Medifast - Experimenting with Z-trim?

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Z-trim is a water-soluble fiber made of corn, oats, and soy, which can be added to food to extended or replace some fats. It cannot be used to deep fry veggies (darn!) or add that great oil flavor your get from olive or sesame oil. It is tasteless but has a good texture. It has zero calories because your body cannot digest the fiber, but causes no known gastric problems.

I first read about this product in You: On a Diet by those famous doctors, Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz (always on Oprah). This book is an excellent read..

When you visit the Z-trim site,, you will see many recipes that most of us will not be able to use such as cutting the calories in butter for garlic bread, mayo in salads, and fat in cookie mix. Yet, I think there are many uses we can experiment with..

The fat substitute is easy to work with in it's gel form. It looks almost like a clear applesauce. After you open it, the bottle must be refrigerated and upon future use shake very well, or open it over the sink and pour out the accumulated water. Thats it, no lumps or bad aftertaste. I do hate the name as it sounds like a diet pill ; >.

This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite blogs,

Fudge brownie (2 servings):.

1 packet Medifast hot chocolate, or cappuccino..

1 packet Medifast chocolate pudding.

3 tbsp Z-trim.

2 tbsp flavored syrup (I used peanut butter).

Combine all ingredients with a fork until all solids are blended.

Spray a small container (1 cup circular or 9.5 oz long size Ziploc container) with a small amount of Pam. The long size makes the brownie appear bigger on your plate..

Pack mixture firmly down, rinsing fork with water to keep from sticking..


2 tbsp Splenda.

1 tbsp Z-trim.

Sprinkle of cinnamon.

Mix well and spread on top of brownie..

Garnish with chopped nuts taken from daily snack bag (optional)..

Place container in back of refrigerator for at least an hour. Cut into 2 servings. Place on nice plate and enjoy with hot tea or coffee.


Chai Latte Blondie (2 servings):.

1 packet Medifast chai latte.

1 packet Medifast vanilla pudding.

3 tbsp Z-trim.

2 tbsp flavored syrup (I use English Toffee or Malibu Rum for the blondie).

Combine all ingredients with a fork until all solids are blended.

Spray a small container (1 cup circular or 9.5 oz long size Ziploc container) with a small amount of Pam.

Pack mixture firmly down, rinsing fork with water to keep from sticking..


2 tbsp Splenda.

1 tbsp Z-trim.

1/4 tsp Kernel Seasons caramel. Cals, 5, Fat, 0, and Carbs, 1g, Sodium 0mg..


Mix well and spread on top of brownie.

Garnish with chopped nuts taken from daily snack bag (optional)..

Place container in back of refrigerator for at least an hour. Cut into 2 servings.


Z-trim works very well in thickening and extending condiments for dips or sauces for chicken, beef, or fish.

2 tbsp Z-Trim.

1 tbsp soy sause (10 cals) Find the lowest sodium one you can..

Mix together for a very thick sauce..

For more flavor add 2 tsp Hellmanns Dijonnaise (creamy dijon mustard) (10 cals, 0g fat, 2g carbs).


Tsp Wasabi Powder (10 cals, 0 fat, 2g carbs).


Red pepper flakes...

Comments (20)

I would strongly suggest asking Nutrition SUpport about this. Medifast does not count net carbs because (a) claims about fiber/net carbs are as yet unsubstantiated by science; it's purely a marketing pitch (b) all fiber supplements add calories...

Comment #1

PS This was invented in 1996 so no telling what they're up to now..


Comment #2

After reading the site Robyn posted, I personally see no harm in adding small amounts of this product, as it is a natural plant byproduct. The minute amount of carbs, whether net or otherwise,would be an ok trade off in my book in return for an option of different texture, and also the benefit of being more filling. Many here add ground flax and other fiber sources,I really see no harm as long as you count all carbs...

Comment #3

I already asked Nutrition Support about Z trim a few weeks ago and they responded. You should still be able to find the answer in the Ask Nutrition Support category and the message topic of "Z-trim". The answer should still be there and I recall they stated you could use it, but in a limited amount...

Comment #4

I just found the answer nutrition support gave me end of January 2007..

Comment #5

I went to the Z trim web site and there are 35 servings not calories in a tblsp. The nutritionist is wrong. Couldn't be with only .6 gm Carbs in a tablsp...

Comment #6

Wow! That's interesting, makes you wonder what other information could be wrong. I didn't even notice that as I had not yet begun using Z-trim. I'm sure if I had starting using it, I would have picked up on that BIG mistake!!..

Comment #7

Nutrition support is correct. There are 35 serving per container and each serving is a tablespoon, zero cal. zero fat, and 0.6 g carb.

Comment #8

How can that be correct? there are 4 calories in 1 carb times .6 equals 2.4 calories per tablespoon. If you consumed the whole container that would only be 84 calories. Where did she get the 35 calories?..

