Medifast eggs? good .. bad?

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Ok everyone I need to know.. what do you guys think of the new eggs>?? good ? bad? do you seem to get a lot of product or no?? I'm a big eater.. ha ha.. let me know... Gracias' =0)..

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Hi there...I ordered mine the 18th and just got the call my order shipped with the tracking I should be able to tell you sometime next week. For those of you closer to MD and get theirs first...share...share...k? love and peace..lynnann..

Comment #1

*giggle* Has mental image of us all loosing our weights with and upon each other... the deluge!!.

Argh, they got my order majorly late, the eggs are supposed to arrive tonight.. the lady I talked to at customer service said they are very good and she's sort of "weird" (her word) about eggs that they are even decent in the micromachine although far better cooked with actual fire.

Forgive me for the teasing about loose, everyone says it sometimes, it just gave me a giggle.. and a mental image and god knows I needed a laugh today, so thank you, Sweetheart..

Comment #2

I got a sample in my order this morning and had to try them. They are actually GOOD. More like eggbeaters than real eggs. Nice change...

Comment #3

Wait... you ordered on the 18th. Monday. And haven't gotten your order and not due to get it tomorrow?.

What the heck? Did you complain? I ordered on Monday also, the order was eligible for free shipping, I like to order more stuff so I'll be sure to have lots of choices and get stuff that's on sale for more than that month but I asked the woman with whom I spoke if there would be any trouble getting the order by Friday - since I'm fairly close to the shipping center, she said I'd get it on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest..

I haven't gotten it yet, or at least, hadn't, as of a few hours ago..

I had told her that if there was any issue at ALL to give me a call, gave her regular and cell number so that I could authorize two day or overnight IF necessary (very expensive) shipping but she said, no, it was going out right then, Monday morning, no problem..

I called last night and the girl I got very cheerfully told me it was due to SHIP NEXT TUESDAY. I almost lost it. No, to be fair I did lose it... and was given the number of corporate who were still there, apparently they stay late also..

And it turned out that yes, it went out late, but no, they are not being shipped NEXT tuesday, they had been shipped, and were due to be delivered TODAY... and so, we are waiting for said delivery, which in our area, is usually around now. I ended up with one of the top supervisors who was pretty surprised that I'd be given such erroneous information.. I don't want anyone to get into trouble, but there is a difference between a "2-3 day delay at holiday time" and not even SENDING an order until 8 days after it comes in..

Luckily she read her UPS tracking screen incorrectly or something... or I'd be spreading my remaining shakes and cream soup (all I have left at this point, and one last oatmeal, bars, but I don't like to use them unless I'm on a low calorie day) between glasses of milk (the substitute for a medifast meal) and talking to nutrition support to figure out how to stay on Medifast without Medifast products. I was very upset it worked out okay (I hope) but still.. very scary..

All for eggs :P Well, eggs and oatmeal and non-cream soups and pudding and pre-made shakes and other niceties... I start to get downright surly if I have to do more than 3 shakes a day... two is fine. Three is okay every once in a while, but Oatmeal, shake, soup, shake, cocoa or pudding works for me or on a bar day, sure, 3 shakes and oatmeal perhaps..

I wonder if anyone has gotten their eggs yet? I should know by tomorrow how they are, I'm so psyched, an option that is low carb, very high fiber (just FIVE non-fiber carbs!) and not sweet..

Let us know what you think of yours when you get them, Lynnann..


Comment #4

Wow .. it looks like a whle bunch of people will be eating eggs.. =00)) I want to order mine too, you know what I read the label and they have 2grams of fat.. that kinda stinks.. =P..

Comment #5


1) I want to try the eggs..

2) I want my bars!! I AM OUT.

3) I want my pudding!! I AM OUT.

4) I want my HOT DRINKS!.

There. Now I feel better. I ordered Monday and was hoping it would come today- NOPE. I have had lean and green and water today and cannot bear the thought of a shake, soup or oatmeal. I think I am going to gag.......

Eggs have to be good...

Comment #6

I ordered my regular order earlier in the month and got it. then ordered just 4 things on the 19th including my eggs and have yet to even get an email telling me when they are due to be delivered. I was afraid to wait until the 18th to do my big order. afraid that with the holidays, it would be late and I would be out of food...

