Medifast condiment ideas?

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I have never put a pork tenderloin in the oven. Any hints? Anything I can put on it? I have no healthy fat so I need a condiment for my salad dressing unless the walden farms dressing doesn't count as a condiment.....

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You can poke fork tines in it all around and pour a little chicken broth over it then bake it with a foil tent..

WF does count as a condiment..

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I rub the tenderloin with a spicy or dijon mustard. Then sprinkle it with garlic salt and black pepper. Pop it in the oven at 375 for about 20 minutes - you want it to get to about 150 degrees inside (160-165 is considered safe for restaurants, but IMO that is too well done).

This doesn't help with the fat serving though. I would just use that on my salad. Sounds yummy!..

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Thanks ladies! I used a combo of both recipes..

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I make a rub of sage, salt garlic and olive oil. Perfect every time. FYI - Poking holes in roasting meat is never a good idea. You want to keep the juices in so the meat doesn't dry out...

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I do mine in the crockpot with this recipe. I know is says pork roast, but the loin is much leaner, and comes out just fine. You'll want to reduce the time for a loin to about 8 hours on low. On 5&1, I just trimmed the seeded crust off, and counted the whole thing as lean plus one condiment. Oh - and don't use the apple...

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Our roast stays moist every time I cook it with the broth and the foil tent over it. I learned that trick from a chef. The trick is not to overcook it...

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We found pork tenderloin in the oven is great, with a rub made with the above ingredients is good - however we spread only a tad of maple syrup on the loin so the rub sticks. Cook it until 150, let it rest for 5 minutes. I agree with ddnltd, 160-165 degrees is too long. We use a meat thermometer, works every time! I make an apple chutney for my husband, he loves it w/pork...

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I cook mine to 145 then let rest with foil over the top. It continues cooking and ends up between 150 & 155 degrees. Perfectly done every time. I use a probe thermometer that is in the meat the entire time the meat is cooking. That way you don't have to keep opening the oven or poking holes with the meat thermometer...

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Dherschberg love your pic, that cat is great! Good suggestion above, ours is also a probe thermometer. Works great!..

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Pork tenderloin is listed under "lean" not leanest or leaner...It says adding the healthy fat "is not required." So does that mean you have a choice or does it mean you shouldn't add it as your calories will be higher than you want? I'm thinking no added fat when you choose from the "lean" category which is why you get a smaller portion. It's a fattier meat..

As for adding maple syrup? ...not good. Rubs are dry marinades...usually done on dry meat. You allow it to sit for a few hours or overnight, then cook. No need to use anything to make it stick. If you just want to season it, you can sear it to crust the seasonings and then finish in the oven. Using enough syrup to coat a loin is enough to mess you up on MF.

I do this for a living...don't mind me...

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