Medifast First Weekers - Roll Call!!

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Hi ya'll! I just wanted to start a thread for those that've started Medifast this week and are making it...barely or with guns ablazin'! I'm hanging in there this being my third day but I was ready to gnaw off my arm at 3:00pm but pushed through it and drank half my weight in water (and that's a hell of a lot of water) I'm motivated and really want to lose the weight this time once and for all, no more lame or die time. I would love to have a great group of girls who feel the same way and would like to reach our goals together laughing the whole way! I look foward to meeting ya'll!.


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Hey there! I'm on day 5 (started on 08/15/10) and I'm very familiar with the feeling of wanting to gnaw your arm off. I was sitting on the couch last night and was so hungry that I couldn't focus on anything! I started thinking about how badly it would hurt me if I cheated and had more green beans and tomatoes. Then I stopped myself and said "'s day 4 and that's no way to be thinking". So I got on here and started reading everyone elses stories and by the time I was done, I was more resolved to do this the right way and I wasn't as frantic for food..

I drink so much water that I slosh when I move. I pee every half hour, day and night. Half the time I'm so frantic for food that I'm on the verge of a panic attack and I have to find new ways, every hour, to remind myself of why I'm doing this. Here's my list so far:.

1. I want to wear cute clothes.

2. I'm tired of paying $2-$4 extra for plus sized clothes.

3. I am sick of jiggling when I walk.

4. I want to be healthier.

5. I want to be in control of my life and this is one step that I can take.

6. I want to be proud of myself, and not ashamed of how I look.

7. I don't want to dread shopping for new clothes.

8. I'm tired of dodging pictures with my friends because I hate the way I look in them.

And that's my list for today! I'm thinking about making myself a poster or two and putting them up in places where I spend a lot of time thinking about food. I have everything I need to succeed this time around. I have the determination, and the support of my friends, family and co-workers, not to mention the wonderful network of people here! So best of luck to you! We can do this!.

One last thought: as I was driving in to work this morning, Defying Gravity came up on my iPod. One line really struck me today. "I'm through accepting limits, cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but till I try I'll never know". That's going to be my weight loss mantra!..

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I am starting day 4. I am not feeling well. My ear hurts my throat and my head hurt. Plus I didn't sleep well the past two nights. I don't think it has anything to do with MF. I'm going to push through it though because I have already lost 4 lbs. I'm going to work on the mind over matter theory..I feel great, I feel great, I feel great, ok well I'll settle for I feel good..

Comment #2 need to throw in a few I WILL feel betters. Because you will. And if you stick with this, you'll keep feeling better and better all of the time. I'm only on day 5, but my Mom and my Aunt have been on Medifast since June. I've seen what it's done to and for them. Days 3-5 were the worst for them, and everyday they say that they feel better than they did the day before.

Stick with it and keep reminding yourself of why you're doing this and what you will be getting out of it. We're here for you!..

Comment #3

Just finished Wk 1 and definitely had an energy burst around day 7 was a tough one as I was hungry hungry hungry! I managed to make it through OP by coming onto the chat board last night instead of eating a second L&G which is what I was considering. I am proud I went to the support system instead of hitting the fridge. That makes a big change for meI'm recognizing the triggers now and trying to get myself out of situations where I'll sabotage myself..

No scale at home, but I can definitely see a difference in my clothes and my face looks like I had a mini-lift...probably all the water finally leaving my system. I think I got my exercise in running to the bathroom every half hour, lol..

Great to see some other first weeker's here and looking forward to reading about your success. I'm a returner to MF, lost 80 lbs on it two years ago. I know once I'm into Wk 3 or so I'll not want to turn back..



P.S. If any of you have more than 100 lbs to lose, I have a new board up in the 100 lbs or more discussion forum and you're more than welcome to join. Others can pop in too, regardless of the amount you need to lose. It's called "For Once It's All About ME: No excuses. My time, My way, My VICTORY!"..

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Hi! Today is day 4 for me. Thanks for starting this thread, it'll be nice to know who I can compare notes with as I make my way on this journey. It seems everyone on this site is super motivated to get healthy & lose weight once and for all, very refreshing and inspirational I must say..

Jhazlett, I like your idea of a list. I've had some ideas floating around in my head, but think I will take your idea of writing them down, putting them up in my house and maybe at work too..

Now on to my list:.

1. I'm in the military and every 6 months I am required to complete a physical fitness test and weigh in. The max weight is determined by height and gender. I'm proud to serve but ashamed sometimes to admit that I'm in because I'm overweight and wouldn't want anyone to think badly of the service..

2. I am so tired of going on crash diets to make my weigh in every 6 months. It's not like it's a surprise, I know it's coming but I never take action early enough to be under the limit and I never sustain the *new* weight once I do weigh in..

3. I haven't worn shorts in public in 3 years. Partly because of where I was located, Middle East & Africa, but even when I came to visit family in the States I would not be caught dead in them. I'm in the States now and I've gone this whole summer wearing capris, but I want to wear shorts and look good in them!.

4. I have not been to the beach all summer, if I won't wear shorts I sure won't be wearing a bathing suit. My family is going on a cruise for Thanksgiving, I want to wear a bathing suit!.

5. I'd like some pictures of me with my friends & family, but always duck my head away because of how I look. This is why my avatar is a pic of my dog..