Comment #7

I ordered on the 16th and they still haven't even shipped it. Don't hold your breath....

This is REALLY getting on my nerves!..

Comment #8

OH Lord, thanks for the heads up..

I guess I had better go take a 2nd look at EVERY envelope left in the panty and pray for a miracle. I don't think I can do soup and oatmeal over Christmas, I'd rather starve...

Comment #9

Oh gross... me too! Haha... If you run out of Medifast food, check out some other alternatives (Advant Edge RTD Shakes, Detour Bars, etc.) - it's better to eat something non-MF, but still nutritionally comparable, than it is to go off plan and binge until your next order arrives. I've had to do this, and I've continued to lose weight... just watch your calories, and carbs..

Comment #10

Yeah ...I ordered on Monday and just got my order tonight, but now I have to go back to my job and get it because thats where I usually ship and I called the security desk they said that it just arrived a half an hour ago....I guess the holiday delivery service is really holding up progress....I need my order my inventory is really low....

Ok so maybe if this inconvenience throws me out of ketosis, then when I start back on Tuesday ( my first week again) I will have a greater lose...wishful thinking....

Be strong guys!!! Happy Holidays! and Good LUCK!..

Comment #11

It's not really fat that's the issue on this program, within reason, of course... it's carbs ;) And the eggs have a mere ten grams of carbs of which FIVE are fiber they are fantastic since they fit into a day when one wishes to have a bar and balance it with a lower carb option....

One bar and eggs = 1 cocoa and 1 oatmeal, as far as carbs are concerned (assuming a 20/21 carb bar) in other words, it makes having a bar and not struggling to stay at that target of 85 grams of carb of so easier :).

And more fiber is so wonderful... and a non-sweet option... yup, oatmeal, eggs, premade shake (love those) chicken noodle soup, and maybe cocoa or pudding or even.. a bar :P.

65g of carb, 70 if it's a 20g c bar and still plenty left for condiments and the green in my lean and green :).

And if you borrow a tiny bit of your lean and green, just a teaspoon's worth and sprinkle some low fat cheese and maybe some tomato or mushroom it's an omelette, yay!..

Comment #12

I have a pumpkin pie (or whatever flavor you like) recipe for the oatmeal that takes a bit of work, but REALLY is good (hence the extra work ;) and Carla4 posted a muffin recipe that is really genuinely amazing, no hockey puck, light fluffy muffin joy..

Also, I don't know how you prepare stuff, but chicken noodle soup, if cooked in a pot on the stove with about twice the water (or 1 1/2 times, to taste) bring to a boil, turn down and simmer for ten minutes or more add a teaspoon of chopped scallions and sprinkle on the top after you pour it into a bowl use a pinch of bouillon powder to make up for the extra water, or that "Better than Bouillon" stuff and it comes out so MUCH better, you wouldn't know it's the same item..

Same for the oatmeal you're allowed "4 to 6 tablespoons a day of milk or half and half for coffee" it says in the condiments and snack download thing, well, don't use it all for coffee.... cook the oatmeal again, over 1 cup of water, if you wish, add the the 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal for the fiber and the lignans and good health and happy Omegas :) (or not, it's also on the list, not an offlist item) it will also thicken it up you may end up needing more water use the flavor of your choice, have it thick as you like, add a bit more cinnamon, a drop or two of maple extract if it's maple, cinnamon and vanilla if it's Apple Cinnamon, some extra sweetener if you need it (since you have extended it with more water and thickened it with the ground flaxseed meal) if you don't use the meal, it will still be thick if you cook it on the stove...

Then into a your favorite pretty bowl and on the top, a tablespoon or two of that half and half or milk that you could use for your coffee, but omit that day and use for your oatmeal.. you can even flavor it up if you wanted.

Doing some of this or all of it, makes the oatmeal SO much better, I can't imagine eating it cooked in the micromachine I try to avoid that thing to the extent possible. I'm not a Luddite, I'm the opposite, I love tech, but food tastes better cooked with fire :P.

You can call corporate with regard to your orders... I did last night, after someone told me my order of Monday would be shipped next Tuesday - thank god she was in error, or I'd have ONLY shakes and some soup left... (and bars, but my god, no oatmeal?? lol, I can eat it twice a day... I don't usually, but I can, happily - and without the milk and flaxseed even, just cooked for 10-15 minutes with more water and flavor (not more sweetener necessarily) it's better than quite a few of the other choices for me..

