Medifast food taste bad!

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Let me first just say that I am super excited about my weight loss in the month I've been on Medifast. I've never gotten such great results in such a short period of time and I'm very happy with that..

However, as most of us here, I've been on every diet out there in my young life, and I have to say that this is the least appetizing and most inconvenient plan I've ever tried..

The bars are great. They're pre-made, compact, easy to take along and actually fairly tasty for "diet" food. The L&G guidelines are reasonable and easy to stick to with, especially the flexibility you have in condiments/healthy fats/snacks..

It's the prepackaged Medifast food that's so tedious. And I think it speaks volumes that there are entire libraries and message boards dedicated to making the standard products palatable. And even then, it usually requires for more time, ingredients and effort than I ever thought I would need to dedicate to just making the food. Add some cold water, shake (BUT NOT TOO MUCH), add a little more water, let sit for 30mins, spin around three times and click your heels five and then, you MIGHT POSSIBLY have an edible meal. By that time I'm ready to gnaw my arm off!!.

Ok, so I might be exaggerating a little. But, this is definitely the most frustrating thing to me about this plan. It's possibly the main reason I don't see myself staying on this plan for longer term..

Sorry to be a Negative Nelly, especially when we're all struggling to be positive and just keep plugging along with our goals. I just hoped you could relate and commiserate in a way my husband and friends can't really understand..


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As one who loves to cook, this is not a problem for me but I can see that it would be for some people. I actually enjoy experimenting with the packets to get variety and would be bored and frustrated with the program if I could only use the packets as they are. I don't know if you like or dislike the food packets as they are. There are items in there that don't require much - the bars and pretzels come to mind. If preparation is an issue, I agree with Gigi - just eat the bars. What I have found, over time, is that my perception of taste has changed so things that I could not stand in the beginning are now pretty darned good.

You really are doing a great job and I certainly encourage you to hang in there. 14 lbs in a month is wonderful..

Good luck whatever you decide to do...

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This rant seems to be a little... petty? Sorry, but you got to rant and I get to respond..

These shakes take so much less time than other things to make. Ok, so it takes less time to open a bag of chips, but that's what got me here. So if it takes a few more minutes to throw ice cubes, water and a pack of food into a blender, then that's what it will take..

I'm sorry you are feeling like you spend too much time making the food. I've never had a problem with the soups. Also, what about the pretzels and puffs? Or the pre-mixed drinks? It seems like this is all just a bit too easy and maybe you are looking for reasons to not stay on the program..

I also think that the recipies are from people being on the program for a long time. If you ate the same things over and over for a year or more, you'd get creative, too. I'm thankful for the people that have experimented and found other ways to eat the food. I use them sometimes, but other times just have the straight food. Either way, I'm back on it and happy that it's available to me..

Sorry to hear this is frustrating to you. Hope you find the path you are supposed to take on your journey...

Comment #2

I'm sorry you find the program so inconvenient. Personally, I found it to be just the opposite, but then, I never did all the various recipes that made one simple medifast meal into something entirely different. I added some hot sauce to the soups and spices to the oatmeal and just ate everything "as-is". Does it help to rehydrate the soups before eating? Of course. Does it help to thicken up the shakes to add crushed ice before blending? Yep. But that was about as fancy as I ever got.

Why not just start by following the directions on the box and go from there to determine if you like the product or if it needs to be doctored up a bit? No one says you must follow all the complex recipes. Like I said, I rarely did and I actually enjoyed the taste of much of the food...

Comment #3

It certainly takes getting used to, and I understand. I'm already tweaking the flavor of things, or just choking them down. I hear a lot about soaking the food - so I've tried that. I wonder, have you tried all the options. I wasn't really pleased with the prepacked items I got (this is only day 5 for me btw) but it sounds like some of the other options might be more palatable for you? Just wondering! Good luck!..

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I don't know, I have found the plan to be extremely easy to manage even with the extra work (which isn't that bad to me).

Of course the bars are easy peasy to open and eat. For the shakes I bought a small blender that use every morning and just add cold water and crushed ice, a minute or two after blending they are done. As for the soups/chilis, I purchased some small containers in which to "soak" them (I prepack them in the fridge the night before), and then put them in a microwaveable container I keep at work. As for the puddings, a whisk has been great to get everything thoroughly mixed, and I just shake the hot cocoa in the mixer container..

Perhaps you are waiting too long in between meals which leaves you starving and having little patience with preparing the meals?.

To me, this is far easier than a) having to figure out what I'm going to eat for breakfast, lunch, or snacks, b) making those items, and c) transporting those items to work..

I think that aside from the Medifast food (which is not that pricey if I compared it to making full on meals), I have made a very small investment in a blender, microvaveable plastic bowls, two water bottles (32 oz.), and a nice insulated lunch bag...but have made a *huge* investment in myself..

Additionally, I have liked the food just the way it is, I don't add anything extra (except salsa and hot sauce to the chili, 1 tb pb to the brownie, and cinnamon to the oatmeal), but I can see how it might get overwhelming reading what people add to their meals and the endless list of recipes. But everyone is different, I like to keep it simple, others like to be creative...