6. I love the outdoors. I want to be able to mow the yard, tend to my plants, walk the dogs, go horse back riding, go for a hike and not have sore feet & back from carrying around this extra weight and being out of shape..

7. I want to be proud of the way I look..

8. I want to feel good about myself..

9. I want the *healthy* feeling back..

That's all for now, I'm feeling inspired to take the dogs on a walk...

Comment #5

Hi, today is the last day of my first week. I've lost 6 pounds. I'm doing okay with avoiding temptation, but my energy level has been really low. It may have something to do with stopping Diet Coke cold-turkey when I started MF..

I would love to feel confident enough to have my picture taken, go on a cruise, and wear a swimsuit, too. My goal is to lose 80 pounds from my starting weight of 220. My first goal is to get below 200. I haven't been there in 10 years...

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I'm on day 7 myself - tomorrow will be one week since I started. I'm there with you all about wanting to gnaw my arm off. I know I'll adjust eventually, but my stomach gets tied up in knots wanting food every couple of hours. The Medifast plan has worked great for several members of my family. I've been lifting weights with a trainer twice a week for a couple of years now (I may not be a skinny supermodel, but I can bench press one!) and busting it on the treadmill 5 days a week for the last few months, but with my crummy thyroid the weight just hasn't budged. Hopefully this will get it off once and for all.

I started at 220 and my doctor wants me to get down to 170-180, and then reevaluate and see how much lower I need to go..

JHazlett - Thanks for posting your list, that was such a good thing to see as a reminder of why I'm doing this too. I really needed that today as my stomach is sitting here growling away waiting for my Medifast Oatmeal to kick in...

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OMG!!!'s feels so good to know that I'm not the only one who's so darn hungry!!..This is only my 3rd day and I wonder how the heck I'm going to do this. But then I read all the success stories that are so inspirational and I can't wait to be one of those success stories myself. So hang in there's totally worth it!!!..

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This is my first week too! I am on day 5! This is my third time doing MF. The first time (2006) really doesn't count though because I started and a week into it I found out I was pregnant and had to stop. The second time (2008) I lost 40 lbs (180 lbs to 140 lbs) and then got pregnant again. I am now back for my final go round and am aiming to lose 48 lbs. I am still nursing so I am doing the 4&2 plan because the nursing mother's program allows way too much for me to actually stick to it. And the 5&1 plan doesn't allow enough calories.

Unless of course I have lost all the weight by then...

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I am on Day 4. I'm having trouble getting all my water in and seem to struggle more in the evenings, but I'm committed to sticking with it. I'd like to lose about 60 lbs. Good luck to everyone! Stay strong - we can do this!..

Comment #10

Hi Everyone;.

I have just finished day 14. But day 3 was my very worst, my arm is just now starting to heal up from all that gnawing. I've lost 10 pounds now and that is what is keeping me on plan. I won't cheat because I don't want to go through how I felt on day 3 ever again. My appetite has definitely come under control, and as long as I have one of my 5&1 meals every 2 - 3 hours, it's all good. Even my cravings for sweets (used to be huge) have lessened significantly.

I'm an evening snacker and it's always hard to get through to bed time, so I've started trying to skip my mid afternoon meal and then have 2 meals between dinner and bedtime. That has definitely helped. Good luck to all of us...

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I cannot wait until I get started on Sunday!.

I am so excited! I love reading all of the posts so that I know what to expect.

I have to agree with dodging pictures. I do it a lot too because a picture tells the truth. I also dodge people I know when I see them in public because I am so embarrassed about my weight gain. I am currently at my all time high after a very stressful year and a half. I am so anxious to come out of hiding!.

Good Luck to everyone here!!..

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Hello Fellow First Weekers! This is Day 4 for me and so far, so good! For some reason I've been pretty hungry....but I'm getting through it!.

The message boards have been a huge help for me, I love all the motivation and the recipe posts! Super helpful!.

Best of luck to everyone!!!!..

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I'm just starting day 2 today. I didn't sleep well last night and was starving this morning. Also woke with the start of a headache. Took some excedrin and ate my Medifast eggs. Have since had a Medifast bar (snack) plus several glasses of water. I am finally feeling better.

My mantra is one day at a time. Hard thing for me right now is that my house still has snacks in it cause I have kids and I need to cook them yummy lunches and dinners while I eat powder + water, luckily my DH started Medifast with me so that will hopefully make it easier. Everyone has been so supportive and I know I can do this this time. Good luck to everyone...

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I am so glad to see this thread. I am on day 2 and so far I haven't felt any of the side effects. I am glad to have positive people to share this journey with and I am sure together we will all succeed!..

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I just finished week 1. This diet is simple for me, but yet, so hard at the same time. It's simple because the plan really is. 5 Medifast meals and 1 L&G. How can one go wrong? It's hard because I sometimes catch myself thinking about the food I'll be missing. I have, however, come to the conclusion that those foods are not worth the weight they have caused me to gain..

I wish everyone success on this journey and look forward to sharing in on the ride...

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Well...the headache is back and I'm wondering if it's because of the Essential Calorie Burn drinks. I had really laid off the caffeine in preparation for this diet and perhaps it's a bit too much. Does anyone else have this problem with the drinks or is it just my body still rebelling against the decreased caloric intake? It's been a rough day again. I've been hungry all day long and I can't stop thinking about food. I'm trying to push back my afternoon snack so that I have time to get home from work, exercise, and cook dinner before I get to the point where I'm ready to eat my shoes, my arm, or one of my dogs. Maybe more than one of the dogs..

