Medifast Day 3: Lots of cravings!

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Hi - today is my 3rd day and my mind is driving me crazy - I am getting all kinds of cravings.

Is there something I can snack on throughtout the day with out putting my program in jeopardy?.

Not having a very good day.....

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Did you get the pretzels? or else eat a bar, break it up in small pieces and chew slowly. Don't worry those cravings will stop after one week...

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If you got puffs - try eating 1/2 bag now and 1/2 bag an hour from now..

Tea is my friend - have a cup and drink it HOT so you can sip it slowly.

Also, if you can stand the HOT, make a cup of sodium free boullion, also sip slowly..

Optional snack is 3 pieces of celery - if you have the fat left - 2 wedges of Lite Laughing Cow cheese = 1 healthy fat. Spread the LC on the celery and eat 1 piece each spread out.

Hope this helps!..

Comment #2

Hang tough Anna Marie, this is probably your 'as bad as it gets' day, so just keep telling yourself that you CAN do this, you can get through the day..

Drink plenty, cold water, hot tea, hot bullion, MORE cold water, keep sipping and thinking thin thoughts. Listen to your inner voice, are you actually hungry, and to me that means if someone puts a huge steaming bowl of curry in front of me I'll eat it...I hate curry so if I want to eat it I'm actually HUNGRY. If I pass that test I'll have a snack, the celery that ana mentioned, a couple of pickle spears, or my current favorite, 1/2 ozs of Almonds. I like this newly added snack option personally, you can make one almond last for a long long time, and as you get 14 almonds to the 1/2 ounce, that is a long long snack for me..

Keep busy, go for a walk, do whatever it takes to get through THIS day, no wories about any other day, all you have to do is get through this one, and you so deserve this for you...

Comment #3

Water lots of water! I also try to distract myself for 15minutes with an on-line game or an intense discussion in an on-line forum or a book or (and my boss loves this one - work!). If after 15 minutes I'm still hungry I drink more water and have a snack or a piece of gum...

Comment #4

Thank you guys so much! I have things to work with from each one of your posts. I also just realized something - I usually have hot green tea with breakfast but it got SO busy at work I couldn't make it so that might be part of the problem too..

Take care & again thank you so much, Anna Marie..

Comment #5

Hang in there Anna! I'm on day 3 too and going through the same exact thing. Just think of what good things are to come for you...

Comment #6

Anna, I am on my 4th week and let me tell you, you are going to love the way you feel in a couple of weeks! I have only lost 10.5 so far, but I am feeling SO good on this program, and the inches are melting away! You can do it too.

I love the pickles as a snack cause they are so full of flavor and very satisfying to the taste buds..

Isn't the support here great?.

Praying that you will have a blessed day!..

Comment #7

The support here is overwhelming and I'm not being dramatic. I have joined every different weight program out there and have never received a response like this so it makes me feel stronger..

My son is also OP and he said my body is starting a ketosis state because I am not eating carbs or lower than usual and he has been a tremendaous help and very supportive but I don't want to drive him crazy so I turned to you guys and it worked!..

Comment #8

Hi Anna Marie! I'm on Day 3 too. Yesterday I split my L&G up a bit and had a small salad with my Medifast lunch meal. Last night I was still in bad shape - light headed, upset stomach, etc. So today I split the protein up too and ate a small amount of protein and a small salad with a shake for lunch. So far so good. We'll see how I do as the day rolls on (I'm on the west coast).


Comment #9

Echoing what others have already said - you CAN do it! It does get easier after the first week or so. And when you start getting a taste of success, you might find yourself losing your taste for non-OP stuff!..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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