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Wow, I thought South Beach was very labor-intensive. Medi-Fast is comparatively easy. I'm not a big cooker (like to, but I never seem to have enough time), so the pre-packaged meals have been easy. I need to re-jig my brain to thinking of food as fuel, not just a pleasure/reward/treat. So I don't expect it to be gourmet qualityjust what I need to get by for the next 2-3 hours. I saw someone else say that they thought the bars had too much sugar and carbs and were scaling back on them.

I hope you fine your way to being successful on Medi-Fast. One's taste buds does change rather dramatically on this program. I've learned to enjoy most everything in my 6 weeks on program. I do use tabasco, bouillion for the soups, cinnamon for the oatmeals. We have to somewhat satisfy the taste buds.

Good luck, and come back for more encouragement whenever you need it...

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I think you will find that your taste buds change over time. I couldn't stand the brownies at first, now 3.5 months into it I think they are great. I pretty much order bars, pretzels, puffs, crab chowder, eggs, chai tea and brownies. The only ones I alter are the crab chowder, I just put a dash of cajun seasoning in it and the brownie which I just cook for a little less time.

I would give it a little more time and see if your tastes change. I would also stick with the items that are easy, like bars and pretzels/puffs if that's what you like. That's what I do..

Good luck!!..

Comment #7

Vixy, let me state it upfront: I AM WITH YOU!.

I commiserate! Medifast is probably the least appetizing weight loss program I've tried, too. It's all a bit on the liquid side and I was certainly not looking forward to spending months on end drinking slimfast-esque shakes or bizarre instant soups or oatmeals that seem to have nothing substantial in them beyond the occasional freeze dried pea. Also, I hear you on the preparation right now I'm battling a batch of pudding that won't for the life of me thicken in the least, no matter how much water is added. And yes, I get so flipping annoyed by my husband, who continues to eat pizza and cheeseburgers, when he doesn't understand how distressed I am about the bland meals ahead of me. You're right, the food is not exciting in the least, and I was aware coming in to the Medifast program that I was in for some pretty bleak months.

However, that being said, I *consciously* chose MF, even knowing the meals were going to taste like old-socks-tea, because I was convinced it would work and it does! You and I both are testament to that, as are all those on this thread adamantly defending Medifast because of the wonderful gift of weight loss it has given them. I chose Medifast over Jenny Craig, which has wonderful, substantial, completely appetizing food, because I didn't want to have to pay out my nose for years piddling away the pounds at a 1-2lb per week rate. And if trading in my tastebuds is what is needed for the 2+lbs a week Heck! Sign me up!.

I also chose Medifast because I am acutely aware of how easy it is. Really, how can "just add water" compete with points systems and flex plans and constant and ridiculous calculation of daily allotments and anal retentive measuring? With MF, all I had to worry about, even /think/ about, is my L&G, which can be as simple or as complicated as I want it to be. Did I expect the water to magically turn the packet-bound powdered meal into a gourmet spread? No but @#$%, wouldn't that be nice!!!.

Like I said, this was the trade off I made: barely palatable food for significant and guaranteed weight loss. YES, I commiserate. YES, let us thumb our noses at our husbands. YES, this kind of sucks.

BUT! Let's raise a glass of grainy, powdery shake to ~*US*~, for being thinner ranters than we were just yesterday. Cheers!..

Comment #8

Some days I should not speed read....

I thought you said tobacco!..

Comment #9

Just thought I'd say if you're adding more water than called for, there is no way the pudding will thicken. More water=thinner pudding.

I think the food is good and satisfying. Now that I have discovered that food only provides me sustinance, the taste/texture doesn't seem to be quite as important. I love the variety in my lean and green meal and the weightloss is a lot more enjoyable than any old food anyway...

Comment #10

First of all congrats on your 14lb loss. Yay for you..

Second of all, being on Medifast for only one month might not have been enough time to try all of the very SIMPLE meals, no work at all, as easy as the bars. Try the Ready to Drink Shakes, the puffs and pretzels. And of course, the bars. Thats pretty much all I have used and my results were wonderful. Different textures from drinks, sweets and salty and crunchy. On another note, I have also learned that food does NOT have to be exciting! Thats what got me into trouble in the first place. Eat to live, dont live to eat! Good luck to you...

Comment #11

I have to say that I LOVE the Medifast food. A vanilla shake whipped w/ A&W rootbeer is heaven. Same w/ strawberry and peach Fresca. Those are my quick meals. I love cooking and experimenting with the meals too, for variety. But I understand that it's just not the thing for some people...

Comment #12

I found 5&1 to be the easiest program in the world to stick to. My mornings were grab 4 packets and out the door. You can't get any easier than that. I ate all the foods just as they are - no soaking, no recipes, etc. I just added splenda and spices but isn't that with any food?.

If you don't want to spend the few minutes preparing a Medifast meal, perhaps do all bars and pretzels/puffs..

I would recommend resetting your mindset that this is temporary. In 5&1 you only have to prepare one healthy meal. If you want to keep the weight off, you'll be preparing a full day's worth of healthy meals...

Comment #13

Hey girl, I am so with you! I grumbled and mumbled about why I have to add this or that to make something palatable, especially since I am a GREAT cook and know how chili SHOULD taste. I was on Nutri System years ago and the food was great. That said, I jumped into Medifast because I have thyroid issues now and so my weight takes FOREVER to come off, but at least it DOES with MF.