In other news, I'm starting the Couch to 5K running program tonight. I know that I'm supposed to wait a few weeks after starting the diet to start up any exercise program, but I have so much energy right now that I can't get to sleep at night. I need to do something to wear myself out and I think this will do it. If you've not heard of the program, you should check it out. Just google it..

I'm so excited to be taking control of my life. I've recently taken care of several outstanding financial issues that had been haunting me for years. I'm going to buy a house. I'm up to date on all of my bills. I've gotten over a fair amount of depression and anger. Losing this weight is the capstone in Jenny's Take Charge of her Life program! I can't wait to hit a weight loss milestone.

I can't wait to buy my first pair of size 14 jeans in 12 years. I can't wait to buy a shirt in a size that isn't the biggest the store has to offer! It's going to be totally awesome and totally worth the hunger and the hard work.

Yeah...I guess you figured out that I just needed a pep talk, right? It's been a hungry afternoon and posting on here helps me think of something other than my stomach for awhile...

Comment #17

Hi everyone day 8 for me I had my first weigh in this morning ! down 4.8 so it works !! Still get hungry but it's easing and I have learned to split some protiens and or veggies and have with my lunch helps me tons !! I can't eat that much protien at one time so this works better for me !! Love that we are all so supportive of one another !!! thats half the battle having great support !! Hang in there for another great week !!!!..

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Day 4 is almost over! I can't wait to go to sleep! I'm dreading the weekend, workdays are easier to stay on schedule. This will be the first weekend on Medifast so I will be here reading a lot.

Is it true you should drink 1/2 your weight in water?? I mean I'm drinking 64 oz and I pee so much if I drank 100 ozs of water I'd spend 1/2 the day in the bathroom and never sleep. I have to stop drinking fluids by 7pm if I want to sleep through the night.

Looking forward to seeing you here this weekend! I can do this!..

Comment #19

Yes, you can do this. This will be my first weekend on Medifast too. I'm nervous about it, not gonna lie. But I'm going to get up early on Saturday and feed the dogs and let them do their business, then I'm going to go for a walk/jog/run, a la Couch to 5K, and then come home, shower, and spend as much time out of the house as I can and be as busy as I can. If I don't have the time to think about food I won't be wanting to eat it! My bestest best buddy is going to be with me to provide encouragement (and restraint, if needed).

Find some way to keep yourself busy. Just sitting around being bored will be agony! I learned that on Tuesday when I took a day off from work. Good luck. You CAN do this. I can do this.

Oh yeah...I have to pee every half hour, day AND night. It's killing me. At least I know the old kidneys are working, though...

Comment #20

Im past week one by far LOL. But wish all you "newbs" great luck!..

Comment #21

UPS just delivered my Medifast today so I will be starting tomorrow.. Looking forward. I have always fought my weight and have tried every diet. I am hoping Medifast is the one for me.

This is the heaviest I have ever been and I have started having digestive problems so I really need to take control.

I would love to have friends to share this experience with <3..

Comment #22

Hey ya'll! I made it through day four and I still have both arms thanks to gum and lots of H20!!.

Jhazlett - I loved your list! I'm working on mine now.

Simplyslb - This plan is simple but not easy...I totally agree with you...I literally have a conversation in my since I've started Medifast and it involves me wanting to eat Mexican food and me saying to myself "Ok but do I really want Mexican food or do you just want food...something to chew to put in your mouth?" And then that gets me thinking about how food has become something else other than just something I put in my mouth but all the emotions that are attached to the sour cream and onion chips. It's such a head trip to have food in packets that you can simply tear open and eat right in front of me but yet I go through this tug of war. I definitely have a lot of work to do...

I loved reading all the posts and can relate to each and every one. I hope to talk more to ya'll as this journey continues and love knowing I'm not alone. We can do this!!.


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I was just thinking about how much water I should be drinking yesterday. Prior to starting Medifast I struggled to drink 8 of 8. Since starting Medifast I have been drinking the 8 of 8 everyday, though sometimes the last 3 are consumed right before bed. I know this isn't good and am striving to drink it all earlier in the day..

I googled 'drink 1/2 your weight in water' and got too many opinions from both sides of the fence. Then I thought to look on WebMD, just seems to be a more reputable site than the ones I was looking at. I found an article called 'Water and Your Diet: Staying Slim and Regular With H2O'. Very informative and says yes to drinking 1/2 your weight in water. It also says that once your body becomes accustomed to the extra water you will no longer have to pee every 5 minutes..

So....I need to drink more than I have been and hope it doesn't take too long for my body to adjust. My latest & greatest method to drinking enough each day has been to fill a 1 liter bottle of water and refill it once. I guess now I'll refill it twice. Thanks for posting that question, we CAN do this!..

Comment #24

Hi, I started Medifast on Monday. I have a great support motivation. My husband has type 2 diabetes and the doctor told him he had to do something fast, before he had major health issues, so he suggested MF. I had never heard of MF. So I check out the website, and since I'm also overweight, and have been on every diet known to man. I decided to join my husband on MF.

