Medifast doesn't work for me!

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Last week I was pretty upset that I went from 203.5 to 198.5 after seeing so many lose more than this amount. And after thinkning about it I decided to stay with it. Then...i wake up this morning and way in and I'm now 197 and it's almost end of week 2 so I am about to just quit..

Im really at a point where I dont think I will even be out of the 190's by end of the month.

I am OP to a T. I drink water. I exercised like once and when I did before the next day I would be down atleast half a pound or more and the day after I did on Medifast I didnt move at all on scale and Im eating less and better..

I dont think this is working for me at all..

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Don't give up! Seriously....look at your eating and review your lean/green choices, healthy fats, condiments, sodium and water intake. Make sure you get your healthy fats. Drink your water and if the condiments/snacks/sodium is high...cut it back!.

Do you drink soda? If so, maybe it's it out or down..

Also - many ppl lose a ton in the first week and a little to none in the second week. We are all different..

Stick with it for a month. Then average your losses for that month. If your AVERAGE loss is btwn 2-5 lbs per week, you are right on target!..

Comment #1

Before you make any decisions, try it two more weeks. I lost a lot last year and I charted my weight daily and reviewed it weekly. When I looked back over the charts, it was never a gradual slope, it would drop for a few weeks, flat-line for a week, then take a big dip the next. Over the course of a few months, you could see an obvious pattern.

Hang in there.... as the saying goes:.

"Success is achieved by those who try, and KEEP trying"..

Comment #2

I am confused here. You say you've lost 5 pounds in your first week. First of all, considering where you're starting at, that is awesome! Most people who have those big losses you are talking about started out much heavier.

Secondly, you've lost another pound and a half and your second week is not up yet. This is exactly why I don't believe in weighing in more than once a week. For all you know you could wake up tomorrow or the next day another 2-3 pounds lighter, maybe more. So stop weighing daily and definitely stop comparing your weight loss to everyone elses. Your body will lose weight if you stick to the plan..

Let me ask you something. Where will you be 5 months from now if you just gave up today? Probably back up to 203.5 or more, right? I know because I've been there more times than I can count. Those 5 months will go by whether or not you stay on MF, so why not do yourself a favor and stick it out so that you can be at goal weight, or darn near close to it, by then if not before then. There is no way you will not succeed if you do.

Please do not give up. Giving up gets you no where. Be in this for the long haul. All the success stories here say the same thing. They would not give up no matter what. Don't you think they had bad weeks, too? Everyone does.

Take it one day at a time and before you know it you WILL be at goal weight...

Comment #3

I'm sitting here wondering what you are really saying?.

If it isn't for you, well that's fine, there are lots of diets out there, some suit some people and some suit others, and that's fine, I wish you good luck in your quest for the perfect diet..

Because you've posted though I presume that you want to be talked into staying? In that case, mmmmmmmmm I think your being a touch unrealistic in your goal setting, you're lost 5 pounds in not quite 2 weeks, sounds not to bad to me.I think that's about what I've averaged over the time, and I think that it's $%%#% fantastic..

Believe me I know what it's like watching other people do better than you, I've been there and felt that frustration and whined to myself that it isn't fair, well I guess it's finally dawned on me that life is seldom fair, it's just life. I can't make my body drop weight on any sort of time frame, all I CAN do is keep following the diet and trust that it will work and it does, follow it to the letter, and it works. I'd rather have a body that I could feed all day and it never put on weight, but hey that didn't happen either..

Truly the way to happiness on this, or any other diet is to stop setting artificial targets to lose weight to, avoid comparing your progress to someone elses, just learn to fuel your body better, and celebrate each and every ounce and pound that you shed, and faithfully promise yourself that you will never have to shed that pound again..

Good luck whatever you decide, either with MF, or a diet that suits you better you CAN do this...

Comment #4

I think of giving up many times a day! It's perfectly natural to wonder if this is going to work or not. I totally agree with Sandra's post. Very good writing Sandra!! One other point is that you already have the food, paid for it and now you should give it a chance. Are your clothes fitting any better? Little looser perhaps? The scale does not tell the full story, only one chapter in it.

Don't give up. I'm glad you vented here so we could try to talk you into sticking to it. Look at some of these peoples amazing losses! I'll bet they all have weeks when it was not a smooth ride. I do hope you decide to give it the full try.

Take care,..