Stick to bars, pretzels, the cheese balls are pretty good, and honestly, I don't mind the shakes at all. It did take me a while to get used to that soy after-taste, but I don't mind it at all. I do appreciate some of the recipes that have made use of the pudding and oatmeal that I hate. I think it's funny how I can mix 3 Medifast meals I hate and turn them into palatable cookies or muffins.

My next order? It will be strictly easy foods - pretzel sticks, cheese balls, ready to drink shakes, the Vanilla for women shake (it got rid of my hot sweats, I swear!), my hot cocoa and capuccino. That's it, no more experimenting with oatmeal or flat pudding or anything else..

BTW, maybe you and I feel this way cuz we are both spoiled, living in San Diego? LOL..

Comment #14

Ok, so I guess I'm officially weird. With rare exception, I love the Medifast food!.

I didn't care for a lot of it at first, but my tastes over the past two months have completely changed. I find myself insisting that family and friends try a bite of whatever meal I'm eating: "Doesn't that taste just like a Wendy's frosty?" "How about that for a yummy, filling pancake?" They taste, and politely nod agreement. Lol.

I know this isn't gourmet restaurant food, but who cares? I've lost 27 pounds in 2 months!!! So I'm determined to make the best of the meals. Although I'm a very busy gal, I've taken time to create a recipe box especially for my Medifast recipes, and when I see an appealing recipe on the boards, I jot it down and try it. Some of them are a bit more time-consuming; I make those on the weekends. But there are many recipes (thanks to all of you who post them!) that are incredibly quick and easy, and I love the variety they add!.

Vixyash, I hope that your experience will end up like mine, and that over time you'll come to enjoy the Medifast foods. But even if not, the end result will be worth it!.

For breakfast yesterday I ate a belgian waffle, and last night I enjoyed some yummy peanut butter cookies! All I can say is ... Viva Medifast!!.


Comment #15

Hmmm maybe I'm weird, but I like the food.- But I tend to be a pretty optimistic person-is it cheese smothered filet mignon? No, but so what - it's only food...fuel for the body! Personally I feel great having the weight of what to eat every day lifted from me, and having tried every diet out there, this is 100% easy! Some days I pick out my food for the day and put it in to soak...then all I have to do is heat it up. I don't even doctor it up or change it around with recipes - I like to keep it simple..

I'm not a particularly picky eater, so that helps. I try to be mindful of what my purpose is-are there times I am a little envious of my husband and kids when they are eating greasy burgers and fries? Yes but I feel better knowing I am in control of what I eat, and they are starting to realize that maybe it isn't good for them either..

I guess it's all about what you choose for your attitude to be towards getting healthy. I agree with the others that if you find it too time consuming you can stick with the prefab stuff. The puffs and pretzels are yummy!.

Good luck and I hope you find a way to make the program keep working for you!..

Comment #16

Wow. I have the complete opposite experience. I despise cooking, so having options where I add water and either blend or microwave was right up my alley. None of my Medifast foods takes longer than five minutes to prepare once I'm ready to have it. It's so easy I don't have to think or stress or figure out how to fit it in. I don't technically even need to log it (though I do).

Back to the rest of my life at a lower weight..

In fact, I had major surgery last week that left me exhausted, sore, and with a lot of restrictions on what I could do, carry, etc. I had no appetite. The only things I wanted to eat were the easy Medifast foods like oatmeal, shakes, and soups. The thought of expending more energy or thought into preparing other foods just made me want to go basck to sleep. Everything I eat is quite filling and satisfies me for 2-3 hours (though I do have my hungry days)..

Lots of people think of ways to use the food in other ways,. They like to experiment and then share the results with the rest of us. I don't always think it's because they don't like the food as is, but because they want to make the food more versatile and it satisfies them to make something. For me, I'll experiment, but only if (a) it uses one packet, (b) takes less than five minutes to prepare, (c) is as convenient or moreso than the product in original form..

I lost 13 pounds when I did South Beach. But the food prep was terrible. I HATE spending time in the kitchen and this was just a big turn off for me..

With Medifast I've lost 40 pounds since July (2.8 lbs a week on average), I don't exercise, and I'm not stressed about food. Medifast takes care of most cravings I have: I can have beans with the chili, potatoes and carrots with the stew, peas and rice with the chicken and rice (and I find the pea amount to be quite adequate!), peanut butter with PB crunch bar, fruit with strawberry, orange, banana, pomegranate, cranberry mango, tropical punch drinks, and with the lemon, strawberry, fruit/nut crunch bars, peach, blueberry, and apple with the oatmeal.

I guess all I'm saying is that if anyone finds the food so odious, then perhaps there's another plan out there that will satisfy you. Otherwise, I think it's a fair trade: lose a lot of weight quickly by eating food in packets that needs to be reconstituted with water. Most of the food tastes quite good to me now, and yes, I consider many of the meals to be treats, and plan to continue using them even through maintenance so I'm not tempted by junk food with empty calories...

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I think Medifast is EASY! Compare it to having to get up every morning and MAKE breakfast, and it is a real time saver IMO. I do make recipes and tweak things but *only because I want to.* I make shake cakes and stuff if I feel like it. If I am not in the mood to tweak or cook or anything, then I don't! You do not have to..