I'm looking forward to feeling great and looking great! Like I said, I've been on since Monday, I have felt a little drained, but most of all I have had headaches everyday until today. So hopefully I have detoxed my body and now I'm ready to rock 'n' roll with this plan. Good luck everyone! I'm so glad to see a thread for newbies...


Comment #25

Here we go...I am day 1 and have 1 drink under my belt. I hurt myself last weekend and bruised my ribs so didn't walk at all this week. Usually walk 4-5 a week 2.5 miles a day. I enjoy walking the dogs but I eat way too much to have it influence my weight. I also did this program a few years ago and lost weight that even the woman at Curves who weighed me in at the 1-month mark couldn't believe the weight loss. I think it was close to 20 lbs but don't quote me.

I have been yo-yoing since before I needed to diet. Now, I don't even try anymore. If I lose 10 lbs, well, 9 this last time, I call it good. Turn around and start to regain it. It really is pitiful.

My last idea was not dieting, just, eatting healthy. Lost the 9 lbs and I don't even know exactly why I starting again. I would have a scoop of ice cream out or a cookie, etc. So, I wasn't withholding not altogether. Anyway, I now want to do MF, lose the whole 30 lbs and stay on the transition for the "whatever time it takes" and then do the maintenance and give it time.

If I don't I am beginning to be afraid the rest of my life won't be that long. I am almost 59. I stopped drinking 24 years ago, don't smoke, usually exercise but I am a binger. It will kill me in the long run...diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Let's get real.

It is time for honesty. I want to be able to breathe when I bend over. See my newest great-niece, 6 weeks old graduate from college and maybe bring me another niece. I know I have gone on too long...I needed to. Thank you..

Comment #26

Today is day 8 for me, and this is the first day I haven't been ravenously hungry all day. I've been hungry, but not the stomach-cramping-gnaw-my-arm-off kind of hungry. I'm down 7.5 pounds for my first week so not too bad. I've been splitting my veggie servings and having one serving of veggies with one of the Medifast soups for lunch and then the other two with dinner. That seems to have helped a lot..

I should have some Walden Farms zero calorie chocolate syrup, salad dressings and peanut butter spread waiting for me when I get home, since I've heard from my Medifast coach that these are good and count as a condiment. I'm pondering attempting to make a molten lava cake out of some of the chocolate syrup and a Medifast brownie. Ok, now I have to stop drooling.....

Comment #27

LesleyJ, Way to go! Love the molten chocolate plan for the brownie, sounds soooo good! I'm thinking I need to order some of these brownies soonest to help me with my choc cravings..

I'm due to have another order shipped in 5 days, but haven't made my way through the first order. I guess it's best to let it ship, I have read posts on these boards of shipments not arriving in time and then going off plan. But, my point is, I haven't made it through my 1st order, so I don't know if I'll like all the stuff I already have. So far I've had the chocolate & banana shakes, 1 of each flavor of the bars, the chicken noodle soup and the peach & maple oatmeal's. Not too fond of the strawberry & lemon bars or the oatmeal. I think the choc shake tastes ok, but much better mixed with the banana.


Comment #28

Let me tell you I tried the brownie for the first time lastnight and it was one of the best things I ate so far and it will take care of the choc cravings ! Smells so darn good too. Another good thing is the peanutbutter crunch bar I love that one! Isn't it nice to be able to share all our info helps me alot !..

Comment #29

Galali, let us know what you think of the chicken rice soupit is one of my favorites and I could eat it every day! I'm on day 10 now and feeling great, looking forward to weighing in when my new scale arrives this week.

Lesley, also let us know about the Walden stuff, esp. the dressingsI'm tempted to get some too and want the lowdown on what's good and what's not!..

Comment #30

I LOVE the chicken and rice soup. That and the cinnamon roll crunch bars get me through some rough times. I'm on day 7 now. Down 11.6 pounds this first week! I feel so good about myself and what I'm doing. I am, however, concerned about tomorrow. I have to attend a birthday party for my 8 year old cousin.

I come from a family of fantastic cooks. It's going to be tempting to stray from the Medifast path...but I'm going to do it. Somehow. I owe it to myself, right?..

Comment #31

And does anyone know why my weight loss ticker doesn't update? I don't weigh 237.4 anymore! I'm 233.4, and I'm offended that the ticker implies otherwise...

Comment #32

I finally found you all again on my home page. Yeah, I don't get where you go?? So I am glad I found you anyway. I am day 3, managing. But, it seems funny how much sweet stuff I have to eat so I am eatting my soups, etc also. Making it so basic makes it so I don't crave more that is for sure. It is purely carbs and protein for survival and nutrition. Here is to a successful Monday newbies...

Comment #33

First weigh-in....I am down 3.5 lbs...Yippee...on track today too!..

Comment #34

Here's the scoop on the Walden Farms stuff..

The molten brownie cake turned out good. I made a hole in the middle of the brownie and put in two tbsp of the chocolate syrup. The syrup is a bit too sweet for me on it's own, but I'm a dark chocolate fan. Mixed in with stuff it's awesome. I also put 2 tbsp in one of the Dutch Chocolate Medifast shakes and OH MY GOSH it was awesome! The Dutch Chocolate shakes are good on their own, but this was like drinking really rich chocolate milk. YUMMY!.

I also got some of the marshmallow dip, and smeared it over the top of my brownie last night and it was good too.

The Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing is good. It doesn't quite have the same bite to it that the Balsamic Breeze Salad Spritzer has (I like food that bites back), but it is really good. I like the Salad Spritzer version just a little more. I'm going to try it as a meat marinade as it seems like that would be divine. I haven't tried the Chipotle Ranch dressing yet..

At first taste the peanut butter spread tastes a little weird, but it might be like the others, a little weird on it's own but mixed in it might be good. Perhaps I should try a "Reese's Cup" brownie tonight.

These brownies are my salvation on Medifast. I honestly do not know how I would cope without my daily chocolate fix. I ordered enough brownies in my second order so I can be sure to have one every day...

Comment #35

I am almost through day 3 and have had a pretty smooth start! I enjoy most of the food....the oatmeal takes a lot of getting used to, but the rest is good! I felt great all weekend and just today started to feel a little sluggish. Could just be the weather today...rainy..

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing this journey with you all. Stay strong....we can do this!.


Comment #36

This is my first day. Not too bad. I do feel a little sluggish. I have been drinking a lot of water to combat the hunger. I am very determine to make this work. Reading all the post makes me feel better and given me some tools.

I want to be able to have more options to shop. I want to be able to showcase the muscles I have built from weight training. I do not want to be look at as unhealthly. I want to be even sexier!!!!..

Comment #37

Week one was HARD but I made it through. Headaches, hunger pains and mental confusion have given way to energy, happiness and five less pounds. Woo Hoo! I know I have a long way to go, but that felt good and I am going to make it a habit to celebrate the little victories!..

Comment #38

Day 2 of Re-commitment for me! Feeling good. Its better this time, since I know what to expect.

It's amazing, this time I am not hungry already, last time it took 3-4 days before I felt like this.

To everyone on this thread, hang tough, keep your chin up, it only gets better and better!!!..

Comment #39

Im on day one! Its not as bad as I thought it might be. Im sure I may say something different tomorrow! I love your attitude! I want to make a habit of celebrating the little victories too! So heres to making through day one!!!!..

Comment #40

I just finished week 1 and weighed in today. I told myself that if I lost 10 lbs in 1 week that it would be worth the hunger! I lost 8.5. I was a little disappointed, but I know it's still a really good number. It's way better than where I was last week.

I have an interview on Friday. They have been too few and too far between. I've been out of work for too long. I'm a Mom to a 15 month old, and I have loved being home with him for the past 9 months, but it is time to get back to work - or lose the house. In any case, I of course, need a suit. Shopping has been torture.

So few places have sizes, and why do they have all bright colors and big fluffy collars for big girls! I just want a plain black suit. I found something decent today - 20W. I hated buying it because I am hoping that I will lose enough, quickly enough that this will only be worn once. I hate to show up for the interview like this - I feel like it is not me - but indeed it is..

I am happy to be doing something. I had to keep reminding myself of that as I stared at myself in those fitting room mirrors wondering how I let it get to this.

I am motivated. The starvation is going away. I actually would have eaten one less Medifast meal yesterday if that was recommended, but I know better so I had it. It's so encouraging to read everyone else's story. I'm glad to be here for the journey with all of you!..

Comment #41

Medifast to be delivered tomorrow starting Thursday!!! Thanks for being there for me...

Comment #42


"I just finished week 1 and weighed in today. I told myself that if I lost 10 lbs in 1 week that it would be worth the hunger! I lost 8.5. I was a little disappointed, but I know it's still a really good number. It's way better than where I was last week. ".

I think 8.5 pounds is amazing. Everyone is diff and 10 pounds is really high! I dont even want to think about it as a week to week thing. I am going by averages. When I did this in 2008 and was successful, I noticed that each week was diff. I have had weeks with no weight loss and then the next week a large loss. It is NOT always consistent week by week, everyone is very diff, it depends on your salt intake as well as your time of the month (for woman).

I am going to weigh myself each week, but I am going to gauge my success by averages, not by weekly amounts. So if I lose 12 pounds in a month, which averages 3 pounds a week, that would be great for my first month! Hey, sorry, but to lose 12 pounds is great, considering just one of the dimples on my *** weighs 12 pounds right now!!!.

Good luck to all....

Comment #43

Bigmom and hgratk:.

Are you measuring yourself too? That's really helped motivate me. I'm in my second week, but only lost a pound so far this week after 7.5 my first week. I was so depressed until I measured myself last night and I have lost 2 inches off my bust, and inch off the circumference of my upper arm, 1 inch off my waist, 1/4 inch off my thigh, and and 1.5 inches off my hips. My Medifast coach (also my cousin) told me that the measurements will really help on those weeks where you're not seeing the scale budge, but you may see a big difference in the measurements. Now I am so excited (and I understand why my bras fit so much better this week compared to last!) because I see my body changing even if the scale's not moving any more quite yet.

Plus I got to dance around the house yelling at the top of my lungs "my b*tt is shrinking!!!!" last night, which made me very happy. I am getting a massage today as a reward for the shrinkage and staying on plan for two weeks as of tomorrow...

Comment #44

Day two for me, so far so good! It is great to read everyone's stories! I am trying not to weigh myself until Monday, I figure Monday is a good day to weigh in and try to keep me on track over the weekends! Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #45

Lesley J.

What is the recommended time for measuring yourself. I did it the first day and was going to wait until I completed week 2 to re-measure. (which will be Monday).

Congrats on the smaller measurements!!!..

