Medifast Chocolate Chip Raspberry Bread Recipe

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This recipe was made for a Medifaster who requested I try a pancake recipe in the sandwich maker. I have to say this turned out so good! But please remember to spray your sandwich maker with Pam, otherwise your bread will look like mine below.

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Bread Recipe.

If you forget the Pam (still tasted great!):..

Comments (22)

Did you add anything to the pancake mix other than water to make this? It looks delicious!.


Comment #1

Ooops! Just saw the recipe link. I just got so excited about it I didn't read too well...

Comment #2

Oh-oh! Good recipe CodyJo, can't wait to try- and I've got they rasp. syrup!..

Comment #3

I was thinking about your recipes earlier... and my next shipment should be here tomorrow or Wed.... I only ordered one box of cream of chicken... but I am thinking of a zuchinni bread.... kind of doing the same as your brocolli quiche except using the cream of chicken and shredded zuchinni....

I think that pancake recipe looks great! Going to try it later with pumpkin pie spice instead.... need to work on a shake cake recipe for the sandwich maker.....

Comment #4

I am thinking of trying a banana cake with cream cheese filling in the sandwich maker..

Comment #5

You really make me want to buy a sandwich maker, lol...

Comment #6

CodyJo... I am really considering buying a sandwich maker. Have you used yours to make an omelette yet??..

Comment #7

I haven't used it for an omelette yet, but I bet it would work. The one thing to be careful of with a sandwich maker (or at least my cheapy $10 Wal-Mart one), is that if you use too much liquid it will shoot out the sides! Kinda funny, but a pain to clean.

Between my waffle iron, sandwich maker and Foreman grill, I am seriously considering buying this: Big Boss Grill. It has interchangeable plates for grill, waffle, griddle, omelette, donut and sandwich maker..

Note: I had to edit my post about not wanting to pay $50 for it from Bed, Bath & Beyond but Amazon has it for $30. $30 could be worth freeing up counter space. Plus dishwasher safe plates would make clean up soooo much easier...

Comment #8

Sunshine10, I also HAD to get the sandwich maker after seeing codyjo's recipes and yes, it makes omelettes and they're super easy to make. I've used 1 cup eggbeaters and used meat and fat free cheese (to make it a full lean) to make a super tasty and filling breakfast.. then I combined my green w/ a Medifast meal later. Doing it this way really helps me stay fuller throughout the day..

Comment #9

Lol - Mine did that to me the other day! When I unlatched it to check on my little sandwiches, it spewed half-baked batter down the front of my shirt..

My sandwich maker is 15 or 20 years old, and other than what it did to me the other day, it's very dependable and makes nice Medifast sandwiches.

All that to say ... if you don't want to invest in a new sandwich maker, keep an eye out at yard sales and flea markets...

Comment #10

You can get $10 sandwich makers at Target. That is what I have used for 10 years and it works great. The Big Boss Grill sounds great in theory, but the reviews for it are not that great. I weigh reviews into every decision I make to purchase something, so CodyJo if you end up buying it and it is working great for you, please let me know. Thanks!..

Comment #11

Has anyone tried using a quesadilla maker for these? Its the same concept isnt it?.

Any thoughts?.


Comment #12

Great! Thanks for the feedback... I was hoping to be able to use it for a variety of things. May have to check out the Big Boss idea too!! How long do you cook your omellette?.


Comment #13

I think the quesadilla maker would be fine... it may be larger... or just a differnent shape? I would definitely try it!..

Comment #14

CodyJo, I tried the Chocolate Chip Raspberry Bread in my sandwich machine and it was really runny. It cooked but was way to runny when I put it in, and ran over. The pancake calls for 2 oz water, that is 4 T. this recipe adds 6 T of liquid. It also had an off taste... was that soda or baking powder.

Any suggestions?..

Comment #15

Thanks for all of the sandwich maker recipes, I couldn't find one at my local stores. Wound up buying the Xpress Ready Set Go. They sold them on TV a few years back, anyway it makes omelets and little muffin things and has a larger plain round compartment for cooking too. Definitely worth the $35 I paid for not having to heat up the oven 5-6 times a day. I am going to try Medifast eggs in it tomorrow morning...

Comment #16

Yay a new pancake recipe for the sandwich maker! Glad your experiments paid off..

Your blog inspired me to get a sandwich maker and try stuff too!.

That "Big Boss" looks promising, so let us know if you try it and it works good.

Has anyone seen the Babycakes cupcake maker? I wonder if it would work for oatmeal muffins. I hate using my big oven for a couple little muffins...

Comment #17

I saw that this weekend and thought the same thing. I am really tempted to buy it..

Oh and for those searching for sandwich makers...most chain stores have them super cheap on Black Friday sales. I think they were like $3 last year at Target..

Comment #18

I am so sorry! It should have been baking powder and I had a typo on my blog. I am sorry for the mess that was made as a result of my mistake and THANK YOU for pointing this out so I could correct it...

Comment #19

Thank you CodyJo, That helps and I will try again with baking powder...

Comment #20

I did it... I did it .... I bought a sandwich maker today!!! I am going to try CodyJo sandwich maker recipes, plus waiting on her omelete recipe too!! I am also going to try Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup sandwich!!.


Comment #21

2 Things-.

The choc chip rasp. bread is delish in the sandwich maker, came out perfect! I may cut back a Tbsp or so on the water next time, it was runny and could be a little less spongy next time..

CodyJo, I sent my husband out a couple months ago for a simple sandwich maker, and he came home with that Big Boss thing, with all the interchangable plates. I've only used it as a sandwich maker so far, for the savory cream soup recipes, and this raspberry bread. It's pretty neat, you'll probably like it!..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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