Comment #5

Truly the way to happiness on this, or any other diet is to stop setting artificial targets to lose weight to, avoid comparing your progress to someone elses, just learn to fuel your body better, and celebrate each and every ounce and pound that you shed, and faithfully promise yourself that you will never have to shed that pound again..

Amen to this advice! I finally came to this conclusion too, as the thread that I frequent often, so many people are losing so quickly and I'm just plugging along, but hey I'm losing and I'm thankful and I'm learning a lot about myself along the way. We just cannot compare ourselves to others. We're all different and we all lose differently. For me, I happen to be losing more inches than weight right now. It bothered me for awhile, but I'm happy that I'm starting to look better in my clothes. Hang in there!.

~ Tadcat..

Comment #6

If you can find another plan that will let you lose an average of 3.25 pounds a week, you should go do it..

I'm not trying to be mean, but Medifast tells you explicitly in the plan materials to expect an AVERAGE of 2-5 pounds a week. You're average. You're doing fine. Yes, some people lose a lot because of the carb reduction - but all that weight they lose is water due to cutting carbs. Odds are good that you weren't retaining a lot of water. Plus, as someone said above, you're not as heavy as some of our members..

Really, relax. six and a half pounds in two weeks is really good...

Comment #7

Stay committed, stay focused, stay 100% OP. In the long run you will see phenomenal results. The weekly results are just a small snapshot and sometimes they will disappoint, but it's the long haul that matters. You will get out of it what you put into it!!..

Comment #8

I'm on my 3rd week and have lost all of THREE lbs. But because I've been on this plan before, I know it's not always about the scale. A) sometimes the scale is wrong or doesn't tell the "whole truth", and B) it's all about the measuring tape.

Don't fret about the scale. It's all about being healthy and feeling good in your own skin (and cute

Good luck to you - persevere!..

Comment #9

This diet works, plain and simple. There can be so many variables too. TOM can also play a roll with the scale, not to mention current medications, etc. Finally, have someone review your plan, you can call Nutrition Support and they can review your plan with you. Sometimes we think we are 100% On Plan and we aren't, just because we thought we knew but didn't. There have been so many good things stated in the above posts they don't need to be repeated, but Medifast does work and remember, this is NOT a race.

I love the mild state of ketosis Medifast produces and loved not being hungry all the time. That alone is a Super reason to stay on Medifast. Best of Luck to you whatever your decide. Dan..

Comment #10

I was in the same position as you, when I was in my 4th and 5rd weeks. I lost an average of 2 lbs per week and I wasnt happy about it, when I saw others weightloss. but each person is different.

Stay focused and positive. you will definitly see the results...

Comment #11

I'm not sure what you're upset about. You're right in the normal range of losses for this plan. I wish I was losing like you are. I can barely lose a pound in a week most weeks. The thing is, it's up to you. The plan works if you work the plan as it's written.

So it comes down to what do you want? To stick with the plan and lose or go off the plan and go back to the way you were?..

Comment #12

I don't think you will find anything faster than medifast...

Comment #13

It sounds like it's working to me but I completely get how you might be disappointed in your second week. But in my experience, a week is really an awful guage of weight loss progress, because I know certain weeks (especially depending on where my cycle), I can lose 0 pounds from one Monday to the next. But if I step back and look at my progress, I've lost 42 lbs in just 20 weeks.

I have never lost that much consistently over time on any diet I've been on - not on diet pills, not on Atkins, certainly not on WW. But you only get to see that long term progress if you stick it out and give the program a chance..

It's really too early to be adding back in exercise, unless you were exercising very regularly before starting MF. If it were me and my body, I know that exercising one day can put me in a 3-4 day stall easily.

I hope this helps, and I hope you stick with us, because it is remarkable how Medifast has changed my life in such a short amount of time, and I believe it can do it for you too...

Comment #14

The amount of weight you lose depends on your body, what you were doing before you started MF, how much you need to lose in total, so many things. Don't quit. It's okay to be disappointed (I get that way). But the scale is moving in the right direction. Many of the larger losses you see are people who have a lot to lose (I have 235 more pounds to go) and people who really ate badly before MF. Give it time.

Also, try measuring instead of weighing. I can't measure most of my parts by myself yet (although my arms have grown as I lose the weight ;-) ). Sometimes it's more telling to see the inches go down than the scale..

