Medifast Capella Drops? Your favorite flavors??

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I am overwhelmed by the amount of choices...what are your favorite flavors? What are your favorite uses for them? I wish they had maple. And bacon. Just kidding..

Thanks for the tips. I want to order the large mini pack and give these a whirl.


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Hey Denise:.

I've been disappointed in my Capella Drops. I ordered a mini 3 pack (coconut, caramel and marshmallow), and I find that I have to put in 3, 4 or even 5 times the recommended few drops to even get a hint of the flavor. So I'm putting in upwards of 15 drops and most times I don't taste a thing..

Maybe my taste buds are off or something. I know that I have to highly season my lean sometimes even using hot sauce. Pre-MF I could not even tolerate mild salsa.

Has anyone experienced such a dramatic shift in taste since starting MF?..

Comment #1

Dang, I dont think my tastebuds have changes that much... but I do have to use a lot of the drops too. I think the Capella people recommend 4-5 drops for plain coffee but around 10 for shakes and puddings..

Some flavors are much stronger though I once used too much of Cinnamon Danish and practically OD'd over the smell of it..

I've been using the double chocolate and toasted almond a lot, haven't gotten past those ones, even though I bought a few others.....

Comment #2

By eating everything made in the microwave and by not diluting and cooking, or aerating (moussifying so to speak) the heavier artificially sweetened and flavor foods, yes, one's palate can be deadened to flavor..

That's a strong argument for cooking and flavoring more delicately for making the beef stew soup, the chicken noodle, the chicken rice, the chili, and so forth, in a pan, with double the water, and cooking it slowly, adding seasoning as needed..

When these items and the oatmeals, and the puddings, and the cocoa, and so forth are eaten "full strength" they are initially, as many point out, unpleasant. They are too strong, but one becomes accustomed to them, and that means a bit deadened taste bud wise..

Highly suggested to use an immersion blender (yes the MB is very nice, but it can't do what an immersion ("stick") blender can do. The best on the market is the Bamix 4 blades, can truly add air and lightness to the puddings and other items (it can do everything else, from grind coffee to nuts to meats and make whipped cream, flavored if you want, out of skim milk different blades and works at 15,000 rpm. The "Deluxe" (less expensive version) is expensive, but there are less expensive versions by other companies that don't do quite the same job, but are adequate..

I find that my taste hasn't deadened because I don't eat any of these things "full strength" and I avoid things like the Banana pudding that are so overwhelming that they'd kill anyone's taste buds if they liked artificially flavored artificially sweetened banana pudding..

I realize I am suggesting extra work, but it really is worthwhile, and makes the program foods much better, for those on the program for a longer term, that is very important... we are already spending the money for the Medifast food, might as well make it taste as pleasant as possible and remove as much of the overwhelming flavor and sweetener as possible..

But yes, I can surely see how taste buds would change, there is so much sweetener and flavor, they would rather have to, it seems, given 4 ounces of water with the oatmeal, and so forth with the other items..


Comment #3

I have to put in about 10 drops and it's perfect. I add marshmallow, toasted almond, and snickerdoodle to the hot cocoa and they are all fantastic (marshmallow's my fav for that). I've added the snickerdoodle to the vanilla shake a couple of times, but as far as I'm concerned, that one's just cinnamon and you'd get the same effect adding cinnamon. I'm waiting (not so patiently) for the chocolate PB. I hope it's good...

Comment #4

Interesting... I never thought about this. I usualy do dilute my Medifast items more than they say to... and I usually dilute the soups and cook them on the stove. Maybe thats why my taste buds are still here...

Comment #5

I think my taste buds have changed. When I first started I didn't like the food. Now I love it - scary!!!!!!!!!.

Also diet pepsi was my favorite drink in the world. Still like it, but it doesn't taste the same - has a bit of a strange taste.

I am waiting on my order of drops. I ordered a six pack that just shipped today...

Comment #6

I like the Cinn danish swirl, but am not too crazy about the other flavors...

Comment #7

What is a "snickerdoodle"? I saw it on the list but had no idea what it could be... A marsupial native to Australia? A form of alien plant life? A candy bar? I have no idea... please enlighten me as to the snickerdoodle (the word makes me laugh, it's funny) Farrell and what it tastes like..

