members have said, your body and you taste buds need a few days to adjust to fewer sweets and less salt (just as it will even if you try a different diet). good luck!!..

Comment #13

I'm not sure how much weight you need to lose, but I would eat the cardboard box for the results that I have gotten. That being said, the food does get better. And there are a million ways to doctor it too..

Good luck to you whatever you decide!..

Comment #14

I have a dumb question..Why do people join a clinic and pay extra when you can just buy from Medifast directly and come here for support? Am I missing something ?

Comment #15

Mom3boys, some people don't know that they can order directly from the website, but I suspect that many people feel like they will get something extra from a center that they may not otherwise have (support, accountability, regular monitoring, etc.). I would not have spent the money to join a center, especially after finding out about the huge fee, but I had the support I needed and decided to be accountable to myself without needing someone else to keep me on the straight and narrow. I know that others are not able or are not confident enough to be accountable to self, so they pay someone else to help...

Comment #16

I joined a center knowing the food was available online, but not knowing what an amazing community was here. So for me, the decision was between center + support or just the food.

I went with the center, because I was more concerned about my ability to keep off the weight than my ability to lose it. And while if I had to do it all over again, I might not have gone with the center, I can't say that I would still be here if I hadn't. So I'm grateful for the choice I made because it led me to this point..

I tell my friends, to just order online because the support and knowledge base here is so amazing!..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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