Medifast foods I don't like

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Hello everyone,.

So this is my first week on medifast and I feel a lot better already. However I have noticed that there is a lot of food that I just don't like. I have been able to a least get through with eating certain things like the chicken noodle soup. But certain things just don't taste good to me at all and I don't know what to do.

I hate a few of the shake flavors already. I can't even try to push my way through drinking one. The oatmeal tastes like the shakes to me so I don't want to eat that either, and I love oatmeal!.

How can I stay motivated if I hate most of the food? I know one of the most important keys to losing weight is to be able to enjoy eating while eating healthy. Well I am not able to enjoy most of the foods.

I can say that I do like many of the bars and I can see myself liking the cream soups with the medifast crackers....but can I have a healthy journey if that is all of the medifast food that I can tolerate?..

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First off let me say, your tastes will change. A lot of people couldn't stand the oatmeal at first but a few weeks later they love it. I wasn't one of those people but I have read SO many that that has happened to. Did you order the variety pack? That is what I did also. You can exchange your food if it is within 30 days of your order and you have no more than one packet gone. I sent back like 10 boxes and exchanged it for things I liked.

I did end up loving the dark chocolate antioxidant shake and the cappucino..

If you do decide to return items you have to pay for the shipping back. It was around $12 for me and worth every penny. You have to call customer service and tell them what you want in exchange and they will give you a return number. The whole process was only a week turn around in my case..

Otherwise you could do a search on the recipe forum. There are a lot of recipes to makes cakes out of shakes and oatmeal..

I hope this helps. Let me know if I can assist you in anyway..

This diet is definitely worth it! Hang in there!..

Comment #1

I would eat the box the food came in if it helped me lose weight!.

All Medifast meals are interchangeable (except maintenance bars in the green wrapper), so as long as you are eating 5 Medifast meals every day, it doesn't matter which ones you pick. Eat the ones you like!.

That being said, your tastes will change on MF. Things you hate now you might like later, and vice versa. Also, there are tons of ways to modify Medifast meals, the easiest being to add more or less water if it's a texture problem for you. There are a lot of recipes on the Food section of the board, including shake cakes, soup chips, and more...

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Thanks guys that is great advice. I didn't know I could exchange things. I may do that. I did add more water to the oatmeal that I am eating right now and it is more tolerable. Thanks so much for the tip! I really don't want to give up, and I know what you mean about eating the box if it will help you lose weight, LOL..

I will go and check out the food forum to try and find some recipes...

Comment #3

I think it's funny how true the whole "your tastes will change" thing is. My first shipment I Loooooooved the mustard pretzels, now I can't stand them. Then I went on this scrambled egg kick. Now I am a pudding-a-holic. Seems like whatever I want the most of is what I don't have :/..

Comment #4

Also check different ways people prepare the food - even without changing the ingredients. I like to nuke the heck out of the oatmeal. I nuke it for a minute and stir, then a while longer and stir, then a while longer and stir, then a while longer... Between nukes I do little chores like empty the dishwasher, change laundry loads, etc. This lets it soak. Basically I cook it until it is a thicker consistency.

I only make oatmeal when I know I have time enough to stand there!.

Remember to watch the microwave like a hawk. The oatmeal and soups boil over to easy! I stand there and hit "pause"!.


Comment #5

I add a little more than a cup of water, too..


Comment #6

I didn't mind the taste, just the textures and smell. But I am adjusting. I have added jalapeno to soups and the scrambled eggs to help. Hang in there, as the weight drops you'll like the food better..

Comment #7

I liked the flavor of the oatmeal but not the texture so I made them into cookies....

I make up about 3 - 4 batches at a time.

I just add enough water to make them pasty (maybe 1/3 cup each??) and then let them sit for about 10 - 15 minutes while I pre-heat the oven.

I use foil on the cookie sheet AND spray with non-stick spray 'cuz they do stick terribly otherwise.