I hope you stick around. This is a great community of people who want you to succeed as much as they want to succeed..


Comment #15

I will go thru this end of this week. I signed up for a coach. I was just doing things differently a few years ago and was losing at a decent pace and was able to eat regular food and work out. Now I'm eating packaged food and not really told to exercise, so it's all confusing..

And no I'm not trying to get anyone to talk me into staying. Im very hard headed and noone telling me to do or not to do is going to alter me. I have to look at everything as a whole and take things from here and there.

I see it works for a lot of people andthats great I'm happy for everyone. Maybe it just isnt for me who knows. I will wait it out a fwe more weeks so my mother can chill out on me for a bit. She wasnt too happy with the news..

Sorry if I ruffled some feathers out there. I feel like most of you are supportive and a few are making me feel horrible for having a doubt. Some people quit the first day atleast I'm giving more than a day..

Im not mad or angry at anyones comments on here. Im just extremely stressed and emotional about this whole thing. Like very much so..

Its hard to be skinny and healthy less than 2-3 years ago then gain all of your accomplishments back onto your gut or butt or face.

I dont want to go to California and not be in any pics bc of my face. My body I can hide a bit not my face, unless Im wearing a mask and well it aint Halloween..

So thanks to all and will keep all updated. I will say this my team ordered pizza and I still ate my Medifast so thts good..

Comment #16

I think that's great if you skipped the pizza. I think the hardest part of Medifast for most of us is the huge separation between eating and food. A lot of us turned to food for comfort and on Medifast that's really not an option if you want to stay on plan. In a way that's a good thing because we get to see food in a different way. We learn to deal with the things that bug us and only eat to fuel the body. What you say I think resonates with a lot of us.

As you say, it's ultimately up to you. I wish you the best of luck...

Comment #17

Sorry if I was one of the few that made you feel awful. That really was not my intention. I just wanted to make you see that this plan does work, even if you are not seeing the big losses that others are seeing at the beginning. I really wish you'd give it the whole month before deciding whether or not to stick it out. I think you just may surprise yourself..

And I totally know where you are coming from. I, too, used to be in the best shape of my life just a few years ago. I was 130 pounds and had energy to spare. It is disappointing to gain it back. I really do understand that. I've been on every diet on this planet, and I can honestly say that Medifast is the easiest to stick to and will give you the results if you stick it out.

Some lost quickly, some not so quickly, but they all made it to goal..

Please give it more than until the end of 2 weeks. We really do want you to succeed...

Comment #18

Sometimes we can lose sight of the true purpose of the 5/1. The true purpose of this program is to retrain you, body & mind, to eat 6 small meals per day for LIFE. That takes time & the new habits will not be learned overnight, period. The people who are in a rush to lose weight are not understanding that they MUST learn new eating habits to KEEP this weight off permanently. Losing weight is the easy part & you can do that on any number of different diets. But, the 5/1 WILL teach you some new eating habits that last a lifetime.

The reason I've kept it off is because Medifast changed my tastes....I no longer crave hi carb, fatty & rich foods....I eat L&G meals & 5 other small meals throughout the day. That keeps my blood sugars level & prevents me from getting hungry. Medifast changed my life & it can change yours too IF you want it to.

You have found THE answer to long term weight management with Medifast ... take it from someone who's been there & done that a few too many times in life. When I started the 5/1, it was to be my last diet & I can honestly say, it HAS been my last diet. Whatever you ultimately decide to do, best of luck on your journey...

Comment #19

I hope you end up sticking with it! I noticed that you said you're emotional and stressed. I just wanted to point out that being stressed can cause your weight loss to not be as big as it might be if you're not stressed. Pamper yourself, and try to reduce your stress and you might see a bigger loss next week! I know it's easier said than done...I need to work on my stress level as well. I wish you well!..

Comment #20

Read my post in the Medifast Connection "I had quit....and fell I should come back". I lost 3 pounds in 4 weeks......I was/am so mad at that. I like you, look at others stats losing 5-10 a week! I was hoping for 2 pounds a week, not like .8 a week..

I have not yet decided if I am coming back...but I did at least lose 3 the 2 weeks I have stopped, I have been doing WW and have not lost an ounce. Losing weight and weight struggles just really suck! I too was thin just a year ago! I have gained 28-30 pounds in one year. So I know how you feel. But honestly...losing 6 in 2 weeks is really great!..

