Medifast Day 4: So much temptation!

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I see now why I'm the size that I am. So much temptation around me. It's day 4. Today already I have been offered Bojangles biscuits by two different people and said "NO!!!!". I've had the boxes sat down on the desk across from me. I've gotten up and moved the boxes to another desk away from me.

Of course my favorite pizza place. I've passed on that as well. These people are killing me!! I'm really trying to be nice, but at the same time...I kind of want to strangle them...

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I'm only on my second day and can empathize. Yesterday, after we celebrated the boss's birthday with carrot cake (I refrained), a coworker said he went to Red Robin and brought back leftover onion rings and fries. I said, "No, thank you" with a smile. In his defense, I don't think he knew I had started my new Medifast lifestyle. But, we regularly have food around the office. Someone has a birthday and we get cupcakes...someone brings in bagels for breakfast, etc.

It's wonderful to have such a friendly office, but NOT when you're changing your diet. Just keep in mind you'll probably have to say "no" a lot more and people don't always understand how hard it can be to do so. I remember when I refused the food yesterday, I spoke before I even considered it. Make it a quick, impulse reaction to say, "no." It's not a choice, it's a necessary routine. It's not emotional, it's your new default..

Once you're in the maintenance phase, you can choose to consider indulging if you care to. But, why put yourself through the turmoil?.

Hopefully, they'll catch on and stop asking. Good Luck!.


Comment #1

Do they know you are dieting, or is their behavior that of typical day at the office and you are just now noticing how unhealthy all the food is? Either way, it sure is frustrating when you are surrounded by temptations. Good for you for not giving in. If they don't know you are dieting, then it might help if you just tell them that you are eating healthier now and while you appreciate the food offers, you would appreciate it more right now if they would not offer you things that are so tempting.

Congrats on staying strong, and keep up the good work!..

Comment #2

Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts. You can add chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and brownies to the other stuff already. To answer your question - I think I'm just realizing how much junk I've eaten and not even realized it. What's one cookie? And a brownie? Sure I'll have some pizza. And yeah a greasy biscuit with meat in it for breakfast? Sign me up. Seriously? LOL.

I'm thinking about putting a sign on my cubicle that says "Please do not feed the bear"...

Comment #3

As usual, raven is right on target. One thing I'm doing in maintenance is logging my calories on a free website. I also read all labels, and if the thing has more than two ingredients in it, I put it down. I'm eating things that had a mother, or were grown in the ground. Real butter, no more Smart Balance.

Read the labels on those foods you mentioned, and see what chemicals and things you can't pronounce they put into your body. Surely you will want to live more than die. Food just is NOT worth dying for........... And it feels SO good to be healthy and know that I'll live longer and feel better for the rest of my life. I'm even off all my thyroid meds that I've taken for 26 years, and I once took 5 pills a day..

PUT UP THE BEAR SIGN! That gave me a huge chuckle for the day. I think it would be a fun thing to do.......... tell them if the bear eats the foods they do, she will be an out of control

Stay with it, Gal,.


Comment #4

LOL! I love it!.

I know what you mean about never realizing just what you were eating, or how much. I always had that same idea what's one piece of cake? Who cared that it was actually 2 or 3 servings in one slice? Or even it was a true serving, add that to all the other crud I was eating, and it was a miracle I survived it without health problems...

Comment #5

LOL I would so do the sign! Way to go in saying no! That's a huge non-scale victory. Glad you're also taking stock of your environment. It's important you have that awareness to stay not only true to your new eating plan while you lose, but later when you try to maintain. Who knows, your new healthy lifestyle could spill over into the rest of the office. You never know who's life you might save that way...

Comment #6

Definately put the sign up!!!! And please post a picture for us!!!.

In the first few weeks, you will surely notice all the BLT's you've been taking before you began MF. (Bites, Licks & Tastes) I know I did! I was watching my 2 yo and another 3 yo and realizing that I ate all the crusts off of every sandwich I made them. And doing the whole "one cookie for you, one for me" routine. It's funny how all of this becomes apparent!.

Stick with it and start "growling" if necessary!!!..

Comment #7

I think that one there just above covers it!..

Comment #8

Darklullaby - hang in there - that's what you told me yesterday when I was having a hard time and you helped me to see I wasn't alone. Because of that today is a better day for me. Like you told me think about what good is ahead of you..

I would take a walk if you can after hanging your sign. ) Sometimes it's good to get some fresh air when there is too much going on at lunch time..

Take care, Anna Marie..

Comment #9

That is EXACTLY what I did. When the pizza arrived I grabbed my purse, hopped in my car and went to the store. I walked through the clothes section and looked at all the things I WILL be wearing in a few months...

Comment #10

If it's any consolation, before too much longer you probably won't even be tempted. You really do stay full if you follow the plan and it seems to eliminate cravings. Once you start seeing the results you'll be reminded that "thin tastes better."..

Comment #11

Sorry! Just catching up. This is my first day back at work and things have been crazy!!.

YEAH for you for saying no! I LOVE the sign and I think that walking through the store for inspiration was a GREAT idea..

I think it is something in the air today as they are having a free lunch and free ice cream day here at work and all I can smell is barbecued chicken. I'm staying on plan though!..

Comment #12

Elizabeth, I love that! So funny to me, but totally right on! Dark, I feel so fortunate that I don't have to be at work right now (teacher on summer break). Having fewer temptations is making it easier on me. Hang in there, and just keep telling yourself that healthy tastes better than non-healthy...

Comment #13

Congratulations on staying strong! ROFL To the picture, that's so perfect. Fitat48 has a good point, the more you practice at saying no, the easier it gets to the point it's automatic. I don't even like the smell of the stuff any more and pictures make my stomach squirm! I drive past a burger king on my way back and forth from my belly dance class and it honestly makes me sick when I smell it now. Used to be a beacon to home in on. LOL Not any more and I like the changes in me and how my dinner plate looks now, that I don't want to go back to that. Ever.

I hope you continue to build your inner strength and see success. You deserve it...

Comment #14

I havent started yet..waiting for my food....but I am enjoying reading all of these posts and I feel the support. I am so glad I didnt take out a loan for the program in one of the centers but came on line instead. I am so excited and keep strong. You are inspiration and motivation for new people!!..

Comment #15

You have my sympathy...Temptations at home are hard enough but throw in all the different choices and that would be my downfall. Funny how I can refrain when there is not much to choose from but given a buffet or many sides, I am a goner.....

Even 15 months after MF, it is still hard but I've learned to pass on the things that I once loved if I cannot eat them in moderation. Moderation is key to maintenance...During my Medifast days, I never cheated, went through Thanksgiving and Christmas without cheating. It is all in the mindset. Like someone said before, learning to automatically say "NO" and meaning it is what will get you through it.....

Good luck.....

Angelina (138.2 trying to get back to my pre-vacay weight of 135)..

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