I use a small scoop to keep them about the same size and portion them out on the cookie sheet.

I then place a piece of waxed paper over the whole batch and flatten each cookie with the bottom of a drinking glass.

I bake mine at 350 for 13 - 15 minutes.

After they cook, I divide the number of cookies by the number of meals I mixed up, put them in baggies and put them in the freezer. I take them to work and they are thawed within a couple hours. This doesn't use any condiments. They are flat and not at all crispy but they are moist and I like the flavor. Hope that helps!..

Comment #8

Also... The shakes are one of the things about which my tastes changed. At first, I did not like the "chalky" feel to the shakes, but after about 4-5 weeks, I didn't notice it any longer. I now enjoy most of the shakes. I do add a bit more water than is called for and I prepare them about 4 hours ahead of time and put them in the fridge so they are very cold..

I like the shake cake recipe I got from one of the discussion boards for the vanilla or french vanilla flavors much better than I do the shakes themselves..

I am not a coffee drinker but I kind of like the cappuccino iced...

Comment #9

Get some sugar free syrups (hazelnut is my fav), 1/2 c ice, 1/2 c water and blend the shake - I love the dutch choc or banana cream - the shakes are great!! I use 2 TB of the syrup. You can also use 2 TB sf choc sryup and add to the cappuccino drinks, in blender with the same ice and water. I LOFF them!! Also, check under the 'recipes' tab at the top for more ideas...

Comment #10

I think after a while the taste of the food becomes less important because we are eating to live and not living to eat. I know I eat when it is time and eat what I need to. I kind of enjoy the loss of interest in food and taste, but that could just be me..

It's kind of like taking a vacation from being a foodaholic...

Comment #11

Agree with all! I cook all my soup as evening meals and add cayenne, garlic and sometime Curry powder to them with a tiny bit of bouillon. It makes them so much more tolerable. the bars are OK for me. Have not tried eggs, oatmeal and pudding and most likely won't venture there for a long while. The point is there's enough variety of products so everyone can find at least 1 or 2 they really really like. For me, I can survive on just the cappuccino and Swiss mocha forever if I had to.

Try different things and don't be afraid to add spices to the soup. Good luck!.

Start Date: 03/20/2010.

Week (1-4): -7.3, -5.1, - xx, -xx = -xx.

Goal 1: 249 lbs (Get out of the 250s for good).

Goal 2: 235 lbs.

Goal 3: 220 lbs.

Goal 4: 214.5 lbs*** 50 lbs Loss ***.

Goal 5: 199 lbs ***** This will be the most emotional goal EVER*****.

Goal 6: 185 lbs.

Goal 7: 170 lbs.

Goal 8: 164.5lbs*****100 lbs Loss*****.

Goal 9: 159 lbs.

Goal 10: 149 lbs *****Below 150 lbs for the 1st time in 14 years*****.

Goal 11: 139 lbs and perhaps readjustment of Final Goal*** Dont want to be too thin..

GOAL 12 (FINAL): 130 lbs and AT GOAL...

Comment #12

So this morning I thought.. I'll just have a whole shake in my coffee and be done with it. Instead of grabbing vanilla or chocolate, I accidentally grabbed ORANGE CREME!.

But really, it's not that bad. LOL. You do start adjusting...

Comment #13

I hate how everything is so sweet. I prefer savory foods, and everything in the plan seems to be sugar based. I am unsatisfied every day. I've been OP since March 21st and had one day off plan (with pizza - my arch-enemy) and my weight loss hasn't been all that extraordinary. I'm thinking of quitting after this box of food is gone - I already threw out the scrambled eggs (yuck) and the pudding (super yuck) - I didn't eat pudding before I dieted - why would I now? anyway, I know this is supposed to be the "thinking positive" thread, but I am with the posters here - the food is terrible and it's not helping me want to stay OP. and I don't cook, so the recipes do nothing for me.