Comment #21

I really liked the concept of WW BUT I gained weight or lost nothing. My best week was a loss of 1/4lb! WW works for some people just not for me.

And I totally agree that losing weight and weight struggles just really suck!..

Comment #22

Dieting and what works for you are very personal decisions but 6.5 pounds in 2 weeks sounds fantastic (unless I've done bad math which HAS happened before ). I found that the first week was the worst week. It got very much more routine and easier for me after that. I try not to pay that much attention to how much I'm losing as long as I'm heading for the old pants at the back of the closet and they're fitting better!..

Comment #23

Do you weigh/measure EVERYTHING? Guessing the portion size is a great way to go over the recommended amounts you need to eat. Trust me, I've done that. Couldn't figure out why I didn't lose anything one week and went back to measuring/weighing and realized that I was giving myself too big portions of everything. Once I started weighing/measuring everything (and keeping my carbs BELOW 90), I started dropping weight again..

I also strongly recommend you use the Success Tools on this site. They really helped me see what I was eating as far as protein and carbs were concerned.

Don't give up, every body is different. Don't measure your success/failure on someone else. It's only your success/failure that matters..

Good luck and keep us posted!..

Comment #24

Hi -.

I really hope you don't give up on Medifast just yet!.

I understand it is very hard to feel like you aren't being successful or that things aren't "fast" enough. But. no one sustains their first week weightloss for their entire journey. I lost 11 pounds my first week and I never got even close to that after. I average about 3 or 4 but I have gained and I have had less than 1 pound weeks. That first week was a major detox of the crap I was eating and a LOT of water weight.

The important thing for me is how much better I feel every day and the fact that the weight consistantly comes off! But it comes off in weird ways and places and not in the way I want it to.

I don't think the benefits of Medifast really truly clicked in my mind until I was on it for almost 2 months. Up to that point I just thought I was losing weight and it wasn't too bad but I knew as soon as I was at goal I was still going to eat what I wanted. It took awhile for me to realize I can't be that person anymore. Medifast does help retrain your brain if you let it..

As for your food, most people are 100% or their version of it, but even now I make mistakes or think I am being OP when I am not. Here is what I would suggest in addition to people suggesting you weigh everything, review with a coach, etc.

Make sure you are eating between 800 and 1000 calories every day. If you are eating less than or even near 800 you could be putting your body in starvation mode. Make sure you are getting between 80 and 90 grams of carbs every day. Anything less=starvation, anything more=not in ketosis. Make sure you are getting at least 15 grams of fat in a day. If I don't watch mine closely I can easily end up eating less than 10.

Really watch your condiments and bites and tastes and extras. Try to limit your diet soda's and always drink MORE water. I know it feels like we are always drinking water, but drink MORE. If you are only drinking 64 ounces, start working towards doubling it.

As far as exercising, Medifast only suggests you either abstain for 3 weeks (not forever) or if you are active before Medifast you reduce by half. And this is only to allow your body time to adjust to the caloric reduction, not a suggestion that you never work out. You can still walk or exercise but just don't over exert yourself. Your body is having to learn to function with way less.

If you can't keep your exercise reduced after the first few weeks, you might want to check out 4 and 2 and see if that works better for you. Your losses might be a little lower but you will probably feel you are still able to exercise at the level you want to be at and eat a little more too.

Lastly - you said you are extremely hard headed and won't be swayed when you make up your mind. I am only going to point out that you are here on Medifast for a reason and maybe your rigid mindset is part of what got you here. You can keep doing the same things you have been for the last few years and have the same results. Or you could accept change into your life and potentially have success and happiness with a new way of thinking/living..

If you found more success with a previous diet, why are you not still on it? We all have to find what works for us. If it worked why did you quit it or why not go back to it? I am not trying to be mean, just suggesting you examine those statements you made and find out if.

You really need to be back on your former plan or if it really truly did work for you. I am not going to lie, if something else out there allowed me more food and I lost weight better, I would not look back. I suspect it either didn't work as well as you say or there is a reason you chose MF.

Again, not trying to be mean or rude or put you down, just hopefully helping you get through some of the thinking process we all have gone through with MF. I truly wish you the best whatever decision you make!..

Comment #25

I can't add a thing that hasn't aleady been said. Either grit your teeth and stick with, or give up-those are your choices..