Easy, no prep (open and eat) Medifast meals:.

Bars in 10 flavors (and 3 more flavors of maintenance bars).

Pretzels in 2 flavors.

Puffs in 2 flavors.

Ready to drink shakes in 2 flavors.

Easy, good AS IS just-add-water Medifast meals:.

Pudding in 3 flavors.

Shakes in 8 flavors.

The soups really are good with just a little seasoning and it is no big effort to mix them the night before so they can soak. The eggs are great too with a little salsa or s&p, no harder than cooking real eggs. The brownies are fine just mixed and nuked. The hot and cold drinks are fine as is... the only tweak is to mix the hot drinks into a paste before adding all the water to avoid lumps..

So... the "harder" ones are pancakes (mix, let sit, cook) and the soft serve (with all the ice shaving/crushing). So if that is too much effort you can just skip them. There is enough variety of easy stuff IMO. And if you like the oatmeal, hey, that is easy too... add water and nuke..

All the recipes, extra flavorings and tweaks are NOT necessary. They're fun. They're for variety. But I do not think the Medifast foods, as is, are bad at all... even if you ONLY want to eat the easy ones...

Comment #18

Well, I definitely feel MF, even with some recipe tweaking, is easier than the last time I lost a significant amount of weight, which was just plain old calorie counting. Right now, I just can't spend the time I would need to plan and make enough healthy meals and snacks all day on my ownthere are some days I barely have time/energy for putting together my L&G. (I always eat it, of course, but those are the days I'm more likely to grab some cottage cheese or toss an Medifast burger in the microwave and just slice up a cucumber, nothing fancy.).

I consider myself a relatively picky eater, and I was worried about feeling mentally hungry from drinking and not chewing, but I haven't found it to be bad at all. If I want soup at work, I just bring it in and start soaking when I get there and it's usually fine by the time I need to eat it. I like to add a veggie portion in most of the soupsit's not essential, but easy to just chop up the night before and bring along, either packed with the soup or in a baggie. (The chicken soups I usually open at home so I can mix in a little bouillion powder and pack it and the green portion in tupperware; I just don't like to have it soaking in my bag and risk a spill). I do eat a lot of bars, pretzels and puffs at work, though, but I find there's enough variety in that to keep me pretty content. The brownies are super-easy, too, if you have a microwave at work; I just prefer to save those for night time.

In general, when I've tried the recipes, I've almost always had the most success with the easiest ones1/4 tsp of baking powder, maybe a little egg beaters, and microwave. I do like being able to make bread/muffin type things, because I miss those, and it helps me use up some shake flavors I don't like (although even in muffins I still can't do the peach oatmealto me it has an odd aroma that actually gets stronger when baked) but I don't think I've ever spent more than 10 minutes prepping an Medifast recipewhich, compared to an L&G, is a big time saver, especially if you get multiple meals out of it...

Comment #19

"I've been on every diet out there in my young life, and I have to say that this is the least appetizing and most inconvenient plan I've ever tried.".

I find this really, really hard to believe..

Before I was on Medifast I was already eating 6X/day and trying to stay low carb, high protein. It tooks hours of prep - figuring out recipes, shopping, cooking the food and then assembling it into tupperware in the right portions. And I was stuck eating the same stuff all the time because it was so much work to get variety in without going into complex recipes I didn't have time for. I didn't have the time or motivation to weigh and measure everything and I think that imprecision is why it never really worked. I maintained my weight pretty well but didn't lose..

Compared to that Medifast is a breeze! The above approach is what I eventually plan on going back to because it works for me in maintenance. But I will probably always supplement with Medifast meals as a fall back when I'm too busy for intense food prep again.

I really don't know what alternative you'd prefer - an IV that just drips the equivalent of Medifast into you or something? There is work involved in every weight loss plan. And there's work in maintenance too. I honestly think that accepting that reality is essential to losing the weight and maintaining the loss, otherwise you'll just be so bitter and frustrated that you go back to the "easier" route of eating junk...

Comment #20

ROFL, Leesa, you cracked me up! Hope your recovery is coming along quickly and easily.

I think the original poster was not meaning to bash MF, just seeking others who have cravings for the "cheese smothered filet mignon" (as RebelMom pointed out).

You know when you complain hardcore to your husband about something and his first inclination is to fix it? I think this is one of those situations the original poster perhaps wasn't looking for anyone to fix her woes, just someone to listen and to understand, to 'take the mickey' (as the British say) ... sometimes you just have to make fun of something in an exaggerated way in order to salve your own frustrations with it.

At the end of the day, we probably both (well, I can speak for myself concretely anyway) love the Medifast program and all it provides...

Comment #21

Wow, I so disagree with the "food is awful" opinion. I guess it just goes to show we all have such different tastebuds. I am almost at the end of my fourth week and while I definitely have my likes and not so likes, I find the food to be satisfying and simple to prepare. I don't do any of the wild modifications because simplicity is what I was looking for and it's definitely what I got. Personally, I just eat or drink the ones I don't like (only 2 so far) because I am shifting my food thinking away from being a foodie forever (had my own personal chef biz, so truly a foodie) to seeing food as fuel. Almost like medicine that is healing and nourishing.