Comment #46

Wow, I just realized today is day 6!! Almost a whole week. Walked 2 miles 5 days this week. Jeez, I better pay attention, I didn't realize I was doing this well?? I don't want to doll the food up too much because it reminds too much of my old way of eatting. I want to learn to eat for the nutritional value and not always for my sweet tooth. I want to get out of the habit of grabbing something sweet; that is my problem. It is hard to be patient and let time go by.

Good luck this week...

Comment #47

I just measured myself when I started, and then again at about a week and a half. She didn't really give me a guideline for it, but I guess it might be a good idea to do it every week when I weigh in...

Comment #48


I'm on day 5 and have moments of hunger, but overall feel pretty good. I'm usually thirsty so I drink alot during the day. Adding crushed ice to the shakes really thickens them up and seems to help. I went out to eat to celebrate my daughters birthday and found lean and green items for my meal. This was a big victory for me as I haven't been motivated to lose this weight until I started Medifast and reading other members blogs. Thanks to everyone who is blogging...

Comment #49

I am very excited, I will be getting my first month of medifast delivered tomorrow and will be starting my journey to loose the last stubborn 40 pounds of my weight. I have been exercising averyday this last week since I decided to do this program, hoping to get my excercise program straightened out then adding the diet to the excercise. Super Excited to get started!..

Comment #50

Starting day 7 for me. Not too bad, only hungry during the lunch time hour (added 1/2 of.

My L&G which seems to help). Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow!.


Comment #51

I'm on day three - that's the hard part done, right? yes! It wasn't bad at all. The only time I have trouble is at lunch - the soups are less than wonderful. Any alternatives to soup for lunch? Thanks!..

Comment #52

Wow, I've been so busy that I haven't had time to check in here! I'm on day 13 right now and I'm down 14 pounds! I slipped up a little last night and had a handful of tortilla chips. I feel guilty, but...if that's the worst I do then I think I'm gonna be ok! I can't believe that it's been almost two weeks. It's not been bad. At least, not since I got day 4 out of the way. Good to see that everyone is moving right along and staying on their plans! Keep up the great work!..

Comment #53

On day 6 for me. Doing good, only cheated by weighing myself each day... well come on, it is exciting and I HAD to!!.

Only time I am hungry is when I forget to eat or go too long in between meals. Then I eat my Medifast meal and wait, and wait, and wait for the hunger to go away..

Lesson Learned. When on maintenance for the rest of my life, 6 meals will be the way to go for me!..

Comment #54

Day 8. Whoa, the 1st week is over. Weighed myself and I am down 7.3. I feel just as fat as ever but it is nice to be in the 180's again. I don't know how to make my ticker show at the bottom or how to do a pic yet. If anything I have missed a Medifast meal.

I did eat 1 percent cottage w/tomatoes because I wanted extra calcium for a possible cracked rib. Just plugging along waiting for some real time to go buy. Already thinking...I could do this on my own. I don't need "stinking" MF. Looking forward to more results...

Comment #55

Got my Medifast delivery today, getting ready to start in the morning. It'll hopefully be an easy transition, I've been doing slimfast and I've been getting result with my clothing getting looser but not reflecting in numbers. I am hoping Medifast will be the boost I need to get the final pounds and inches off. Looking forward to day 1...

Comment #56

Day 1. Hungry all day. Worried wont be able to stay on Medifast with the hunger pains. Hope I can break through and not feel hungry all day...

Comment #57

I'm on Day 4. The only real moment of weakness I've had was this morning at about 2:30. I've been going to bed early the past 3 nights to try to head off any hunger pangs. Early this a.m., though, I had to get up to go to the bathroom. Since I'd already been asleep around 5 - 5 1/2 hours, I stayed up to watch a little TV. I was so hungry! I tried to ignore it and move past it but the feeling finally kept gnawing (this is significant because I have never been a late-night snacker).

That seemed to do the trick until I went back to sleep..

What I've mainly noticed is that mid-afternoon the past two days and mid-evening the past three nights, I've suddenly become very sleepy. What's strange is that I'm not really physically tired at all just sleepy. I'm drinking plenty of water I easily exceed the recommended 8/8 oz., so that's not it..

Anyway, these threads are life-savers. Medifast is my life for the next year (and beyond?). Thank you all for posting here and being so positive and helpful...

Comment #58

Today is day 1 for me. It hasn't been easy, but I want to lose the extra 20 lbs I've put on in the last year. I've known a few people on Medifast and they've lost the weight quickly and look amazing. My focus for today was to tell myself "It's day 1, keep it going.".

I had the Peach Oatmeal and almost thew up. I was brought up with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and real meals. This is tough, but I have to lose the weight, but controlling my appetite.

I had my lean and green today - it was so delicious! I wanted more!.

Now I'm enjoying my cocoa... it's my dessert for tonight.

Wish me luck on day 2!..

Comment #59

Today is my first day and I have a monster headache! At about 2pm I was so sleepy I had to have my lean and green and sure enough that did the job. I guess I will need to have my lean and green for lunch instead of dinner so I have energy to make it thru the day...

Comment #60

This is my first week - I'm on day 5 and my headaches from the first two days are gone, but I find myself having rolling hunger pains every 2 hours, which makes me feel like I'm running out of meals in a day really fast! Aside from that, I'm doing pretty good Lost 3 of my 20 pound goal as of day four!..

