Medifast consultant too much?

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Wow! They wanted so much $$. Actually to much. There is noway I can afford it. I feel like an idiot because when she told me how much it was.. like $2000+.. I burst out bawling, LOL.

I have been perusing this site and seeing how it works so great. She was really really nice. I actually felt sorrier for her than myself, because I'm sure she wasn't expecting THAT reaction!.

Does anyone just buy it off line? and not do the counseling? Does it work? Has anyone just tried using slimfast instead? Is it not comparable?.

Any help would be appreciated! I was SO looking forward to getting started, but I just can't afford it...

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I am completely confused? I buy the stuff straight from Medifast or thru TSFL and all I pay is between 200-300 a month for the foods. What are you talking 2000 bucks???.

If you subtract what you would normally spend on eating out and the junk food at the grocery store, I usually end up breaking even............

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I don't use anything except ordering the foods on-line and sticking with my Beck Diet Workbook. I am running at about 2-3 hundred dollars a month plus the cost for my lean and green. Eating out is less expensive; junk food WAS expensive... I think I am actually saving money at this point. I've lost about 46 pounds since Mid-July..

I am not trying to talk you out of the counseling, but just wanted to give you a grain of hope. After reading the Beck book, I know this is happening because of me rather than just a result of the diet, but Medifast really does help, especially if you need to develop healthy eating patterns. It makes it much easier to do that in my opnion. WW didn't work for me because I would do dumb things like save my points for pizza or candy or Taco Bell and then be hungry and go off plan. We all need different things but I think Medifast is worth the expense.

Hope that long droning response helped at least a little.......

Comment #2

If you went to the clinics, don't bother. You can do this on-line with all the great support here. I order 2 weeks at a time to coinside with my pay schedual. I just make sure I time it right, It takes about a week for my orders to arrive. You can do this!..

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It (2000K)may have been a total estimate of what you would spend the entire time you were on the program ...... I went to a clinic for a similar diet in the past and they gave me a "total cost" as well as what I had to pay up front for the program(in center counseling) and my initial product order. I didn't go back there because I prefer not to be weighed and measured by some perky little person and just didn't have the time to show up there at the required intervals. I think most of us here don't use a clinic setting...

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I order from TSFL and get my support from here! I had thought about the clinic for the extra push, but not worth it for the extra money when everything I need other than the food is found here! Plus if you get a health coach, they help you out tons and are there for you at no extra charge! Mine is actually about 15 mins away from me so I have the option to meet with her if I want to. (she is exceptionally nice!)..

Comment #5

I believe the vast majority of the people online here are buying the products online and not going through a clinic.

Slimfast is absolutely NOTHING like Medifast other than the fact that it is a meal replacement program that has shakes. Their shakes are full of refined sugars that left me hungry and having terrible cravings. Medifast left me feeling satisfied and healthy, expecially once into ketosis..

You can find all the support you will ever need right here on the boards, with no need to go to the clinic. Good luck!..

Comment #6

OK, I see! I am from a podunk town and no 'clinics' anywhere near me. (Honestly I didn't know there was such a thing until I went online and looked into it LOL) Best of luck to you whatever you decide!..

Comment #7

Wow! I didn't know there were clinics, either!!.

There is so much support here online, and so many great people going through exactly what you are going through, I can't imagine what a clinic could offer that you can't find right here!!..

Comment #8

No clinics for me...I just order online and use the message board and weigh myself once a week! The money for food is saved by less groceries!..

Comment #9

When you order online, do a google search for coupon codes. There are always codes out there that can save you money ($25 off $150, $55 off $250, $50 off $275). Saves me a fortune!..

Comment #10

I was just curious if you have ordered Medifast yet or if that was your decision? Guess I am just excited to see I have lost more in a week than I ever have in 2 months with anything else and would like others to see it too for themselves!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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