I do have to say I have been enjoying getting creative with my lean and green. Sorry you are finding it so unpalatable. I love this posters quote:.

"YES, I commiserate. YES, let us thumb our noses at our husbands. YES, this kind of sucks..

BUT! Let's raise a glass of grainy, powdery shake to ~*US*~, for being thinner ranters than we were just yesterday. Cheers!"..

Comment #22

Bbwgal, true dat and well reasoned.

I sometimes also would marvel at all the tweaking people do and how expensive it can be to experiment with the food, especially when some recipes call for more than one packet! But then I figured they are little chemists/scientists like me and just like to make new things. I do add things to some of the food (like Splenda to my oatmeal), but I would do that with non-MF food too. And I'm not motivated by science in the kitchen so whatever tweaking I do has to be fast and easy..

I get the desire to just want to rant w/o necessarily looking for suggestions, but at the same time, I'm a big believer in fixing our own problems, so I just look at what the food gives me so I don't go crazy craving food when if I thought about it, Medifast could satiate for me, or, with a little bit of elbow grease in the kitchen, I can fix with recipes using on plan ingredients. Like right now I can't get out of my mind the hot cocoa fudge idea. And I'm not one to crave fudge! Though I do love me some chocolate. Thank goodness for the choco shakes, bars, and brownies. I am still searching for a Medifast alternative to popcorn, woe is me. Maybe the soy crisps will help. I have the white cheddar ones and they are OK...

Comment #23

Count me in as someone who really likes the food and the food. I love to cook. So I am really enjoying the recipes that everyone posts.

I hope you learn to enjoy the different foods. If not, just stick to the ones you like. I just got an order today and it was all brownies, hot cocoa, and pudding.. lol...Okay, maybe some soup to mix it up. But I definitely have my fav's...

Comment #24

I find Medifast to be relatively easy in terms of food prep. I am only cooking once a day for the L&G..

However, that being said, I would eat sawdust if it would get me to my goal weight haha so Medifast is gourmet food for me!!..

Comment #25

OMG - I welcome the chance to NOT think about food all day, every day. The prep, the counting, the slippery slope kind of eating just really gets old fast. Medifast is quick, easy and simplified to the max IMO - AND IT WORKS. Taste? OK and definitely secondary to the awesome results...

Comment #26

I'm with the OP. I think the food is mostly gross. It's way more processed than I *ever* eat. I'm a great cook and, like somebody upthread said, I know how food is supposed to taste. This ain't it.

But I will disagree that it's time consuming. That's why I'm doing this diet. I would prefer to eat a la The Zone but as a working mom I just don't have the energy or time to do all the work to plan zone friendly meals. There is no thinking on this one, I can just grab and go.

I don't make any of the muffins or any of that stuff, I've just found a few Medifast foods I can stomach (chicken soup, bars) and go with it.

I can NOT WAIT until I get to transition, I hate eating like this. But, it works. That's the bottom line. Still think the food is nasty, though...

Comment #27

LOL I knew this post would be a little inflammatory for some die hard MFers, but I'm sorry if I offended anyone. It's obvious that this plan has a lot of dedicated followers - and for good reason! Just look at the hundreds of you on this board everyday with your tickers moving right along. Oh my goodness, you're incredible inspirations to me to try and work with this program..

Some of you are right that I haven't tried all the meal options. I just placed a small order of sample foods (just 1 each) so I could try things that didn't come in my variety pack. I haven't tried any of the crackers, pretzels, puffs, pancakes, drinks or tastier sounding flavors of bars & soups. So this may be a big reason for my frustration, since I have almost full boxes of orange and strawberry shakes, pudding and oatmeal. Blecch..

This is where I love the creative MFers who post their recipes so I can try to use the items I'm not a fan of and try to make a more palatable creation. So big thank you to the kitchen chemists out there. But, I'm not down for doing this at every meal. That's just me and maybe I have unreasonable expectations..

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck regardless of where their opinions lie! Thanks to those that offered suggestions of pre-planning; I admit I haven't done much of that and maybe paired with too much time between meals could be leading me to be more frustrated than I should. And thank you to those that pointed out that you're learning to eat to live, not live to eat. I think I'm not there yet mentally, but I'm trying. I do have a huge love affair with food and look forward to every meal I get to eat. But, yes, that's what drags me back to 200+ lbs every few years, so it's something I need to work harder on.

Let me say:.

- GGRobin, I could never sustain this diet if I only ate bars. They just aren't filling enough to me..

- sflraven, I've tried all the items in my variety pack "as is" before doctoring anything. There were things I just couldn't stomach, understandable since our tastebuds are all different..

- bbwgal, OMG I loved your comments. You got it SPOT ON and I love your spirit. We def are in the same boat and you're so right that there has to be a trade off somewhere. I'm still like a lot of lazy Americans just looking for a miracle cure for my big mouth and love of food without having to make any sacrifices! Wouldn't that be lovely?.

- CarmenP, leesalogic, chinaKat, thank you for being buddies to my bellyaching! I know I'm just being whiny, but that's probably the hunger and cravings for decadent food talking. Stupid husband and his delicious food. *grumble*..