Comment #9

That's a good question, where did nutrition support get 35 calories per serving? That is not correct according to the label...

Comment #10

I asked Nutrition support about Z trim and this is the answer I got:::.

Hello peetoe38,.

In looking at the ztrim website, it looks like it is mainly meant for appetite suppression and fat replacement. Chances are you won't need an appetite suppressant while on the plan and the diet is already low in fat, so you wouldn't need it for the purpose of fat replacement. That said, I don't see a reason why it would affect weight loss while on the plan. If you want for the purpose of extra fiber that is fine..

Good luck!.


Comment #11

Andree, thanks for checking on this. I have been using it in so many things I would hate to give it up now. Next I am going to try to make some salad dressings...

Comment #12

If you come up with a good salad dressing please post it..

Comment #13

I've been mixing Z-trim into the Hidden Valley LIGHT Ranch dressing. I mix 1/4 cup Z-trim with 1/4 cup of LIGHT Ranch and find no difference in flavor and it makes the LIGHT dressing even lower in calories and fat.

I also use Z-trim when I make the Medifast brownie recipe instead of putting in peanut butter and it turns out the same without the calories and fat from the peanut butter...

Comment #14

Kim, that is a great idea. I will be trying this after my next shopping trip. Ranch is one of my favorite flavors..

We have a chain of BBQ stores here called Country Sweet. This is my first attempt at their hot/sweet chicken sauce:.

3 Tbsp Z-trim.

1 Tbsp Splenda.

1 Tbsp Hunts tomato sauce, 5 cals, 1g carb..

1 Tsp vinegar.

1 Tsp Hellmann's Dijonnaise (mustard) 5 cals, 1g carb.

1 Tsp Frank's RedHot sause (I used 2 tsp). 0 cals..

Pinch salt, and red pepper flakes or other hot spices.

Blend Z-trim and Splenda together. Add other items, and spice to taste. Put in fridge for a few hours before using on grilled chicken or salad...

Comment #15

What is the difference between the Z Trim Corn Fiber Fat Replacement Powder and the z trim gel ? THANKS..

Comment #16

I've tried both the powder and the gel. I prefer the gel as it is already mixed and ready to use. You have to add water to the powder and whiz it in a blender. I have found the powder does not turn easily into the gel consistency, more soupy and has a grittier texture. So I stick with the gel even though it's a bit more expensive. I like the convenience too.

SkinnySue - The Medifast Brownie recipe is on It uses peanut butter, but now I use the Z-trim gel instead and still like the flavor. Here's the version I use.

1 packet Medifast Chocolate Pudding.

1 packet Medifast Hot Cocoa (I substitute Chocolate Shake when out of Hot Cocoa).

1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter Sugar Free Syrup.

1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup.

2 Tablespoons Z-trim Gel.

1/4 cup non-fat milk.

Put all ingredients into a small saucepan on medium heat. Stir continually. The batter will become thick and will stick together forming a dough ball that is easily scrapped from the sides of the pan..

Pour dough into an air-tight container and pack tightly. Refrigerate for a couple hours until set. Cut into 2 equal serving sizes...

Comment #17

Kim, I am glad you mentioned the powder. I was just going to purchase again and I thought I would try that. The commercial mixers they use probably blend it much better than what home consumer can do. I am going for the gel. Also, since you have to refrigerated after opening, I found you cannot get the gel out of the bottle. So, now I pour it all at room temperate into another container (round) so I can measure easier.

Here is my chocolate muffin/PB2 breakfast dessert:.

1 Medifast oatmeal.

1 Medifast pudding (remove 1 Tbsp pudding into small dish for topping).

2 Tbsp Z-trim.

2 to 3 Tbsp peanut butter (or other flavor) syrup depending desired batter thickness..

1/2 tsp baking soda.

Pinch salt.


1 Tbsp pudding.

1 Tbsp Z-trim.

2 Tbsp PB2 (peanut butter two) prepared a bit thin for spreading..

Mix oatmeal of choice (I used Maple) with pudding (I used Chocolate) minus the 1 Tbsp pudding to be used later, with Z-trim, salt , baking power, and syrup. Divide in half and bake in muffin tin. I flipped over onto a baking pan at about 6 mins in to get bottom crisp. Bake at 350 for about 15 mins. This will not hold together like a muffin..

Place in two small dishes. Mix up topping of pudding, Z-trim and spread on the top. Top with the peanut butter...

Comment #18

Sorry, this is two Medifast meals each with 27 cals/2 carbs from the PB2...

Comment #19

PistachioGoing to try your recipe, sounds very good!.

Wanted to let you know, since I still have the Z-trim powder and it's fiber, I'm using it dry to use it up and not waste it. When I make the Medifast muffin recipes, I"m adding a teaspoon of dry Z-trim powder and muffins turn out no different. A little extra fiber can be a good thing. But from now on I'm ordering the gel..

Like your idea about putting into a different container for easier measuring, that will definitely help...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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