Medifast disasters - Mediflops?

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Normally I am pretty good with Medifast recipes (Even better with fattening recipes), but anyway, lately I have had some Medifast disasters. Shall we call them Mediflops.

Early this morning I tried making the chocolate cookies with the chocolate shake recipe. They looked good, but tasted just like the baking soda and baking powder, salty. Disgusting, but I got them down anyway. I'll stick with the oatmeal based cookie recipes..

Then I made up two batches of my COB soup "bread". Put them in the oven, set the timer for 6 minutes, walked into the bathroom.......and got into the showerGetting out of the shower about 15 minutes later, I could here the timer going crazy. I ran out into the kitchen doing a Mediflash (nothing on but a towel and a oven mit, dripping wet) and took them out quickly. They were overdone, but not charred. Which wasn't the best thing, because I decided they could be salvaged by chipping off all the burnt parts and eating the rest. Meal number two disgusting..

Last week I decided to make my favorite Medifast breakfast waffles even better. Instead of just using oatmeal with my spices, water, etc. I decided I would like them better in chocolate. So I mixed one pack of oatmeal with one pack of hot chocolate and proceeded to put them in the waffle iron. Well the hot chocolate does not give it enough consistency, so it spread really far across the waffle iron, and burned up about 50%. Again I got most of it down..

Now I am not sure why I eat these mediflop things. Maybe it's the approx. $2.00 per envelope, and I am cheap to a fault. Maybe it is my mom's reminders as a child about children dying of hunger in less devloped countries, but believe me I have eaten some really bad recipe disaster lately. I think the rest of my meals today will be shakes........

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Lol - I see i'm not the only one with baking flops. i'm no cook so I have no clue what i'm doing. I tried making the broccoli soup crackers yesterday and they turned out great. then today when I tried to make the crackers using tomato soup, I didn't remember how much water to add or something and they all baked up as thick tomato paste and most it flattened and burned to the pan.

I scraped them off and ate tomato paste instead of tomato crackers and used the spatula to scrape up the burnt offerings ... ate them too. LOL.

How much water am I suppose to add to those quackers anyway? I have no clue what a thick pancake batter looks like and got lucky the first try. but today was a total mediflop...

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I'm planning on trying tomato soup bread tomorrow so....if you've got a recipe you know works, now is the time to post it! Thanks...

Comment #2

DDB The MediFlash? Wow. That's hysterical. I make a lot of MediFlops too. It's tough with all this stuff to get the texture and timing right. Hang in there.

Snowmoon I make the tomato bread a lot. It's just the tomato soup, I add a little bit of the robust tomato snack soup powder for flavor, 1/2 tsp. baking powder, some seasonings, maybe a little grated parmesan and water until it is like a dough. Pat it onto release foil or pam sprayed pan and bake at 350 for about 6 minutes, flip it over and bake the other side until lightly brown.

That's if you want the easy one. There is also a really great recipe here that calls for adding the Medifast snack crackers and some olive oil or oil of your choice. It adds things and I seem to notice you don't do that much so maybe the other one is best for you. Enjoy...

Comment #3

Hey there biggest failing is that I think the "dough" is too thick and then...add too much more water... I still haven't made decent pancakes....they just never cook...and stay gooey. I put the last one under the broiler to see if I could firm it up...and ended up eating flame broiled oatmeal..

I had some luck with the "bread" worked well enough to have my hamburge on it with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a tiny bit of Atkins Ketchup. Wow was that a treat...

Comment #4

The cracker recipe using the cream soups NEVER works out for me, but I keep trying. The last time I made them, I left them in the oven after I turned it off ... they got extremely overdone ... and, of course, I ate them anyway. I did notice that they had a really good flavor that way kind of like those really dark pieces in the packaged trail mix you can get out of the vending machines?.

The only thing I have success with on a consistent basis is the mini-loaf thingies from ddancer. I adore them made with the blueberry oatmeal. the whole house smells like blueberry muffins!..

Comment #5

Is there like an actual site with all these medifast member recipes because I have been hunting through the discussions...

Comment #6

So I am not the only one who eats tomato paste disaters? I had one today. I was determined to get a pizza flavor, as I have been having some cravings. But I added too much water, once again. However, the mozzarella cheese did make it into a tasty paste...

Comment #7

MediPals, I make the soup crackers all the time and love them...Hmmmm don't know what can be going wrong. I don't use a lot of water though. I make sure it is a very thick "dough" consistency. Also, if you can have it, I think the adding some grated parmesan really helps and it gets crunchy and brown...

Comment #8

I am so afraid of the medi flops too! I got adventurous a couple of times, and most of the recipies you guys have posted acutally WORKED for me! (I am not a cook!) lol. btw, thanks for all the ones you post!! Variety is the spice of...medifast!!.

Anyway, I find I like the oatmeal cookies better than the shake cookies too. I find there is much to do with the oatmeal as far as recipies. I have not had a "flop" yet, but I usually let my daughter do the cooking for me. She makes things taste better than when I do it.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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