Comment #28

Try this: Medifast is not food, it is chemotherapy for your obesity. that is the only thing that got me through the first month. I realized that I would do whatever it takes if I had cancer.

And for mebeing tired and overweight was like a cancer in my was robbing me of the life I wantedi never had energy for my kids or the fun stuff. I was embarassed to see old friends and I said no to a lot of things when I just wanted to hide being fat..

So Medifast is not food to me, it's a tool to get me where I want to be: healthy and fit and living life at goal as a thin person forever...

Comment #29

Chemotherapy for your obesity! I totally dig that!.

Obi-Wan Chemobe says, "This IS the packeted food you're looking for."..

Comment #30

It took me about 6 weeks to adjust to the Medifast food. Crunch bars & Medifast pretzels & puffs were NOT available when I was doing the 5/1, by the way. I ate only soups at first, for all 5 packet meals. I'd add a teaspoon of bouillion granules & extra water & allow the soup to hydrate, covered, for about 15 minutes before eating it. I found the soups to be very tasty, filling & those 3 peas were like a gift from the gods....LOL. 5 kernels of rice felt like a feast.

Medifast changed my taste buds, you see, and suddenly, even THE most tedious, boring, plain foods on earth started tasting delicious to me. That's how I keep my weight eating plain, whole foods. I can eat tuna straight out of the can now thanks to MF. In fact, I can probably eat the empty packets with a touch of Tabasco sauce..

You have to have faith, #1. You have to have commitment & perseverance. And then the magic unfolds my friend..

Best of luck on your journey no matter what you decide to do..



Comment #31

The orange and strawberry shakes are THE WORST.

I *thought* I liked the vanilla ones, so I ordered a bunch more, but now I'm finding that I loathe them. I've been doctoring them with coffee but they are still icky to me.

I think, if I had my druthers, I'd eat just peanut butter bars and chicken soup, but I try to mix it up...

Comment #32

Well folks- I have been ordering Medifast food for almost 3 years. So I completely disagree! I have reached goal,transitioned, maintained, back to 5/1, back to 4/2. I have kept the food around because it is the easiest diet food around. I have come to love the taste. I eat most of it as is- but I do use the recipes when I really want something that isn't included in the plan I will use use the closest recipe and it gets me through the cravings. I would actually take a Medifast brownie before a a Duncan Hines any day now!..

Comment #33

It sounds like you'll be happier if you choose the lower-prep foods. The cream of soups are easier (chicken, broccoli, tomato), as are the brownies and the beverages. Puffs, bars. I chose the program because it is less work, knowing that I'm going to have to transition to more work if I'm going to have a healthy lifestyle in the long run. My vision is one where I'm eating mostly fresh, healthy, whole items. But I'll still need those grab-and-go options because I don't anticipate my life becoming completely un-busy...

Comment #34

That sounds like a good idea but remember, you have to survive on your own after you're done with Medifast. If you view Medifast as the easy way to weight loss you might be looking at this the wrong way. It's not a way out, it's a way to help you change your lifestyle. It's easy to go back to your old ways...this is my 2nd time on Medifast so I know how easy it is to gain some back..

Comment #35

When I first started Medifast, I realized that I really needed to get my head around what I wanted food to do for me. What I figured out is simply that I need it to sustain me and fuel my body. It doesn't have to be something I crave or that tastes wonderful so that I want to eat constantly. Its precisely what got me into this position to begin with, so after about 3 weeks I realized that most of the meals taste good enough. My favorites are the bars with my Starbucks in the morning and the pancakes are quickly growing on me. I also love the soups and the ready made shakes because they are easy.

I used it for a multitude of reasons... It was my default for boredom, stress, comfort, social occasions and discomfort etc. This past 10 months I have come to realize that I don't need food to do much of anything except sustain my body. For me, it was a total mind shift and once I got my head around it, the medifast meals became perfect. I think alot of success or failure on this program depends upon your perspective on food and what it's doing in your life.

Thank goodness it doesnt, then I would be craving it and overeating Medifast. So, hopefully this post doesn't offend anyone. Its what has worked for me...

Comment #36

Right with you there and love your sense of humor...

Comment #37

When I compare how much time I spent in the kitchen before Medifast compared to now - Medifast is more. But the amount of time I spent driving to a fast food joint, waiting for my food, driving home to how much time I spend "cooking" Medifast food & L&G, Medifast is less time...

Comment #38


You need variety and change in your diet, or you will get frustrated and quit pretty quickly. And, your jaw will ache after the first day!..

Comment #39

My mom has lost over 20 pounds eating only bars. I for one couldn't do it, but she is...

Comment #40

I happen to know of several people that eat just bars and they have been successful. Do you have something to support this?..

Comment #41

I didn't choose Medifast for the foods. I chose it for the results. I would eat sawdust to get these results but I'm glad I don't have to. Choose your weight loss program then stick with it...

Comment #42

I, for one, pretty much HATE food. How I abused it, how I obsessed over it, how much of my $$, life and effort went into it. I would forswear eating food FOREVER just to not have to be so dern INVOLVED with it. I learned early to use food to numb the pain (but then you feel nothing); I am now trying to learn to feel everything without drugging myself with food (but that has it's own issues, too).