Comment #14

When that weight starts to melt off you will be amazed how good the food all of a sudden tastes.

You can still enjoy food. Have fun with your L&G. Try not to add too many things to your Medifast meals. You get such limited condiments and fats in a day that you will go through them in one oatmeal if you are not careful. When you are at the recipe thread go all the way back to the very first page. Read every recipe for L&G posted. There are some super creative people on these boards and I can tell you almost 4 months in, I have seldom made the same L&G twice...

Comment #15

I've been doing this for 8 months and still can't stand the oatmeal. No matter what I do to it! But I discovered that the cappucino makes a great shake and most of the bars are wonderful...I'd take any of them over oatmeal anytime. I have the Beef Vegie Stew for lunch most days and I think it is very good..

Play around with the foods. Remember you can order one packet instead of a box if you are uncertain..

Hang in there!.


Comment #16

I suggest returning what you don't like and what you do like can stay. Utilize these message boards for recipes. Some have saved me some $ and have made things very tolerable for me. I'm not picky at all, but the recipes mix things up a bit..

Good luck!..

Comment #17

Can I ask you a question in all seriousness, no snark intended? If you don't cook how do you plan to maintain any type of healthy eating for the rest of your life? Not all processed food is bad but a diet of entirely processed food IS bad even if the food is all "good". Even raw food diets requires preparation, often time extensive prep work. Also if you don't cook how do actually know what you are consuming all day? Do you read every label and keep track? Again I don't mean to be snarky but I just don't see how not cooking and living a healthy lifestyle are in any way compatible unless you have a live in chef...

Comment #18

Greetings -.

I don't like "trying" recipes. I have no interest in doing anything but opening the fridge and throwing something in the pan. some people get a lot of joy and excitement from kitchen experimentation and the art of cooking. while I am a good (great) cook when I need to cook, I don't like having to cook.

I am a long-time dieter. I have a food scale, I prepare home-cooked meals, and I eschew pre-prepared meals (e.g., lean cuisine, etc). if this were south beach or something, I could easily cook something with normal ingredients fairly quickly and in a way that I could reach for that something every night of the week. the medifast products a) aren't conventional ingredients that lend themselves to week-long storage, and b) don't taste appealing to me in the first place, so why would I trouble myself to attempt to make something conventional out of an unconventional ingredient (e.g., the "rolls" out of soup and egg beaters? though I appreciate the creativity, no thanks)..

So. I do cook. I cook well. I don't like cooking and avoid having to do it after working an 11 or 12-hour day in a high-pressure office. because of my busy lifestyle with no time or desire to try a recipe, I am faced with eating the same foods all the time, which on Medifast is quite limiting. I'm doing medifast for the results, but to me - as a fairly new person to the program - I find the food impalatable.

I hope everyone tries everything once to make their own assessments. I have, and that is how I have reached my stated conclusion..


Comment #19

I buy the chocolate pudding and use it as a shake in my magic bullet. Just pour in cold water then the pudding and blend. It is thicker and I LOVE IT. Find what you like and stick with it. That is one of the best parts of Medifast you can eat oatmeal 5 times a day if you want. Best of luck! Stacey..

Comment #20

As Dr. Phil says, how's that working for you? Not being snarky, but perhaps it might be time to change your thinking..

You don't have to enjoy food. Not really. Food is fuel. Nothing more. And when you are obese, that's all it has to be. Medifast is about learning portion control and learning to change how you interact with food.

Loathe the smell and texture of the oatmeals and shakes. But I'm with Merzzie:.

Either the goal is to find the healthiest diet to not only LOSE weight, but learn to keep it off forever... or it isn't. Seems as "long-time dieter" you have found many that don't work. I am NOT suggesting Medifast is the only way! But, I do suggest you look closely at every single previous diet, decide what went wrong and then change YOURSELF and your thinking so that the next diet is your last one..

