Can we just eat Medifast crunch bars?

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I am just curious is anyone using only medifast crunch bars only for their meal replacements? If so did you notice a difference in the amount you lost vs. shakes, oatmeal etc???.

The bars are so convenient but just wondering the effectiveness of weight loss with ONLY doing them..

Thanks in advance!.


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Cindy- I have used them for a while now and cant say that I have noticed any difference with weight loss while using only them. However, I really like to add other types of meals in just so I can avoid boredom. Good luck with whatever you choose. You will learn how your body reacts to different methods after a while...

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There are a lot more responses in this thread. (this s a frequentlly asked question. If you do a search of "crunch bars" you'll see many more threads on this topic..

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I generally have at least 4 bars a day sometimes 5. I have a very "on the go" lifestyle and they just work best for me. I have lost consistently throughout...

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I can only speak for me..

I never chose to ever eat all 5 Medifast Meals the same in any given day.

I mean I never at 5 puddings, or 5 shakes etc..

I have an addiction to some foods and I do have the incurable disease of Obesity..

So my approach to weight loss this time was very different than anything I ever did before..

I decided to never diet, now or ever again. I decided to change my lifestyle. To do that I had to make Medifast look like what my life would be life forever, not just in the short term to get off the weight. I knew once I got to goal I would not eat 5 candy bars a day, nor would I eat 5 puddings, etc..


I just decided to eat Medifast oatmeal (or some form of it's many Medifast approved recipes here) for Breakfast. I did the shakes or bars or other hot or cold drinks, for my mid morning and afternoon meals. I had my L&G or the Medifast soup for either Lunch or dinner and I always planned the Pudding or Medifast Ice Cream, or Medifast Candy or one of the HOT drinks for my final meal..

That is how my day looked all the time on Medifast and today my REAL-LIFE foods are almost identical. Funny I saw this post today as I celebrate my ONE year anniversary of reaching my Medifast goal to lose 100 pounds and get healthy..

I hope this helps however you chose to do MF. The beauty of this plan, is you can make it personal. Cause for me, the whole obesity thing, yes, it was and is very very personal..

God Bless you!..

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Hmmmm - I'm a bar girl and I eat 5 crunch bars a day for my meals and I am losing weight very steadily. The only little gain I had as shown below is from me cheating lol! Hope this helps!..

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Chattymomx4 - you have Medifast Ice Cream?? Ah...where is this product exactly?! I find that I use a lot of Medifast bars myself. I use public transportion and I just can't see me getting stranded somewhere or something without a hand Medifast meal. When I am home, I do use the other Medifast products but I constantly have a bar or two on me at all times...

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As a newcomer, i'm always surprised when I see somebody talking about Medifast candy/ice cream various other snacks. Wondering about using these cookie crumbles, nuts, syrups. Am I just too new to know where these are, or are is it something made from other parts of the traditional Medifast selections...

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Most of the Medifast candy, ice cream, cakes, etc. that you read about on the boards are made with Medifast foods: shakes, hot cocoa, etc. Folks around here are real creative in working the Medifast stuff into something different. Play around on the Recipe Boards for some ideas. Just be careful - some recipes may contain ingredients NOT on plan, so you kinda have to be buyer-beware...

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Oh, and to answer the OP, yes, I have used Crunch Bars only. I don't remember anything about the weight loss, but I got to the point, after about 4 days, that just looking at them made me sick! Too much of a good thing..

Tracy - yes, the bars are great to keep in handy places. I always keep 1-2 in my purse/at work, etc. You never want to be caught without a meal...

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I did the crunch bars only while I was traveling for a month and lost just fine...

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I'm new to MF, and I'm waiting for the delivery of my first package. It will take about a week. I have 60 lbs to lose. Any advice for this next week as I wait for my first product?.

I am a veteran of the Vietnam era..


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Speakergirl ah, so you're a REAL veteran, my hat's off to you. We're mainly just veterans of Medifast... (Although some around here are military vets, too.).

By the time I get to my new goal, I'll have lost around 60 lbs. too, so we're in this together!.

While you're waiting for your Medifast order, I'd suggest you look all over these boards, think about joining a team or challenge, explore the recipe threads, read the manual and ask questions!.

If you feel like it, you can get ready for the program before your food arrives by eating five small "meals" a day with one healthy low carb meal. I did that before I started and lost 2 pounds!..

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That's all good to know because I was told by a member that the crunch bars can slow weight loss. But when I researched them, and compared what was in them to the other products, there was barely a difference in bars and other products. I always kept them to a minumum of 1 but now that I hear the positive part, I think I won't be so worried about eating more than that. Thanks for all the input!..

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