Medifast eggs review?

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Okay, I know there are dozens of other threads about the new Medifast eggs, but I just have to say this. I really LOVE the Medifast EGGS! They totally rock and are a welcome alternative to the sweet Medifast breakfast food. I add a dash salt, pepper, garlic and non-fat cheddar cheese to them.

I've tried all kinds of preparations and found the best that works for me in my microwave. Mix Medifast powdered eggs with 4 ounces of water. Heated for 1 minute. Stir. Add condiments/NF cheese. Stir again and heat an additional 1 minute.

I love the juice too. Superb!.

I'm looking forward to trying them in Medifast recipes soon too..

Last month when we were all guessing what the new December product would be, I r-e-a-l-l-y, r-e-a-l-l-y wanted figure it out. But I'm glad I didn't, because these eggs are better than any of the food I guessed!.

Thanks Medifast! This one is a winner.

Now ... get that Product Development team in motion, because we can't wait to see what's next! {cracking the whip}..

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I love them too, and I don't even like eggs!!! I have to scramble them in a pan though - can't do the microwave, but yes, they are good.


Comment #1

I am so impressed with them! I can't believe how good they are!..

Comment #2

This morning, I sauted a little bit of spinach with butter flavor spray, put the scrambled eggs over them (whisked with water, salt & pepper), scrambled it and topped with Cabot 50% ff cheddar. Yumm, yum...

Comment #3

I love them too! I top mine with 2 T of salsa! YUM! I'm going to try that sauteed spinach idea next!..

Comment #4

I want to order them, but am soooo leary of them, sounds silly but just the idea of powdered eggs makes me shiver and my tummy turn..... MAYBE if I get a free sample in my next order I can try them.... but I just can't make myself buy them if they are going to be gross............


Comment #5

This may sound ignorant, but, whats the difference in real eggs and the Medifast ones?..

Comment #6

Love the eggs!!! Tasty fixed with butter flavor no stick spray and a little pepper. Yum!!! MK..

Comment #7

I opened my latest order today and got a sample of them. Made them this evening and they're not bad. I whisked them up really well, put them in a skillet with butter flavored PAM, snipped some chives into them and melted a Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese wedge into them. I'm definitely ordering them next time around!..

Comment #8

Hi Janice! I am not positive, but I'm guessing that the Medifast eggs are fortified so that they actually add more to our diet than a "normal" egg would add - just like the shakes and bars and soups all have the soy protein and vitamins and minerals and stuff. Again - this is just a guess!..

Comment #9

I just ordered 2 boxes, so I hope y'all are right about these eggs!!!.

My next suggestion to MF: How about some Mac and Cheese??? A competitor (won't name names and they're really not a competitor because Medifast rocks) has a low glycemic mac and cheese that is really good.

I will miss mac and his buddy cheese!..

Comment #10

What would be the difference in them & "Better than Eggs" Liquid at groceryIt is all 0 I believe (I haven't bought it in a long time) but I remember it was better tasting I thought than Egg Beaters. (Same type Product - as Egg Beaters)..

Comment #11

How do you mean? I'm sure the Medifast eggs are low cholesterol if any, and I hear they have 2g fat (1 real egg has 5g fat). I haven't tried them yet, but I like the idea of having eggs in the morning without "using" my lean for the day. Do you mean are they real egg?? I've heard they are from real eggs. I can't wait to get my order to try them...

Comment #12

Hi Janice,.

The biggest advantage of the Medifast eggs is that you can have them PLUS your usual Lean and Green Meal. If you have real eggs you must have tham AS your L & G or subtract them from your L & G. So you can have Medifast eggs for breakfast and a nice L & G meal later in the same day...

Comment #13

Why was my post deleted from here???? I must have mentioned something I should not have said....

Comment #14

The biggest difference between the Eggs is the added fortification, the fact that they are lower in cholesterol than regular eggs and you can now have eggs in addition to your Lean and Green meal! They are also really convenient and are ready to eat in under 2 minutes!..

Comment #15

I'm with you, the microwave absolutely does not work for me...I cook them on the stove..

Comment #16

Just received my order today with the zillion banana puddings and the new scrambled eggs. Had the scrambled eggs for dinner and I LOVE THEM!!!!.

I used the stovetop directions w/some butter-flavored PAM and a sprinkle of Molly McCheese and pepper on them! They were great!.

I am so glad to be able to have eggs as an alternative to oatmeal for breakfast nowactually, I can have BOTH if I want: oatmeal for breakfast and eggs for mid-morning. AND...I don't have to use up my L&G (well, my L) in order to have my beloved eggs. Life is good.

Thanks Medifast!!!..

Comment #17

I just placed my order with 4 boxes of scrambled eggs. I placed a really huge order, almost $500, so I hope it doesn't get lost with all the shipping problems Medifast has had. I've never had any problems so hopefully that won't change. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Comment #18

The eggs are not bad.. I've had them several times now.. They *do* need a lot of help, however...

I do them in the M/W because I'm lazy.. and use a power wisk to get them fully mixed.. throw in the salt, pepper and so on.. (light on the pepper..) - Need to find no cal cheeze to put in with them...

As far as the flavor? No bad.. Not like a REAL egg, but not bad. And the texture is dead on accurate. I took a microscopically thin slice of ham, chopped it up super fine, and dropped that in once.. It helped. but I had to take that off the lean and green later..

I have to place another order shortly.. running WAY low on the puddings.. Found they work very well at work. Get a disposable cup.. dump in the 4 oz of water, then the pudding.. stir like crazy with a disposable spoon..

And then throw the messy stuff away, so no clean up.. (At work, the kitchen area is a 5 minute walk away, so cleanup at my desk has to be easy...).

I figure I'll get another 6 packages of pudding to keep me going. but I need to get rid of 40 more lbs..and would like that done yesterday...

Comment #19

Eggs are delish!! I prefer putting them in a fry pan vs. the microwave. A little no fat butter spray and fat free cheese....YUM!..

Comment #20

Thanks so much for the idea! I need to travel soon, and pudding in disposable cups sounds perfect!!!..

Comment #21

I finally tried them!!.

For those who wonder what the difference is, I use Egg Beaters all the time and the Medifast eggs are much... creamier.

They remind me of the scrambled eggs my Dad used to make, he would add a little milk or cream to them. Yum!.

Excellent product, and they are so filling, too. :thumbsup:..

Comment #22

Ordered a big ole order of hot cocoa and banana pudding while it was still on sale and it arrived this morning along with my sample package of scrambled eggs. I put the package on top of the microwave where I saw them every time I passed by the kitchen today. I read the threads about the scrambled eggs and thought so many recipes sounded good but I'd be missing an ingredient or two. Finally, after being too distracted by those eggs to even read my new book, I got up and marched out to the kitchen, grabbed those eggs, popped them in my Magic Bullett ... really wanted that creamier egg that gatita talked about. Gave 'em a dash of onion powder, a hint of garlic powder, a smidge of cayenne pepper and a sprinkling of Butter Buds, popped them in a skillet sprayed with butter flavored Pam for a couple of minutes and OMG!!! They are soooooo good!!! Fluffy and delicious.

Way to go Medifast!!! Thanks for another non-sweet alternative...

Comment #23

I'm riding along on the I love the eggs train. I was really sick of the oatmeal. Not that I don't like it be a change was sooooooooo nice!! I've been doing the sala and cheese thing but have to try the spinach sounds yummy. And Cathy thanks for suggesting putting them in ye old bullet blender. Fluffffffffffyyyy eggs - woo-hoo..

Comment #24

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