I totally do not care what is in one Medifast "eye of newt" packet or the other. It's all the same to me. It's fuel, to get me to the next time I need to fuel up. I am not baking, tweaking, altering, adding to, or mixing squat as far as my Medifast plan is concerned. I just plow five of those suckers down a day, along with a pretty boring L&G and a bargeload of water. I want to get to goal expeditiously, then learn to deal with how I use/abuse/love/hate food.

Honestly, it could taste far worse, and I would *STILL* do Medifast...

Comment #43

I actually love the food and in Maintenance still use them. I just bought some last week because I actually got a bit tired of preparing food for work every day. I usually prepare my breakfast, lunch and a couple of snacks so I bought soups, pancakes, shakes and puffs and pudding so I can use them at work. I never soaked my soups and they weren't crunchy or like bullets and I used tabasco sauce with my soups...or a wedge of Lite LC Cheese for my creamy soups. I really didn't doctor up too many of the packaged foods and at times I may experiment with the L&Gs but that's an option.

For those who hate the Orange shake, you would be amazed at what some diet Ginger Ale, Sprite Zero or Diet Sierra Mist will do to it...they are actually my favorite shake flavor.

As for the pancakes, I just whip up a box and make them into muffins and bag them as a grab and go.

The diet is very easy and no it's not gourmet food but you know what, after you transition, you keep going back to gourmet food you *might* wind up back on the diet wagon...

Comment #44

I love your post!! I just started yesterday and almost did not want to eat because I had a hard time stomaching some of the meals!! I spent today trying to doctor up the meals and had a much better day today. your attitude is great though!! it makes me want to keep trying!!..

Comment #45

Just be glad that you are able to AFFORD the food and be able to lose weight! There are many people out here that start the program then cant do it anymore because they run into financial problems..this diet is not bad at all!!.

What were you expecting a WHOPPER FROM BURGER KING type food ? LOL..

Comment #46

Some of the food is gross, and some of it is great. I think everyone here would probably disagree on which is which The nice thing is that there is a variety. Not only are there items to grab and go, but some that require minimal prep. Some hot, some frozen. Some sweet, and some savory. And a heck of a lot that you can take as a base to turn into something else with fairly minimal effort..

No diet is perfect with respect to both great results and gourmet food..

But Medifast has the former, and I'm not expecting the latter. I'm content that I've found enough variety to satisfy me for the long haul that it will take to get me to my goal...

Comment #47

I was actually scared of the prep due to my work schedule and I am a very picky eater, however I have found that I LOVE the flexibility of different recipes to try for instance, I hate oatmeal but I actually love the pancakes you can make w/the oatmeal or I just recently made scones and cookies....with any other diet I have tried sure they have diff food options but after 2 months of frozen food I wanted to die!!!.

I have found if I prepare on my days off takes me only about an hour and I freeze for the next week any soups, cookies or other foods I made and I really enjoy it ~.

Yes I dont like some of the options but I have found ways to make it enjoyable and have lost almost 20 lbs ~ WOHOOO give me a grainy shake and lets make some shake cookies!!!..

Comment #48

Remember that you can return and exchange product. As long as there are 6 of the 7 packets in the box. I just sent back 5 boxes and exchanged for 5 boxes that I can use.

The results "out weigh" (ha ha) the longing for crap food!.

The older you get, the harder it will become to lose the weight..

You will thank yourself in the end!!!!! Keep the faith!!!!..

Comment #49

Have you tried making the bread or muffins? I make a ton of it one day per week, then put some in the fridge & some in the freezer, pull it out and take it to work. I don't like the food right out of the packet, either. It always seems to need something..

This weekend, I am going to make fudge and banana bread and freeze it for work next week. I don't have time during the work week to do it, I get up at 5pm and don't get home till after 7pm..

The one thing I really like is a pumpkin shake in the mornig, made with either vanilla pudding or shake mix. I set up everything but the ice and water by the blender at night, then just dump it all in in the a.m. and give it a whirl..

Don't give up, you can do this!..

Comment #50

It is all about choice and I find this to be one of the easier plans. I don't mind the shakes and I am on the road a good part of each day lately and find the bars and pretzels very easy. I make a shake ahead of time in less than a minute, put it in the freezer and a couple of hours later take it out and with me on the road. I don't care for the oatmeal or the soups but no one says I have to eat those. My choice is the shakes, bars, drinks and a great meal with my family at night. I did weight watchers for years and may go back to it after I reach goal but the continued success with medifast is why I am staying with it...

Comment #51

Wow I was on WW for 5 years and I found it very tedious to, number one, prepare my own food day in and day out, and number two, write it all down and figure out the points of every doggone thing I put in my mouth. So I find Medifast to be quite the opposite and very easy to do. It's no more difficult making the chili (add water and microwave??) than it is to make a pot of 0 pts. soup and cut up all the veggies myself. The PB bars are yummy, I love the honey mustard pretzels and the puffs. I just added PB2 to my chocolate pudding for what I consider to be just as good as eating PB icing and I love the Pb softserve with Diet Dr.

This has been the easiest 'diet' (and I hate that word) I've ever done, so I totally disagree with the concept that it's the hardest. I too looked at Southbeach and it was so convoluted that I was like no way. If you don't like Medifast then try WW since you can make your own food and then there would be nothing to complain about...