I hope you don't have to spend Christmas stuck on with things you don't enjoy are you anywhere near NY? :) Medi-alert!! I'd share my stuff if you're nearby, it says that it's due to be delivered today (I really would, send me a private mail if you are :).


Comment #13

You are so sweet! Thanks for the ideas, I am printing this out in case this stuff does not come. I have a few choc. shakes that I am still making cookies or brownie drops out of. And whatever happens, I am going to deal with it. This just really sucks, especially no hot drinks! If I would not have been waiting on the darn eggs, this would have never happned. I always order way ahead. Thanks for help!..

Comment #14


Where on the list is ground flax meal, please? I always use it in my oatmeal. thanks...

Comment #15

OK, got my Medifast shipment yesterday and tried the eggs this morning (with a lot of trepidation, I might add). I was pleasantly surprised!! They were actually OK!! There was no bad aftertaste. I made mine by whisking water w/eggs in bowl. I added some chives, S&P then transferred to a small fry pan sprayed w/PAM. stirred around some, then VOILAscrambled eggs. I think whisking them is keydon't know if they'll lump up like the cream soups if you just use a fork..

Maybe it's because I've been really craving eggs for breakfast, but I like them? I'm still surprised!! And, I'm having them tomorrow again for breakfast..


Comment #16

I almost feel bad posting this after all the comments about late shipments...I got my box yesterday before I got home from work at 4:30. I had such a day yesterday that I was exhausted and went to bed by 7:00!!!! As I laid down I thought I CANNOT be this tired I just know I'll wakeup at 2:00. But nope slept until 7:00 this morning!.

Anyway, I opened the box this morning and saw a sample of the eggs. (I wasn't about to order something that could be really awful without someone else giving the nod to it.) I made it according to the directions in the microwave. Just added a little salt and a lot of pepper (love pepper). They came out really good. Next order I will DEFINITELY order them for breakfast meals. Only thing-it says to mix the egg powder will into 4 oz of water.

I hate cooking but I can imagine making omeletes with the green for an awesome western omelette! I would definitely endorse THIS product!..

Comment #17

I just finished my sample of the scrambles eggs....and they were great! I made them in an omlette pan with pepper and onion powder cooked in butter flavor Pam. Once they were done, I put them on a plate, and sprayed a tiny bit of ICBINB and then some Molly McButter Cheese over them (so the cheese powder would stick - they seem a little dry). I am so excited to have a non-sweet item to eat, since I cannot stand soup and have been using only the oatmeal, shakes & pudding. I will definitely be ordering some next time!!!..

Comment #18

I ordered on the 18th.. got a "thanks for the order" email..and then nothing..

I called to find out the story.. and found out that Monday they had swapped out their software for a new version, and it was having problems with the shipping notification. He checked, and sure enough it had left that day, and it arrived -today-.. Saturday at 11:00 am. Amazing..

There was a sample of eggs in the package. I put it in a measuring cup.. added the water, and stirred with great vigor.. and then put the measuring cup in the m/w for the 1 minute.. Hmm. almost like scrambled eggs in the M/w...

Stirred again with vigor.. and then nuked for another 30 seconds..

It wasn't bad.. Not a LOT of flavor to them, but not bad.. That means I need to spice them up a bunch. Like it needed salt.. perhaps some salsa.. or something.

And they did not taste bad.. Will have them again tomorrow morning... in place of the "I've had oatmeal every morning for the last 6 months" oatmeal....

Down under boiling today.. scale was saying 211.6 or 211.8.. so the water is hot..I need to get it down to simmer.. around 180... or 170.. even though the BMI calculator says 165.

You have too much muscle and bone for that weight.. I'd be happy with ANYTHING under 200" - but I'm headed for 170.....

Comment #19

Ordered my food on December 17th. Received this morning. I was never so glad to see a box. I had none of my favorites left, and I am going to be at my MIL's house surronded by goodies......Not the time to be eating Medifast food you don't like. I had nightmares of a Chistmas day filled with CHAI..