Comment #26

Hdebow, I am so glad you started this thread, because you have said everything I have been feeling. I have done everything per plan, but have only lost about 6 lbs in nearly 3 weeks. I don't understand what I am doing wrong (if anything) I am always second guessing my lean & green because that's the only place that allows room for error, but I carefully measure everything. So I don't know what the answer is, but I can't imagine not losing weight with so few calories, and such healthy stuff?! I am so frustrated because I have requested a coach twice and have never heard from anyone. I have also posted a question in the registered dietitians discussion board - also with no reply. So I just don't know how to get help.

The best part of Medifast is the support we get from others on the plan. My last thought is what I said a moment ago - there is no way we won't lose weight if we stick it out! Good luck..

Comment #27

Hi Zoe,.

Just curious, are you normally a slow loser on other diet plans? Sorry about not getting the professional answers you are seeking. I've read that it can take a while for them to get back to you.

I sure hope you stick it out and have a great weight loss at you next weigh in...

Comment #28


Actually, I guess I'm doing OK in the grand scheme of things - just wish I had those big losses like so many report. I'm only 3 weeks in and my clothes are starting to hang on me - not down a size yet, but I can see progress.

I was getting super discouraged when I saw others with big losses, but after reading all the replies to the original post in this thread, I've decided I need to be patient! (I've never been very patient with anything, but I just keep saying - it's only been 3 weeks!!)..

Comment #29


While I know I'm a newbie here I've too tried many plans. One thing I continue to remind myself is that I didn't gain weight over night, it's not going to come off over night.

6 lbs in 3 weeks is great! If you weren't doing MF, how much would you have lost? If you quit Medifast what will you do then?.

This IS working for you - you're averaging 2 lbs a week. That's great. Hey, YOU'VE LOST 6 POUNDS! Celebrate that! You're doing awesome!.


Comment #30

I understand how you feel. I lost an amazing 9 lbs my first week. I was so excited. My second week....I lost .8....I'm now in week three. My official weigh-in isn't until Thursday...guess what, I've lost .2 so far this week. At the rate I'm going I'll be lucky to lose 12 lbs in my first month....and unless my body starts making some drastic changes I doubt I'll get to 12 lbs.

Yes, that is an average of 3 lbs a week. But what happens when I've used all of my loss from my first week and my averages go below 2 pounds....then lower? It is so frustrating and I really think about quitting too. It is a very expensive plan....and it's hard to justify the cost when you really aren't seeing the scale move..

However, I can say that I feel better. My clothes are getting looser. I'm sleeping better. I'm going to see my doc tomorrow...hopefully get my labs done (He has ordered them a couple times but I never actually go to get my blood drawn)....and maybe find out what I'm doing wrong or why my body isn't allowing me to loose actual weight..

I hope you give the plan a shot...get ahold of your doc and let him or her know whats going on...and continue to look for success...

Comment #31

Don't quit. You are looking for a quick fix. how long did it take you to gain the weight? it may take you that long to lose it. Keep pluging away. You Will get there...

Comment #32

You are doing excellent!! Dont put yourself through the stress, that will affect your losses. Look at me, there are people who joined when I did and have lost twice what I have. Sometimes I feel discouraged because of that but then I realize we are all different and the fact that I am losing what I am is an accomplishment for ME!! You will go nuts if you compare yourself to others losses. Trust me!! It will just make you crazy...

Comment #33

I am a slow loser, but I am LOSING. Which I havent ever done on any other program or attempt to change my lifestyle. So, consider your alternatives first.

Also, I tend to have weeks where there is a barely noticible change, followed by a more significant change. A pattern of losing I wasnt able to discern until after at least two months.

I was also shocked to see how much salt and TOM affect my losing - two things I never really paid attention to or gave much credence to. Again, certainly nothing I could figure out after only two weeks.

For any friends interested in MF, I always tell them that if this is really going to work for them, they have to commit for a month or more, and reevaluate then...

Comment #34

This was my first week and I almost gave up until reading these posts. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I lost 4.7lbs this week and was sad cause I thought I would drop more than that....I am glad to know I am average. Raise your shake glass with me! I can do this! To the original poster....don't give up!..

Comment #35

You should be saying - YAY!!!!.

Congratulations all on the weight loss - from my perspective you are those people losing more than me.

