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Today is my first and I'm really excited. Yesterday I made cookies out of a Dutch Chocolate shake to have at my sister's for breakfast this morning. I got three cookies out of the packet. I ate them but they were kind of gummy. Can someone tell me what I might have done wrong. Thanks in advance for the help and happy, HEALTHY New Year to all!..

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I tried to make shake cookies and they had no substance to them. So now I only make my cookies out of the oatmeal to give them some body...

Comment #1

Part of it is just learning that it's not going to come out like a cookie you're used to. When I make shake cookies, I put them in the toaster oven at 350 and cook them for about 8 minutes on each side. I also flatten them out as much as possible so they are more like crisps than cookies. To me, they're a nice treat every once in awhile, but I don't make them often...

Comment #2

Hi. Actually I've come up with some pretty awesome cookies using the shakes - I make them all the time. I think the secret is to not use too much liquid. Try this one:.

2 packets of Medifast vanilla shake (or shake of your choice).

1 packet of splenda (not really necessary, but gives a little sweet kick).

1 tsp of baking powder (more than most, but really helps "puff" them up).

1 - 2 tsp vanilla extract (or extract of your choice - amount depends on your taste).

2 - 4 ounces of water.

Mix dry ingredients with a wisk, then add the water slowly. Don't pour in all the water at once, add it slowly at first and then add more as needed. You want to get a "dough" that is the consistency of paste..

Spoon the cookies by tablespoonful onto parchment paper covered baking sheet (or spray baking sheet with cooking spray). You should get about 4 good size cookies or 6 medium size cookies (it's weird, but for some reason sometimes I get more "dough" - no idea why)..

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. I don't turn mine over or anything. For an extra kick you can sprinkle the tops with splenda and cinnamon for a "snickerdoodle" effect..

Mine are chewy, but you can probably cook them for up to 12 minutes if you like them a little less chewy.

Anyway, just keep trying, it gets easier with practice. I make bread every day now with my creamy soup mixes. Last night for New Years I mixed up three packet of the creamy chicken soup with some parmesean cheese and made 15 mini round breads. I then ground up roasted chicken breast, white onion, green peppers and garlic powder with 2 tablespoons of low-fat sour cream and made a chicken spread for the bread - this made great snacks for me while everyone else was eating chips and dip!..

Comment #3

Excellent recipe, Hope!.

Another suggestion is to add the ground flaxseed meal to your cookie recipes..

That really gives them the "glue" they need~!.

And it's Medifast approved!..

Comment #4

Hope - Do you just leave your dough in drops like choc chip cookie batter, or do you flatten them out?..

Comment #5

Thank you!!!!.

I've been trying to get rid of the only Medifast food I can't stand the orange shakes. So I made this recipe, using 2 t lemon extract and adding poppy seeds.

I'll use more lemon next time, but they weren't bad! I squished them down a little (dipped my fingers in water) and cooked them a little slower and longer to dry out the middles. They have crunchy edges, pretty good.

Thank God I can use up those dang shakes now!!..

Comment #6

Oh, also I used non-stick foil in the toaster oven and I flipped them over after 8 minutes and cooked about six minutes more...

Comment #7

All right!! I cant stand the orange shakes either, and still have a box of them to choke down!.

I have made cookies with the vanilla shakes, but I will try it with the orange ones now!!..

Comment #8

Thank you everybody. Next time, I'm going to flatten them out more, bake them longer and also turn them...

Comment #9

Actually I have done it both ways...flattened them out and left them alone. They seem to get less flat when I leave them alone. But I tried some cookies with the cocoa tonight and I flattened them with my finger moistened with SF Almond Roca Torani syrum...yum!..

Comment #10

Syrup that is...not syrum.....hmmm, syrum sounds like I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen bwahaaahaaa!..

Comment #11

I tried these with the orange shakes, which I do not like. They turned out great! Wish I had this receipe when I was trying to use up the 3 boxes of orange I had!! At least the last box will go down smoothly, lol. Thanks for posting it!..

Comment #12

Okay Mad Scientist - I tried them, not flattening them out. They looked like meringues when I took them out of the oven. They were hollow, which I actually liked. I ate the crusty part off the top, then the bottom became a perfect little cookie. I'm now sold on these..

By the way, I swear I'm the only one who LOVES the orange shakes just the way they are! Although after 2 cookie successes just reported, I'm going to have to try it that way too!..

Comment #13

I love the orange shakes too. They're my favorite ones. We must be odd-balls...

Comment #14

I'm going to try it with the swiss mocha because I can't stand that one!..

Comment #15

Update - I tried it with the swiss mocha this morning. Love the recipe - it was easy and the cookies actually looked and felt like cookies. Hate this darn swiss mocha! Blech!.

I'm thinking it might be because I'm kindof a coffee afficionado (read "snob")...

I'll definitely try this cookie recipe again with another flavor. Maybe vanilla. Or maybe I'll wait for my flavor drops to arrive and add some of those..

Thanks for the recipe!..

Comment #16

The only way I've been able to get a good shake cookie is with a T of flaxseed meal added. I'm just glad that now it's approved by MF!..

Comment #17

I have been trying different recipes to use with the Shakes and I have to say that Hopeacy's recipe below is by far the best I have tried..

I baked them for 30 minutes in mini bread tins and they work like a homemade protien bar. I was able to pack them and eat throught the day..

Thanks for the great recipe...

Comment #18

Glad you all like them....I am SO happy about the shake cookies and bread soups because I love chewing on things and I was getting sick of drinking the's nice to be able to "mix it up" a bit now and then Now, back to my special cocoa syrum mix experiment....buwahahahaha!..

Comment #19

Trying the cookies tonight, the kids and hubby want to go to a movie tomorrow and we all Know how that could be.. I am really looking forward to taking these with me THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #20

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