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I tried something new today. First I made a shake with a packet of Medifast dutch chocolate shake, 8 oz. of diet pepsi, and some ice cubes in the blender. It tasted way more chocolatey this way- probably because of the sweetness..

Then for my mid-morning meal I did the same, except I used a packet of chai latte instead of the chocolate shake. I usually use 8 oz. of cold coffee and ice with the chai latte but I had no coffee made this morning. I thought it tasted good, then again I was the kid who loved the school food in the cafeteria..

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I was thinking about doing that but with diet coke, I'm a coke gal! I was going to do it with a vanilla see if it tasted somewhere along the lines of a coke float. I'm gonna try it now! I LOVE the shakes with coffee.......

Comment #1

If you guys love the shakes w/ coffee/caffeine additives, you should get some Instant Espresso. It's the best in Chocolate shakes, chai lattes or even muffins!.

Just a little sprinkle goes a LONG way. I use it in my AM shake instead of coffee...(I know I'd have a hard obeying the creamers and splenda allowances). Add some ice, SF DaVinci chocolate syrup and have a Mocha Frappucino from Starbucks! So good!.

Also, you can add Caramel or White Chocolate SF DaVinci Syrups to make a Caramel Macchiato or White Chocolate Frappacino.

They're fabulous ways to enjoy our Starbucks on MF!..

Comment #2

Carmel Machiotto here I come. I was planning a splurge at Starbucks when I reach my goal. Do I need to wait? No!!!.

Thanks for the recipes!..

Comment #3


I like the idea of mixing the diet cola with the chai latte since that is not a favorite of mine and I ordered two boxes because I love chai tea. I think I will try that...

Comment #4

If it goes with everything hows it taste with the soups?..

Comment #5

That sounds really good; I like using sparkling water in my shakes, puddings and in my sf jello; but I don't use it in my soups; now, kk, behave......LOL!..

Comment #6

I tried mixing the vanilla shake with diet root beer and I hated it-too sweet. I will try it with diet coke/pepsi, and see if I likes. Thanks for this!!!!!..

Comment #7

Ok, but keep a balance; we don't want this: LOL..

Comment #8

Mmmmm. I love me some diet pepsi.

I'll have to try your blender/ice thingy. I haven't messed with mixing shakes that way yet. (Except for a not tasty Orange cream shake with some Diet Code Red - yucky - and I thought the Orange couldn't possibly get worse. Guess that means I have talent.)..

Comment #9

OOPS; this comment was meant for kk in reference to behavin' lol.

Ok, but keep a balance; we don't want this: LOL..

Comment #10

You know what else is good?.

Banana shakes with diet creme soda..

Banana shakes with diet chocolate fudge soda..

Almost anything with diet chocolate fudge soda! (except maybe the soup)..

Comment #11

Now if only we could find something to perk up the soups! Do they make low carb beer? That is always used to perk up soups esp. chili! LOL..

Comment #12

Know you were kidding, but.....

Beer Carbs Calories % Alch Oz/Svg Notes.

Accel 2.4g 89 4% 12oz fresh.

Amstel Light 5g 95 3.5% 12oz flavorful.

Aspen Edge 2.6g 94 4.13 12oz smooth.

Bud Light 6.6g 110 4.2% 12oz OK.

Bud Select 3.1g 99 4.3% 12oz impressive!.

Busch Light 6.7g 110 4.2% 12oz OK.

Coastal Light 3.9g 95 3.6% 12oz -.

Coors Light 5g 102 4.2% 12oz crisp.

Corona Light 5g 105 4.5% 12oz nice flavor.

Edison Light 6.5g 109 4% 12oz -.

Guinness 17.6g 194 6% 12oz not low carb.

I.C. Light 2.9g 96 4.2% 12oz -.

Heineken Light 6.8g 99 - 12oz not low carb.

I.C. Light 2.9g 96 4.2% 12oz -.

Keystone Light 5g 104 4.2% 12oz smooth.

Labatt Blue Light 8g 111 4% 12oz not low carb.

Labatt Sterling 2.5g 12oz.

Michelob Light 11.7g 134 4.3% 12oz not low carb.

Michelob Ultra 2.6g 95 4.2% 12oz watery.

Michelob Ultra Amber 3.7g 114 5% 12oz nice flavor.

Mike's Light Lemonade 2g 84 4% 11.2oz yummy!.

Miller Lite 3.2g 96 4.5% 12oz watery.

Milwaukee's Best Light 3.5g 98 4.5% 12oz bit bitter.

Natural Light 3.2g 95 4.2% 12oz smooth.

Rhinebecker Extra 2.5g 106 5% 11.2oz metallic.

Rock Green Light 2.6g 92 - 12oz fresh.

Sam Adams Light 9.7g 124 - 12oz not low carb.

San Mig 3.2g 107.6 5% 12oz -.

Sleeman Clear 2.5g.

Thin Ice 1g 90 4.2% 12oz Ginger Aley.

.....maybe for maintenance..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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