Comment #61

Hi, girls,.

I am on Day 3 and I am about to start chewing on my arm...LOL..

I have a lot of hunger pang and I just feel so sleepy. I have to hang in there and let it pass, one day at a time. I have to get to my goal weight. I have being trying to on WWs, but to no avail. I want to feel better about myself and stop hiding in the house and being so self conscious. I am forever wearing cardigans and big shirts, even in the summer to cover my ***! I am not 800 pounds, but at 175, I still feel so uncomfortable and insecure.

There are big, beautiful women out there and they are happy with themselves and I applaud them and I admire them. But, I don't feel that way about myself..

I need a lot of support and I would love to give it back to you guys and get to know you while we go through this journey together..

Have a great day...

Comment #62

Okay....first weigh-in/first week's loss: 7.25 lbs. Yea!.

Yesterday was an all-shakes day and that actually seemed a lot easier, both in effort and in coasting through hunger pangs. After my L & G last night, I actually felt full, which was a first. I didn't really feel like I wanted the last shake after dinner but I waited about an hour and had it anyway..

On to Week 2!..

Comment #63

I just finished Day 3 and decided to update my ticker to motivate me! The worst is over, so now I just have to stay on plan for the next 25 days and more...the headaches and cravings were the worst. So hang in there everyone!..

Comment #64

Love all the great messages. I just started my second week. So hope it's ok if I join this group. I got a great suggestion from a Medifast friend to help with the hunger and headaches. Slowly sip hot chicken broth. It really seemed to helpespecially for the headaches as I was having.

Very pumped and motivated but haven't had any major temptations. A little worried to go out of town this weekend and getting my L&G without any "extras". But I was able to go out for yogart with my family and I only got an iced tea.

Favorite treat 1tbsp cream cheese sounds weird but so yummy. Also added light Swiss cheese by laughing cow into my scrambled eggs cooked on the stove. Yummy!!!.

Look forward to getting to know everyone and dong this together...

Comment #65

I haven't added any cheese into my routine yet. Just been doing the meals and having veggies/meat/chicken. I'm afraid I will do something "wrong". So the cheese can count toward a "healthy fat."? Usually my healthy fat is salad dressing or olive oil. Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #66

Just FYI, I was told by my health coach that two of the lowfat Laughing Cow wedges counted as one healthy fat where as one of the regular wedges counted as the one healthy fat. I had never had it before but I LOVE it!.

As for the first week, I will say I have been on Medifast for five days and feel pretty full most of the time. The hardest thing so far is feeling tired and knowing I bought a few items I will never eat again. The items I like are going to dwindle down quickly! With that said though I have struggled with getting a good night's sleep since I had my daughter four years ago and last night I did sleep for 5 solid hours without waking up. That is rare for me and I do wonder if it has anything to do with MF. If so, I won't ever go off Medifast if it means I can sleep! I love how great everyone is on the boards and have loved seeing the success stories. Can't wait to see everyone else's progress and my own!..

Comment #67

Hold off on the items that you think you will never eat again. You may like them in a few weeks - better yet, let me know what they are and I will see what recipes are out there to make them taste better. E.g., I hate the oatmeal so I am going to learn how to make the "muffins" and "cookies"..

About the sleeping, I am so happy for you!!!! I had difficulty with sleep when my kids were younger so I understand. I just don't drink coffee after 4:00 pm anymore, no sugar before bedtime, and I am good to go...

Comment #68

I am on day 2.. Yesterday went pretty well and didn't get too hungry. I woke up hungry this am though and am about to head off to work! It could be a long day but I am determined to stick to the diet! Good luck everyone..

Comment #69


I am Toni and this is my 5th day. I have done a program similar to Medifast and lost a good amt. of weight. Now I just want to get the rest I need to lose off! Hope everyone has a great weekend..


Comment #70

It's great to see so many great stories. I'm officially done with day number one, and I'm looking forward to a time where I don't have to go to the special stores or special sections to find clothes. I want to be able to walk into one of those cute mall stores and buy a skirt..

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!..

Comment #71

I just finished my first week and my weigh-in is well worth celebrating. Whoohooo I lost 15 lbs. I'm really excited to pass on this great news. Even though I have such a long way to I'm ecstatic with my progress...

Comment #72

I will be weighed in tomorrow and continue to feel good...I'm staying OP and life is good without soda...goodluck to everyone...Tina..

Comment #73

It is so nice to see others starting this week. I am currently on my first day and so far so good. Im not big on drinking water but I have consumed 11 oz so far. I really want to do this for all the same reasons everyone else can and will do this for. I am happy to have such a great support group. I would lovwe to build a walking group with other people that are in my area (Schenectady, NY)...

Comment #74

Hello everyone. Today is day 4 for me. I've been more tired than usual and have had headaches. At one point yesterday, I could have gnawed my arm off but I stuck to the plan. I weighed myself this a.m. when I got to work and I'm down 7.8 lbs! I was shocked!..

Comment #75

My first day also. Not thrilled by the oatmeal I ate 2hrs ago,but I will find some way to get through the other 13 packets. Determined to get myself off to a good start so I will feel more comfortable about exercising again. Have been lazy about doing anything...

Comment #76

This is my first full week. Funny, I keep reading how everyone hates the oatmeal but it is one of my favorite things to look forward to! But I am very tired! When does this go away? I keep reading that it will pass and I will have so much energy. The boards are amzing and I am so happy that I am not alone! Thanks to all of you!..

