Medifast Dressing??

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I've seen references here and there to Medifast Dressing for your salad, but I don't see it in the shopping area. Is this product not being made anymore or am I missing it somewhere? Also, I'd like to know what salad dressings the rest of the community likes and works well with MF. Can you give me your favorite(s)? Thanks a lot!..

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Medifast did sell salad dressings at one time. They have since been discontinued...

Comment #1

My favorite salad dressing is any caesar (just check the carbs first) or balsamic vinegar with olive oil...

Comment #2

Yeah they used to sell them... not the greatest either. I still have a few boxes left over..

Collecting dust!.

The worst of chores (dusting) besides cleaning the kids' bathroom! Nightmare! I put on rubber gloves up to my elbows to tackel that one! LOL!..

Comment #3

Favorite dressing so far is Ken's Steakhouse Lite Creamy Caesar..

Also liking their Lite Northern Italian..

Just bought Newman's Own Lite Caesar but haven't tried it yet..

It is amazing how long a bottle of salad dressing lasts when you are only using 2 tablespoons a day!..

Comment #4

My favorite is Marie's Blue Cheese. It shows zero carbs for 2 Tbsp. I don't pay much attention to the cals (specially since my doc ORIGINALLY wanted me eating 3000 a day don't think so) is the carbs that I need to watch...

Comment #5

I use Kraft 'Free' dressings, both the zesty italian and the caesar italian. They only have 3g carbs per serving and 15 calories. They are tasty too...

Comment #6

Best dressing I've had EVER (even pre-MF) is Galeos. Only problem is that you can only find them in So CA and HI (from what I gather). They have 4 flavors that can be ordered at www.galeoscafe.comI can't even pick a favorite flavor (sesame, dijonnaise, ginger wasabi & caesar). They are worth the S&H charges...

Comment #7

I take red wine vinegar, add a packet of Equal and some garlic powder and ground pepper and it's awesome and hardly any carbs and I can once again have my salad "swimming" in dressing...which is unfortunately about the only way I can choke it down. I remember someone saying they did this also and added SF rasberry syrup...

Comment #8

Thanks for the heads up on these. None of the locations they list on the site as a place to buy are in Hawaii and the bottles don't look familiar at all, but then again I haven't been looking! I will now.

If all esle fails we are soon to get our first Whole Foods so I can just wait til then I guess...

Comment #9

Galeos, Galeos, Galeos.... and this is from someone who HATED bottled dressings before!!! I order them by mail and pay the darn shipping, but I can't live without them anymore...

Comment #10

Another Galeo lover and I like some of the Walden Farms dressings.

But, I only use 2 TSPs, even on a huge salad..

I have the dressing on the side and dip my fork into it and then eat a bite of.

Salad. This way, you eat less dressing and learn to love the taste of greens and raw veggies...

Comment #11

Thanks to everyone for your opinions and hints. I love salads, but unfortunately, before MF, a "good" salad to me has as much carbs, fat and calories as a big big dinner. Learning to "enjoy" low carb, low fat salad dressings is yet another new challenge to adapt to. But I know I will find something I like. Thanks to all of you!..

Comment #12

Try wasabi dressing.

1 teaspoon soy sauce.

1 teaspoon wasabi paste (Japanese horseradish).

3 tablespoons rice wine vinegar.

1 tablespoon sugar.

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil.

Mix soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar in a bowl until sugar is dissolved.

Add sesame oil and wasabi paste; wisk well.

Chill before using.

Calories 18.

Calories from Fat 5 (27%).

Amount Per Serving %DV.

Total Fat 0.6g 0%.

Saturated Fat 0.1g 0%.

Polyunsat. Fat 0.2g.

Monounsat. Fat 0.2g.

Trans Fat 0.0g.

Cholesterol 0mg 0%.

Sodium 83mg 3%.

Potassium 3mg 0%.

Total Carbohydrate 3.2g 1%.

Dietary Fiber 0.0g 0%.

Sugars 3.2g.

Protein 0.2g 0%.

Vitamin A 0mcg 0%.

Vitamin B6 0.0mg 0%.

Vitamin B12 0.0mcg 0%.

Vitamin C 0mg 0%.

Vitamin E 0mcg 0%.

Calcium 0mg 0%.

Magnesium 0mg 0%.

Iron 0mg 0%.

Alcohol 0.0g Caffeine 0.0mg..

Comment #13

I also really like the idea of putting your salad in a bowl with a lid that seals...putting dressing on, then shaking so it coats all the lettuce. I always like to have some salad with my dressing..aka more dressing than salad...but this sounds like a great way to achieve that, and not doing the dip in dressing-dip in salad routine....

I haven't tried it yet, but I will. Seriously....I can't wait til summer because it's so hard for me to eat salad in the winter when I'm freezing my buns off!..

Comment #14

I really like krafts sundried tomato, southbeach ranch ( I mix it with chunky salsa), and kraft ceasar vinigerette...

Comment #15

Hey Guys, You know 2 tablespoons of dressing just doesn't cut it for me, so I use light done right or any regular dressing and add 2 tablespoons of vegtable broth. It stretches the dressing and doesn't change the taste. Most of the dressings are too thick anyway..

Face your fears with courage and live your dreams!!!!!!!..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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