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I am very new to MediFast with my 2 week weigh-in coming up in 2 days. The first week I lost 7 pounds (woo hoo) so I just couldn't wait another 2 days to get on the scales.... well, now I wish I had. I've gained a pound this week. I have not cheated ONE single time and I am so upset now. I am usually very happy to drink my shakes because I know they are helping me loose but this morning........I had to force that hot choco down me. Am I doing something wrong??????..

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Is it your ToM or close to it? If you're pushing the water as you should, it's not unusual to see a water weight gain.

Other contributing factors:.

- are you drinking enough water? Make sure you are consuming a minimum of 64 oz plain water a day. More if you can is good.

- are you measuring your lean and green? It's very important that you are portioning correctly.

- are you eating all 5 of your Medifast meals? If you're not eating enough you can put your body into starvation mode and actually start to gain weight.

- remove the salt shaker from the table. Medifast foods are already balanced to give us what our bodies need sodium wise. If you're still using the salt shaker you're probably way over and will retain water like crazy. Throw the salt shaker away for a while and see what happens.

- You'll still see a loss if you're strictly following the plan as it's written, you need to give it two weeks before you know if there's a real issue or is this is your body adjusting the plan, since it's very restrictive...

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I bet you are NOT doing anything "wrong" unless you count getting on the scales too early! Much as I know better, I get on the scales daily. Since my last weigh in last Tuesday, I've been over that every day! But I am NOT letting it bother me, I just keep doing the program and we'll just see what it says on Tuesday! I bet it does show a loss since last Tuesday. I think I will ask my DH to hide my scales. It's ridiculous. So, the only thing you are doing wrong, is worrying about a number that will for certain go down and down, whether you step on the scales or not! Now, where is that hubby of mine?.

Hang in there, don't quit and stick with it (drinking lots of water, right??)..

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I read on one of the other posts around this site that drinking 1/2 your body weight in water is better than 64 oz so I've been drinking at least 100 oz of water a day. It is indeed close to that ToM and that never crossed my mind...woo hoo, I already feel better. I think I will join the "hubby please hide the scale" group and only wieght on Tuesday's (like I'm suposted to). Thank you guys sooooooo much!!!!!! I was really feeling down and now I feel so much better. **hugs**..

Comment #3

PS... I'm loosing the salt as well.... that's a great tip and certainly could be some of the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Your body is going to have natural fluctuations. If you chose to weigh everyday write it down with the date. Do this or about a month and you will learn your bodies rhythm. Don't beat yourself up over it just give yourself more time. When I first started I weighed everyday and let the scale dictate my mood now I am more hit or miss on the weighing everyday. Just don't let the scale rule your world, take some measurements early that is a more accurate measure of success...

Comment #5

You're not doing anything wrong. I had some weeks where I didn't lose a pound. Just follow the program as written and you'll see results...

Comment #6

Glad you're feeling better about yourself! Sometimes it's not about what we're doing wrong, it's about our bodies and the adjustments that it needs to make on such a restrictive eating plan. Be patient. The great thing about Medifast is that it works. Some of us lose slower than others, but it still works. I hope by my recording my weekly losses for you to review that even if you turn out to be a slow loser, you'll see the plan does work. Good luck and keep going!..

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