I got a sample of the eggs, will try them on Christmas morning while everyone else is eating their traditional breakfast. I also just tried the Chocolate bar. I think I like these even more than the chocolate carmel bar. If I like the eggs, I might actually pay for shipping just to order my eggs, more chocolate bars, and RTD shakes which I forgot to order..

Have a Happy Holiday everyone. I hope you have a great on plan holiday...

Comment #20

I ordered on the morning of the 18th and still have not gotten it. boooooo!!!! I am getting low on food. I may have to substitute and stretch out my food. I sure hope I get it soon...

Comment #21

Please go and read the thread RAGE AND FURY I feel awful for you and the others who posted in the "Irritation" thread (Rage and Fury, and Irritation are both in the New to Medifast forum) - but at least they didn't 1) LIE to you, 2) Sent your order to the wrong address even though they've sent previous orders just fine, and 3) STEAL SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS of your money by charging you for 19 boxes of food that WEREN'T THERE in the order after you spent an entire two evening straightening out the mess of where your order when, when it was sent out, and then drove THREE hours to get the "order" from a UPS center... and find that the "order" is only 1/4 there but 100% charged, with no indication on the packing slip that anything wasn't there..

So much anger, so much... all this effort to keep "up" despite their screw ups, and being lied to as others have mentioned and then this... is... TOO MUCH...

Comment #22

I received the sample packet of eggs in my last shipment, and they will def. be on my next order! One tablespoon of Salsa, and it was a REAL breakfast!.

Kaana - Could you re-post the recipe you referred to for the muffins? And if you or anyone else has a recipe to actually make the chilli edible that would be great to have, as well...maybe I should try the chilli with the eggs.....

Comment #23

So, after reading 3 pps of grief about late Medifast orders over the holidays, Tiggernpoo has actually eatten eggs and liked them!! Yeah! Be thankful you all aren't in Colorado where NO PACKAGES (Christmas gifts from amazon, zappos, etc.), are not getting through our 2 blizzards. Luckily I am NOT waiting on Medifast as most of you are - I put in a big Medifast order on Dec.10 and got it really quick !..

Comment #24

I got a sample in my last order and made them with a teaspoon of salsa and they were keepers. Definately will be on my next order..

Comment #25

Totally worth it. I'm glad to have a breakfast that is not sweet. I'm eating them every morning now and they'll be on every order I place. I add less than 1/8 cup of non-fat cheese to them, salt/pepper/garlic ... yum! I've not tried baking with them yet, but will try it next week...

Comment #26

I just tried my sample too and I liked it. The taste was great, the smell was bad. So if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, you might be displeased..

This is definitely better than the oatmeal - I despise the oatmeal. I'm ever so grateful they've got some other breakfast-y option finally! And not sweet! Yahoo!..

Comment #27

I bit the bullet and ordered some eggs before trying them. I did get a sample in the delivery and tried them. I really enjoyed them! I added Mrs. Dash before I cooked them, then a thimble full of salsa, and a small sprinkle of fat free cheese. Ummmmmmm. Glad I took a chance and ordered them...

Comment #28

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I finally made the eggs work for me in the microwave...

Comment #29

Hey! Harvardx - what's the trick in the microwave? When I tried this morning, I ended up with one clump of eggs (kind of like an omelet) and runny stuff at the first stir. The final product was some fluffy bits surrounding the clump. It still tasted good, but if I can make it LOOK a bit better, I'd be happy!..

Comment #30

I got the same "thing" at first. I decided on a folded omlete because I am using a pottery bowl which overheats the outside, forming a soufle in 60 seconds. The soufle then deflates leaving a runny middle that is cooked on the bottom. Instead of stiring, I added Non Fat cheese (about 2 Tablespoons), a sprinkle of dehydrated onions, garlic and a pinch of salt in the runny center, folded one collapsed side of soufle over the cheese (still in the bowl which is quite hot), then spooned the runny stuff over the folded "omlete". The runny stuff cooked (I don't know why) and I sprinkled Molly McCheese over the top to make it look better. You could use anything that makes it tastier or more appealing.


Comment #31

Souffle sounds so much better than "clump" LOL!.

I will try your trick. Thanks!..

Comment #32

And I finally succeeded in achieving a scramble using a 6 inch cast iron saute pan on a gas stove! Wonders will never cease! Humor - now even a Neanderthal can do the Medifast scramble...