Comment #52

Where is that eyeroll icon when you need it.

Simple choice: do the program or don't.

I used to be a competitive athlete. I hated the whey protein shakes that I would drink. Blech....

The shakes are awesome compared to those. Even if I do a quickie shake without crushed ice. One of my trainer colleagues loved the hot cocoa so much she is buying them for the protein.

I love the hot cocoa, the brownies, the pretzels and the oatmeal. I'm not thrilled with the puffs, so I DON'T eat them.

I've been sick this week, so I made the pudding as custard. Was delish.

I don't have a problem sacrificing for the benefit of losing weight. So I don't go to the movies or spend money on extras.

I don't get the point of complaining or whining about the program. Negativity leads to more negativity. If there is a program that leads to this type of weight loss this easily, go do it...

Comment #53

Hee hee weight loss would have been accelerated due to the frequent voiding.

I have one once in a blue moon. I love the PB bars. But only if I am at home for awhile...

Comment #54

Don't give up! You're doing good. A couple of quick tips, bring a shake mix to your favorite coffee place and ask them to blend it with a couple shots. Tastes delicious and no effort on your part. I have also found blending ice in the shakes and puddings thicken them up and make them taste better...

Comment #55

I had Starbucks do it for me several times and then the last time I asked, they wouldn't. Something about using the blender and having potential allergens in it. Peets coffee would never do it for me. They explained that it was because they are kosher certified. You just have to ask the coffee places and see what they say...

Comment #56

As someone with food allergies, I actually do get that...but I could bring my shaker cup, get an iced coffee and shake the you know what out of it.....

Comment #57

I have a lot to say to this, but I have already said it once before, in my blog: Spoiled Brat Syndrome.

Please read that and consider it my response to your post here...

Comment #58

I'm laughing because I'm three weeks in and I love the food so much I'm actually craving more of it. What I wouldn't give to be able to have ANOTHER banana pudding shake tonight! (no, I'm not joking).

I think Medifast has so many great food options but it is certainly difficult to give up the pizza, pasta, cookies and chips that got us here in the first place..

Ultimately, it comes down to different people having different preferences. I'm sorry you're not in love with the Medifast food. For the quick results and easy grab-n-go choices (bars and pretzels are my faves) it has been a great fit for my life. Hope it gets easier for you :-)..

Comment #59

I actually think this is the easiest plan ever and you see results very quickly. I think we have to remember why we are doing this and not expect the eating lifestyle we used to have. My husband is a truck driver, has diabetes and is doing really well on it. Before he sometimes used to go all day without eating because of his schedule. Now he eats oatmeal for breakfast and keeps 3 bars in the storage compartment above him so he can eat those for the next 3 meals as he is driving. Then when he stops he will have his L&G and before bed a stew or soup.

I started it 3 days ago and am managing great so far. I wish we had both done this years ago...

Comment #60

My first order arrived on Friday, and I will be starting tomorrow. But in perusing the boards today, I was suddenly getting cold feet and feeling very discouraged.

Oddly enough, this has been the most motivational thread I stumbled on yet! Yeah, it was born out of a little whining, but a good vent can be a great thing. And the responses have given me the best perspective yet. Now I feel ready to dive in and make the most of it. I was reminded why I chose Medifast - simplicity and results.

Thanks, vixyash et al...............

Comment #61

I hear you - that is why I only buy bars, pretzels and brownies usually!..

Comment #62

I too am sorry you find the diet bland and tedious. I am not much of a cook but I have tried mixing and combing a few things to make other foods, like the bread from soups and oatmeal. I still hated it all. However, what I did like were the shakes (swiss mochayum) which I always made with ice into a slushie, the puffs and pretzels (replaced my yearning for salty crunchy), the brownies (I loved them just they way they are), the soft serve (much yummier than the pudding, IMO), and yes, SOME of the bars ( I think they are TOO sweet). And I lived on that. I looked forward to my L&G meal but even then, I ate mostly salad and grilled chicken or fish.

For me, all I had to keep reminding myself was that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" and I could have cared if I was eating cardboard. I also went online and found a program that you could make a virtual image of yourself at different weights. I then taped a picture of the virtual me in my medicine cabinet and looked at the image of my goal weight on those hard days.

Oh..and on this plan, I lose about 4-5 pounds per week. NO other diet I have ever been on has been this quick and easy...

Comment #63

I think for me if it all taste too good I'd be apt to forget I'm on a diet and then not enjoy my L&G as much!.

I mix everything in teh shaker and then put it in a bowl, cup, mug twice the size needed and warm slowly in the microwave. I add the cappucino to my regular morning coffee by pouring it int eh pot after my coffee has brewed. I make the oatmeal and add a tad bit more water to make it creamier. I love the bars (like you), broke down and bought some redi mix shake so I'm not shaking them in the car while I'm out driving around and getting drips on the upholstery. I make the brownies and add a few M&M's and mix them first then spray the cardboard thing with Pam then bake them the 1 min. 15.

And let them cool and enjoy them with an evening coffee. The shakes mixed then poured over ice are great. The egss done in a skillet better than in the microwave. Losing 39lbs. in 3 months is well worth it, nothing else has worked and I'm sure they will keep listening to our comments and making it all better and better!..

Comment #64

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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