Medifast Diet: 1 year ago

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I began my Medifast journey. For any of you that are new, and well, anyone on this journey, you will identify with that feeling of getting your first box of food. I remember opening the box - it was a combination of emotions - Christmas mixed with a visit to the gyno! HA! But there was one overriding emotion - hope. I couldn't squelch it, I had tried to squelch it in the past. But there was that LITTLE bitty kernel left, that little tiny voice in my head that was saying "maybe, just maybe"..

I thought - what have I gotten myself into? Can I do this? Will I make it? I watched others around me my first week losing LOTS of weight their first week - I did okay - losing 5.8 pounds week 1 - but it still didn't stop me from comparing..

Week 2, the scale moved yet again, and at the end of week 4, after losing 14 pounds in one month, I knew this was for me..

I've fretted sometimes that I'm not at goal yet.....some that I started with have reached their goals and are now maintaining. Some not.....I love to exercise and I will reach out and tell you that the added exercise (well, I'm a little fanatical about it) has slowed my progress some. But I NEEDED the exercise, and STILL need the exercise for my well-being and sense of "wholeness"..

There is NOTHING better than feeling fit, knowing I can run, jump, dance, lift and yes, at 50 years old, still do splits thank-you-very-much! LOL!! Uh - only when REALLY warmed up though!.

I have had lessons to learn along this journey. I've reached mini-goals - breaking 200 was incredible, but even BETTER was breaking 170 which is where I sat for WEEKS! I WILL be posting "plateau survivor" on my signature. I remind myself that with every week that passes I could be doing something different. I could be eating unhealthy food. I could be sitting in front of the TV set with a bag of chips. I could be lamenting my life and where it is headed..

But I'm not. I get up every day excited to work out. Excited to talk to people. Excited to be on the move. Excited for EVERY new challenge that comes my way. Every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every MOMENT - you have a choice!.

I've lost almost 5 FEET in inches! 80 pounds in weight. I've lost my 15 year old daughter. We can each fit into a leg of my pants (I mean I HAD to try - you ALWAYS see that on commercials) LOL.

So I work on myself. I motivate myself - I try and motivate others to recognize their potential. Not just in weight loss, but in SO much more! We should NEVER dream small dreams - it's what you will get in return.

So DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!! DREAM FOR GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recognize your potential, know that you can have a life of YOUR are all part of a greater whole..

Happy Anniversary to me - and to some of my friends who started this very same day. We will be celebrating YOUR anniversaries with you and every mini-goal you reach, and every moment that you reach for the life of your design!..

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Wow! Happy Anniversary Laurie! Congratulations on your wonderful success and staying with the program! Here is to another Great year for you! Keep up the hard work!..

Comment #1

What a beautiful post. Congratulations on your weight loss, but more so on yur outlook. You are inspiring!..

Comment #2

WOW! You have come a long way! Just think, in another few months, you'll be "missing" those 5 and 1 days. Enjoy the rest of your journey!..

Comment #3

Laurie, WOW What an inspiration you are!!! Still doing the splits at 50!! You go girl!!! Reading your message is just what I needed today!! A little pick me up! I dont have much to lose but the whole Yo-yo dieting syndrome I've done for years has caught up with me! I am only 5'3 and very small frame so my extra 20lbs of plush really shows and nothing in the closet fits at this point! I have been on every diet out there and I am loving the Medifast Plan! You take care! Deanna..

Comment #4

Awesome post! Thanks!.

I love the "Chritmas/visit to gyno" analogy lol!!!..

Comment #5

How inspiring to hear from someone my age who has experienced success on this program. Keep up the good work! People like you help me to know I CAN DO IT!!!..

Comment #6

I've been struggling with Medifast lately. Your post was very encouraging. Congrats!..

Comment #7

You have always been an inspiration. Thanks for being you!..

Comment #8

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