Comment #33

I think this is the recipe Kaana referred to, it's not mine but I revised it, and I think it's great!.

Preheat oven to 380 degrees.

Spray a 10 oz custard cup with Pam.

Mix together in a small bowl or cup:.

1 pkg Medifast oatmeal, any flavor.

1/8 tsp baking powder.

1/4 tsp baking soda.

1 tbl ground flax seed (optional).


Cup of water.

Add to it 1 tsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of lemon juice (or just a good squirt from plastic lemon)..

Vanilla or other flavoring is optional.

Make a well in the dry ingredients, pour the liquid in and mix with a fork, just until it is wet throughout. Dont stir out the bubbles..

Dump into the prepared custard cup and bake for 15-19 minutes. Should be slightly browned..

Remove from custard cup to a plate or rack to cool. Refrigerating before eating improves the flavor..

Makes one serving. If making more than one, mix each separately...

Comment #34

I LOVE the eggs...

Rule one for me... don't go NEAR the microwave with them. Evil evil evil, lol. I'm teasing, I understand that the microwave works fine with the eggs for some of you, but I didn't even consider it... it helps to know that I cook the oatmeal and soups also, I don't microwave them and I get really great results with a ton of doctoring up more time, a bit, not really all that much, and the results make it worth while..

Anyway.. I take the 2 cup Pyrex measuring glass, measure four ounces of water, put the eggs into the water, stir, let it sit for a moment or two, they beat again. A drop or two (literally that much, no more) of milk or half and half your choice, lightens them, but nothing is necessary..

While I'm doing that, I have a pan on the stove, a ten inch pan with the Butter Flavor Pam already sprayed on it, heating up..

I get done mixing about the time the pan is ready... and pour it in..

If I want an omelet, I'll keep at high heat for 30 seconds, then turn it down.. quite low, and cover. And let it cook for a while.. I may sprinkle some Molly McCheese on the top or wait on that.. After the bottom is cooked and moves easily I sometimes flip the whole thing over it flips easily..

Then I sprinkle some Molly McCheese (that way it doesn't burn off from now being face down) and after another minute or two I either flip it out as one big round omelet, or flip it over half...

If I know I'm going to flip it over half, then I'll put the Molly McCheese on the topside and turn the flame down quite low and cover so it cooks through I might also, although rarely, use 7 grams (1/4 of an ounce) of low fat cheese, usually Low Fat Mozzarella... along with the MMC... or perhaps a small slice of a plum (small and firm) tomato, very small slice, diced up.. or a tablespoon of precooked from yesterday's vegetables, shiitake or other, mushrooms... whatever you like. If I do this, I make sure that I use VERY small amounts...

Then I flip one side over... and flip the whole thing and cover again so whatever I put in it has time to completely heat and melt I may also crush to bring out the flavor and scent, and add that... it goes nicely, or again, the tiniest bit of chopped scallion... we are talking about fractions of teaspoons.

If I made it scrambled I make sure to use a true non-stick pan since the spray moves when you move the still uncooked egg, and then it will stick to that spot, but if you do it quickly, you get fluffy scrambled eggs, seasoned as you like, done in about 3-4 minutes, not wet or lumpy... and nearly indistinguishable from eggs..

I also love the fact that they are only 10 grams of carb, with a nice 5 of those grams being fiber (which I still count as carbs but the more fiber the better)..

What I don't understand... these eggs have egg YOLK and egg White and have cholesterol. Why are we allowed to have them every day? They have a decent percentage of the RDA for Cholesterol... that's the only thing that worries me..

Anyone have anything to offer on that question? Should I cut back on them to every other day? Ever since I got them, I've been having them once a day.. usually Medifast meal number 4 or 5... I seem to prefer them in the evening, for some reason, around 10, my last Medifast meal of the day.. I think that might be because I have my lean and green at 5-6, the next thing I have is usually something sweet, and before bed, I'm back to wanting something more "food" like... or if I'm tired, another pre-made shake is perfect..

I think they're great but I really want some assurance regarding how often I can safely have them given the cholesterol.....

Comment #35

Kaana- The Eggs have about 1/4 the cholesterol of normal eggs. They do have more cholesterol than some of the other Medifast products, but as long as you are eating eggs in combination with other products you will still be far below the Recommended Daily Allowance for cholesterol...

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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