Medifast hot cocoa recipe?

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Sorry to start a new thread on this, but I'm desperate!.

I swear I saw a yummy-sounding recipe using the hot cocoa, mixed with less water than usual and put in the freezer. I can't recall how much water, or if there were other ingredients. It was just in the last day or two.

I've searched on every term I can think of ("hot cocoa" "freezer" "freeze" and "fudgey" / "fudgy" because I believe that's how the results were described).

Can anyone help me out, or was I dreaming?.

Thanks in advance,..

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Hot Cocoa Fudge Drops.

Ingredients: Medifast hot cocoa, water.

Put cocoa and 3TBSP of water in a small bowl. Mix well, drop by teaspoon onto foil or wax paper, then place in the freezer for an hour or so to reach the consistency of fudge...

Comment #1

I make Hot Cocoa drops almost every night. You can also substitute a sugar-free syrup for the water if you like, but I usually just make it with water. You mix it with the water until it reaches a brownie-batter like consistency, and then I usually freeze for about 30 minutes...

Comment #2

There's also my reeces PB cup recipe... search that.....

Comment #3

Just made the fudge drops for my evening meal!!! they look/smell amazing, I can't wait to try them!!!!..

Comment #4

I'm sitting here now, enjoying the fudge drops! yum! Vikki and Merzzie, thanks for the recipe.

Ajanders, the pb cub recipe looks wonderful too, but to be honest, the idea of the PB2 stuff scares me right now. I *love* peanut butter, and I'm afraid I'd get carried away with it. I think I'll wait a while longer before venturing down that road. (but I've saved a copy of the recipe for when the time comes!)..

Comment #5

Just had these and they were so yummy! Thanks!..

Comment #6

Very very delicious! Just had them for the first time...

Comment #7

I make fudge out of all the hot drinks, shakes AND even the softserve because I didn't want to mess with the ice in my blender. Love my fudge...

Comment #8

I remember you telling me about this, do you just do the shakes the same way??..

Comment #9

Exactly the same way Bon. Some need less water. I tried it with the strawberry shake because..well, it's the one and only Medifast thing I don't like. I think I put 3 TBS water, but I either lost track and put 4 or I should have only put 2. So...I guess I'm saying, start with 2, but add up to 3 if it seems too stiff. Sometimes I just leave it in the freezer for 30 minutes...kind of frozen on the edges and chewy in the middle. Yum!..

Comment #10

Finally a use for all of those shake packets I've had in my cupboard for the past year. I don't like cold stuff, but I didn't want to throw them out. Now, "fudge"? I can so handle that..

(Btw, the cocoa fudge drops this morning? Best. Breakfast. Ever!)..

Comment #11

I just made these with Swiss Mocha shake (which is not my fav as a shake) with 2 TBS cold coffee and sugar free carmel syrup - and ohhhh - tastes like canned frosting!!!..

Comment #12

I may never drink my cocoa again. Must try this with a shake...

Comment #13

Tried them too this morning and I think I will stick with the drinks. I will try the shake like this and see if I like the texture...

Comment #14

So I tried the fudge balls last night and they were SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! However, I didn't find them very satisfying. Satisfying in taste yes, but not fillling. This will be my go to at that time of the time where chocolate is all I want. BUT, I found I kept wanting more. So I will definitely keep this as a special treat when I feel myself faltering because I am afraid they may be a trigger...

Comment #15

I make these fudge drops with every hot drink, shake and even soft serve. I just ended up with too many liquids and don't want to drag my blender out (or purchase a ninja) for the soft serve. Even the chai latte makes a rockin' fudge drop. Sometimes I make them at night so I can have them first thing in the morning with my coffee. YUM!!!..

Comment #16

I am going to try these tonight! Thank you for posting this.... Trick or Treat! I get my candy this weekend after all! =)..

Comment #17

Thats exactly what I was thinking! I'm going to make several batches to have on hand on Sunday. Happy Halloween!..

Comment #18

So here's my question: I will make these tonight to see what the consistency's like but: has anyone ever tried to make fudge drops and rolled them in the PB ice cream powder? Or shake powder?.

On that same note, has anyone ever made shake/ice cream fudge drops and rolled them in the cocoa?.

It'd count as 2 meals I presume. Any leftover powder could be turned into bon-bons itself, but: just wondering if anyone's tried it and wondering how it turned out? I'm totally curious..

Comment #19

Okay I tried the recipe and I did it slightly differently: had one batch for my final meal, eating the other batch tomorrow..

Reese's PB cup recipe using 2 Medifast meals:.

I did 1 packet of pb ice cream (3T of water) and made 12 bon-bons on tin foil. Flattened them a bit. Then made 1 packet of the cocoa (3T of water) and plopped that on top of the pb bon-bons. Froze for 30+mins. Made 12 reese's-style bon-bons (make 2 Medifast meals).

They were sooo good. Warning: mine melted quickly once they were out of the freezer so take them only a couple at a time. Thanks for the tips all! Enjoy everyone!..

Comment #20

Finally going to give in and try these, all the variations have my head spinning, not knowing which one to try first... the one with pb2 probably.... since I will be handing out reeses cups on sunday.....

Now how much water goes in when you add pb2... I will add one tablespoon of pb2 and maybe three tablespoons of water?????.

Hope theres an answer soon...... the idea is really calling to me... probably due to all the bags of receese cups in the closet..



Comment #21

Kay, I don't use PB2, but I think your on the right track with the amounts. It's a very forgiving recipe. Just remember you want the texture to be stiff enough to plop the drops onto wax paper or foil...

Comment #22

I tried the "basic" recipe last night and it was soooooo yummy!! Perfect for my chocolate cravings!.


Comment #23

I had these last night. AWESOME! I like them more than the Medifast brownies...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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