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I know everyone has different tastes...but I'm kind of disappointed with the flavor drops. I bought the 6 mini so I didn't spend a lot of money, and I really liked the flavors of chocolate and vanilla before flavors were added.... so am I not doing something right? Am I supposed to be adding anything else?..

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Ya know...I kind of have the same issue - I love the smell - but really haven't found the right combination to get a flavor from them!! Love to hear what others do!..

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Add me to that list. I really wanted to like them and I've tried to get the mixture just right, but they just don't do it for me. Yesterday I mixed up a shake with 4 drops of the caramel in it, when I tried it, it tasted more like burnt coffee I thought maybe I got more in there than I expected so I mixed that shake with the other two for my jar... even with 3 shakes in it, I couldn't stand it... wasted a bit because while I tried to drink it, it was grossing me out between the smell and the taste.

Definitely a case of different tastes I guess.

OTOH, I Do like the walden stuffs I got, the dips, the chocolate syrup and the salad dressings have all rather pleased me!..

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Same here....I threw mine out! They don't add any flavor and they smell like alchohol. What a waste of money. At least I know never to order from that company again...

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I couldn't seem to get the right amount in, I simply couldn't taste anything! I use sugar free syrups in a lot of things. And, I'm going to mention this again, if you are missing fruit, get a snow cone/shaved ice machine and make snow cones with fruit flavored sf syrups! Wonderful!..

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I have tried a lot of things that I have learned about on this website. But the Capella drops were a disappointment to me. I kind of liked the Choc Tangerine in my choc shakes but I bought about ten bottles because everyone was raving about them...and I don't like any of the other ones. Ihave to put like 10-12 drops in a shake to even taste it and to me that just costs too much money. I just flavor some shakes with diet soda now and the chocolate I just like plain..

The other disappointment was Walden Farms products..all I can say is YUK!.

Now I did buy a pair of MBT sandals and LOVE them! I did try the body wraps and LOVE them! and the Galeos salad dressing is WONDERFUL!.


Comment #5

I, too, just tossed out my Capella drops last night..

I have a very sensitive nose. I put 3 drops in thick pudding (for the 3rd time) last night and the only thing it added was a really chemical smell. So much that I had to toss out half of my beloved pudding.

I probably had too high of expectations. But it was like $20.00, certainly not the end of the world. I'm actually just proud of myself for trying it. Three times, even! I'm movin out of my comfort realm and that speaks volumes for how far I've come in this 7 weeks...

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Oh, I am so glad someone started this thread. Around here the drops are mentioned like the Holy Grail....and for me they were more like the Emperor's New Clothes. I can barely get a taste of them.... and I bought 7! Ugh..

But like the rest of MF... "TASTES VARY"..

Start 5/03/07.

Wk 1- 6 lbs.

Wk 2- 7 lbs.

Wk 3- 0 lbs.

Wk 4- 6 lbs First month 19 pounds.

Wk 5- 1 lb..

Wk 6- 3 lbs..

Comment #7

I'm happy with mine. I also bought flavors that taste good in coffee so they'd do double duty.

I also use them in my medi-baking when I use oatmeal to make a scone. I put a few drops in the water I use so the flavor distributes...

Comment #8

Love love love them. I use them every day. I think the trick is to (1) not use too much...they are powerful, and (2) let them sit in your shake or coffee for a bit before you drink it and let the flavors blend..

It is really easy to overdo it because it doesn't seem like much. The amaretto flavor in a coffee is awesome. I put the butterfinger and snickerdoodle in the maple brown sugar oatmeal...really great..

So for those of you who haven't thrown them out yet....let them sit and blend a little bit first..


Comment #9

The only flavor I can both taste and smell is Dulce de leche, which I enjoy. I won't be ordering any of the almond or coconut drops again (can smell them, not taste) or the chocolate flavors. Tried some of the fruit drops (raspberry?) from a friend, same thing. Aroma but no taste.

Life is hard lol.

However, for a change of pace, I will be ordering Dulce de leche. I miss carmelized condensed milkaka dulce de leche. Other than that, I'm sticking to extracts and flavorings from the restaurant supply...

Comment #10

I do enjoy the drops to change the flavors of the Medifast food a bit. I was getting tired of eating the same things all the time. The flavors are subtle, but I can taste them. Some I like better than others of course. I do blend them into my Medifast food and let them sit a few minutes before eating. Maybe that helps...

Comment #11

I received mine a few days ago, and after the first day I knew I would be returning them. I wanted them specifically to add flavor to my vanilla shakes and puddings, but it did nothing at all, no matter how many drops I added. I spoke to them back at their offices, and they said they didn't know why I wasn't getting any flavor from them. But no problem to return them, whcih I will be doing tomorrow. so don't throw them out, get your money back even if it was only $18.00...

Comment #12

Thanks for saving me money. I was thinking of trying them, now I'll save my money...

Comment #13

Not a fan either. I like the SF syrups to add flavor. I also use the WF chocolate syrup...

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