Comment #77

This is my first week, and I am so grateful for all of you who are successful and keep going. This is the first day that I have been hungry. Just had more iced tea (decaf-green tea) and am thinking of having a bar for "dessert".... would never have thought of this if it weren't for something I read when I couldn't sleep last night. Sleeping has always been one of my great talents, an now I can't seem to turn of my brain when I get into bed. Anyone have that when they first started???.

I came to the computer instead of having what would really be a legal bar. This feels better..

I designed a bar, but don't see it in the preview...

Comment #78

I'm with you on the oatmeal (although the blueberry didn't taste very good to me-the others are great!). End of my first full week on Medifast (after a full week of a liquid diet) and I'm down 19 pounds, how does this happen??? I can say that I certainly don't feel like I'm suffering as much as a 19 pound weight loss has always been in the past. Haven't gone through the fatigue thing yet, just the running to the bathroom after drinking all the water I'm not used too, good exercise there, tho' right? Wishing you all success!!!!!.


Comment #79

Today is the first day (9/7/10) for my husband and myself. I really appreciate all of the information that is sures helps to know that we are not alone. We had a good day and we are doing it together. The best part are the tools that are available to help with our progress. Who would have guessed by logging on to a computer and putting in my information that that would motivate me? I am so jazzed......

Comment #80

Hi everyone! I just ordered my food last night...I'm ready to do this! I know it is going to be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do because I do NOT deal well with hunger...I will definitely need these type of support groups to help me out...I was wondering, where can I get a weight loss ticker like the ones some of you have?? They are really neat to look at and I know it would motivate me!..

Comment #81

Today is my day 3. I am feeling hungrier than usual. The first two days seemed like a piece of cake and now I am day 3 and worried. I am living on these discussion boards and everyones story is inspirtational, and it helps get me through my day. Plus I look at my pictures I posted and realize no matter what I have to stay with it!.


Comment #82

I added a ticker to the MyPage section of the website, but I don't know how to add it to the bottom of discussion messages yet...

Comment #83

I am on day 2! Day one went pretty good, not too hungry until around 930 pm then I got hungry and a headache and really tired and I went to bed! Woke up pretty hungry and had the awful experience they call oatmeal! Yuck! Then had a walk and a nap... lol and now I am having the fruit punch tea.... it's "ok". I prefer the mango, but I know I need to try everything and spread out my favorites!..

Comment #84

I am on Day 2. Let me tell you it gets better. I suffered everything you did on the second day. The third day the headache went away all of a sudden and I started getting this really sweet taste in my mouth, but I had a terrible hunger pains and was hungry no matter what and when I was eating. But I stayed on plan and made it through. I am on day four and I feel incredible.

The hunger pains have died down a bit, still there a tiny bit but not like yesterday I still have that sweet taste in my mouth and my Health Coach said it was because I was in Ketosis (fat burning). She told me it will come and go and not to worry, it's normal.

I am glad you took the plunge and great job on losing weight, keep it up and it will continue to come off. These message boards have been my life line. If I have a question, no doubt someone has already asked it and I can find the answer on here.

Keep going, we can do this!..

Comment #85

Hi everyone! I had my first week weigh-in yesterday and was down 13 pounds (235.4 to 222.4)! I'm pretty excited about that, but realize my weight loss will slow way down so I figured I should make myself comfortable around here, since I've still got around 90 pounds to lose...

Comment #86

Folliard & JMT1127's ~ Here's how to add the ticker to your signature..

Click on "Discussion Boards", or in the discussion boards click on "Edit Profile Settings", click on "Edit Signature" and paste your ticker code in the big box. You can preview it or just save it...

Comment #87

Day 5 and doing good, as long as I keep my meals every 2-3 hrs. Drinking tons of water, so I am running to the bathroom every 15-30 minutes I weighed on Wednesday and lost 5 lbs so Sunday will be my next weigh in to see what the total for the week was. I am hoping for another 5 lbs but either way it's working, I am doing this and we all can do this. We have to want this more than anything, I keep telling myself if I don't do this now, then WHEN! It's now or never.

Good luck this weekend!..

Comment #88

I'm starting tomorow. Got my food today but decided to wait till tomorow since it's a new day. And I had already had breakfast since my package came at 11:30 and I was at work at 7 am...

Comment #89

This is my 2nd day on Medifast down 8 pounds, exited to see more reults and feel healthier..

Comment #90

New to MF..starting on Monday..looking forward to hearing from others just starting out...

Comment #91

I'm starting tomorrow morning...I'm a little nervous, but excited. I want this soooo bad!..

Comment #92

I started this morning. I have to say when I got my food box and I saw how small the box was for a months worth of food I had a little inner freak out, but then I opened up the box and remembered it was all shakes and bars and add water to packets.

My first meal was the mocha shake. It wasn't too bad, I just got powdery stuff at the bottom...

Comment #93

I just checked the status of my first order and it is expected to arrive on the 14th...that means I will be starting on Thursday the excited! :-)..

Comment #94

I'm on day two and so far this has been easy! I have had a headache both days but feel pretty good. The food has been better than I expected and everything so far has been edible including the dreaded oatmeal! I know I can do this.... Back to work tomorrow, made it through the first weekend...

Comment #95

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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