Have you thought about buying a good set of scales with a body fat monitor? a good one can be pretty pricey but it's worth it if you're a serial daily weigher like me and you just can't resist stepping on, or you suspect you are in a full plateau. I've learnt this from other diets I've done.....

I'm towards the end of week2 and my weight on the scale looks like the start of a plateau after the inital 4lb loss in week 1. I have been at exactly the same weight (to the tenth of a lb!) for the past 5 days...

Now, the old me would have freaked at this and then started cutting out meals, swapping diets, etc........ BUT the clever little fat monitor shows that I have been steadily going down a total of 1% in fat in the same 5 days... which means that my body has been busy burning and destroying all those wobbly bits and pimping up my muscles with an internal makeover.... For my weight, that's over 1.5lb of fat turned into muscle in a few days, even though it wouldnt necessarily be obvious yet by body measurements.... UBER YAY!!.

With muscles weighing more than fat this means you're still shrinking + more efficient muscles increases your metabolism -> you lose weight quicker! (In the past I've notice an increase in metabolism like this induces actual weight loss on the scales often not until about a week later, so patience rules the day). AND, this can be used to explain an increase in weight as well.....phew!! If not, then it may be time to help out your muscles makeover by upping the exercise (walking an extra 10 mins a day really makes a difference!)..

It is a different way of looking at it if you like to measure by numbers and it can be very reassuring to know your body is still responding- it's just taking a time out to get down to business by turning it's attention to the all important long term goal.

This is how I've noticed already that Medifast so far is different from a crash diet..... with a crash diet you lose weight but your body fat often actually goes up- because you are just losing pure water weight and will put it all straight back on because the muscles aren't being whipped into shape and prepping for a long term change.(Some scales will measure your water content as well, but I find that all starts to get a bit complicated and I'd start being late for work!).

I find that thinking of it as bazookering fat rather than weighing less on the planet really helps you stay positive! (what if gravity went and changed a bit overnight on us- arggghh! )..

Comment #36

I feel for you (original post). I lost 6 pounds the first week, 3 the second week, and I'm 2 days shy of a third week and only down 1 pound so far. It's discouraging. But....I too have to think that it's better than doing nothing about my weight and gaining more...

Comment #37

Yeah, I just raised my Orange Creme Shake to us all! I too am doing a little each week, but say to myself it is better than gaining or remaining the same. Drink on Ladies!..

Comment #38

Having a hard time today myself. Feeling hungry the last week and now it is harder to even lose 1 lb a week. Yes, I have lost 34 lbs and have about 10 more to go and I am happy with that. Just feeling like at this rate I will have to be almost always on a diet to keep what I have lost. Will struggle with my hunger and persevere since I know the weight will come off; just harder some days than others. Thanks for listening! Will have to come up with some other food ideas to break up the routine and put some more anticipation into my regular lean meals or perhaps just eat my favorite ones for awhile until I get back into the groove...

Comment #39

I'm beginning to feel discouraged even though I know weight loss will slow down the closer I get to goal. I lost about half my weight quickly, so I WAS on a high, but now I find myself increasingly discouraged. I think I'm staying OP but I get on these plateaux more and more. Evidently my body is adjusting to less calories and refuses to budge sometimes.

I'm a Lifetime member of "that other" (points-counting) program and it has always worked for me til recently, so I started Medifast to jump-start me againbeen maintaining at 40 lbs over goal for 12 years now. I DO love the Medifast programit's so easy, BUT, I'm running out of $$$ ("Other program only costs me $2/month as a Lifetime member). It scares me to death to think of doing without Medifast and going back to the other program, but maybe I'll have to because of my pocketbook.

Not to end on a negative note ... I think the Medifast program is WONDERFUL and I will stay with it as long as financially possible. If I have to quit, at least it has taught me a better way to manage my food.

AP in Raleigh, NC..

Comment #40

Hang in there! i'm on day 7 and i've only lost 3 pounds. i'm sticking to it for a few weeks to see if the scale moves some more...

Comment #41

You can and will do it!! There's aways going to be difficult days but the end results are SO worth it...

Comment #42

My Medifast counselor at the center had me do something when I was losing really slowly. For my l&g, she had me eat the highest carb veggies with the lowest fat meat. The next day I ate the lowest carb veggies and the highest fat meat. I lost 4 pounds in 4 days doing that. You might try it and see if it gets your metabolism going again..

But you can do this. You're almost there, Girl. Congrats for your great success!.



Comment #43

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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