Any healthy diet out there, with low enough calories, will work. The issue is finding one that helps you change your relationship with food. I know people are tired of hearing that phrase, but it is the essence of ALL of our problem..

Can food be wonderful and flavorful and all that? Yeah. But it doesn't have to be. Food is fuel. Medifast has massive choices, and no.. not all sweet though I do agree many are. Like you I am more into not sweet.

I add jalapeno to my egg whites. I put some in my soups. And the rest... well back to Merzzie. I'd eat it if it actually TASTED like the box.

And if I have to eat food I am not wild about for the next 2 years to get there, oh well. I get a meal a day of what I want, I get condiments to help the flavors of some I have to have, and I have so many health issues that I KNOW this is one of the few approved ones that won't kill me while helping me get the weight off..

Whatever you do, understand it isn't the food, it isn't the flavor, it is what you decide to commit to. I truly wish you luck in finding it. Because frankly I think Jenny Craig is exorbitantly overpriced, Nutri-system fairly inedible (plus gave me gall bladder attacks), and this.. well, it's healthy. So here I am...

Comment #21

Obviously, we are here because we are (or were) overweight, and want to lose..

I ate too much, drank too much, loved food way toooo much- and now I must reverse my old habits in order affect a change. I don't want to speak for anyone other than myself...I love not having to spend so much time thinking about what I am going to eat next, shopping, preparing, cleaning up-it's refreshing and liberating to have a break from that love affair! Food can be one demanding lover! An all-consuming obsession even. Breaking up is hard to do, especially since you still have to can't just quit cold turkey.

It's not just calorie reduction, portion control, or controlled nutrition that makes this plan's the "no brainer" part of it. Like a previous poster's like taking a vacation from food. In doing that, it seems to have re-wired my brain. I am not controlled by my cravings, my urges, my stress, emotions or boredom. It's like food rehab (for me). It's just not necessary for me to have a full scale party for my taste buds every few hours! The fact that the scale is actually moving in the downward direction makes the food that much more appealing.

I couldn't do this plan if I hated the food...but I don't hate any of it. I enjoy it, but don't live and breathe for it, which I am really truly grateful for. There is a mental SHIFT that occurred for me, and it's wonderful actually- I was just so tired of being a slave to my hunger, and now I am not.

Think of it this way...if the food was irresistible, then we might want to binge on it. It's good, it's good enough, but it's not too damn good to make me go nutty!..

Comment #22

Vanson, you said it well. I too am successful on Medifast because it is like a vacation from food. Bravo, bravo!!!.

Horizons, I understand what you are saying about the taste of the packets. I haven't really started "cooking" the packets into other things, but I have read and re-read these boards to determine how best to prepare them to be more tasty. These are my thoughts,.

1. Scramble the eggs on the stove and then eat with 1 TBS salsa.

2. Mix shakes in a bullet blender with ice and 1 TBS ff cream cheese as a treat. Be sure to count the FF cream cheese in your day.

3. Add extra water to oatmeal and a pinch of salt. Let it stand for 15 min. after cooking to thicken up.

4. Soak the soup 30 mins before cooking and then add a dash of hot sauce and a pinch of salt to the soups.

5. Bake the brownies in the oven and refrigerate overnight and they become almost fudgy.

6. Heat the bars up with your own body heat before eating (I stick bar down my bra for a few mins before I eat).

No, these tips will not make Medifast gourmet, but I feel like I can eat this way long terms. Good luck on your journey, because this process is a personal journey and we all have to find our own path...

Comment #23

You can do it! Stick with it I know it will get easier. I have now lost 38.5 pounds and I am going to compete in my first sprint triathlon this Sunday. If I can do this you can do this! I wish I could figure out how to change that stupid ticker...

Comment #24

RE: your can either go to "My Plan" and change the weight there (where you input your new weight) or you can do it from "My Page". You do need to "copy and paste" it under "edit profile/settings" in the "Community" section to get it to show the right weight here, too. I hope that helps...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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