I'm waiting on my first order of two packs of minis... so I could try a bunch of different flavors.. they are backordered on double chocolate, don't know why I added that, I thought that one might be good in actual coffee, for the occasional cup that I drink... but if a "snickerdoodle" isn't an Austrialian marsupial, what IS is? And is it good? Do I want it? I did get marshmellow for the cocoa and some of the other flavors that everyone says are good....

What do you all do with them them... shakes and vanilla pudding and vanilla shakes and what else?.

Thank you..

Comment #8

I like hazelnut, amaretto, & chocolate macadamia in my puddings and coffee..

It sort of tastes like the alcohol I used to occasionally put in my coffee after a good dinner...

Comment #9

I like hazelnut, amaretto, & chocolate macadamia in my puddings and coffee..

It sort of tastes like the alcohol flavor I used to occasionally put in my coffee after a good dinner. I missed the taste more than anything and these drops and a packet of splenda help. I sprinkle more drops than recommended too..


Comment #10

I too put in more than recommended. But when I use it in my coffee, as the drops were intended, I use the recommended amount. Plus it depends on the flavor. Some are stronger than others I think..

I just placed an order for 9 full size bottles and will order more when the new flavors come out. I like most of them but if I had to pick just one it would be the Caramel. The Double Chocolate and the Pralines-n-Cream are a close second. The pralines n cream is fabulous in the MBS oatmeal, BTW...

Comment #11

So far I've used the chocolate raspberry in my coffee, the eggnog flavor in the vanilla shake (I swear, I think I got a buzz it was so good!) chocolate and caramel in the banana pudding and cinnamon danish in the brown sugar/maple oatmeal. Was not so impressed with the outcome of the oatmeal. The 3-5 drops is working for me, with the exception of the banana pudding; that one needed a few more...

Comment #12

I have a wide variety of flavor drops. Some of my favorites are egg nog (yummy in vanilla shake and pudding), toasted almond (good in chocolate shake and pudding and MBS oatmeal), hawaiian coconut (extra good in chocolate shake and pudding - makes them taste like German chocolate, good in MBS oatmeal, and makes banana shake taste like a tropical drink), cinnamon danish (good in vanilla and banana shakes), and double chocolate (good in EVERY kind of shake - vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, orange). I've also.

I've also been a tester of their new chocolate peanut butter drops - they are awesome in vanilla, chocolate, and banana shakes and chocolate pudding. It's one of the new flavors that you can pre-order but won't be shipped until the end of the month..

You definitely need more than the 3-5 drops they recommend for coffee because of the flavorings that are already in the Medifast products. I usually use 8-10 drops..

If you're ordering for the first time, I'd highly suggest including one of the nut flavors, like almond or coconut, because the flavor is so aromatic and mixes well with almost any flavored shake/pudding/oatmeal...

Comment #13

Oooooh Kaana... Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite non-PB, non-chocolate cookies. My grandmother used to make them. The basis is sort of a sugar cookie. You roll the dough into little balls and then before you put them on a cookie sheet, you roll them around in cinnamon-sugar. They bake out flat and are a little crispy on the outside, but soft and chewy in the center. I like to make them at Christmas time and color one bowl of the dipping sugar red and the other one green, so they're festive (however, they are good all year round)...

Comment #14

I got my drops yesterday, and I like them! When I put them in coffee I use the recommended amount, and I have to use more for shakes and such. I put the toasted coconut in a vanilla shake (yum!) and have been doing raspberry hazelnut in my coffee (another big yum!)...

Comment #15

I ordered on the 3rd and got an email a few days ago saying there was a delay ! So far they haven't responded to my email about exactly WHEN it would be delivered...

Comment #16

I am still trying to figure out how to get the dang thing to make drops. Someone on here said to punch a hole in the plactic thingy....why doesn't it come that way??? This company took three weeks to send me three tiny bottles and I had to use an eye dropper from another bottle I already had to drop the recommended three to five drops that did not even begin to make a flavor difference. I will use a teaspoon next time....those tiny bottles will not last long....I am beginning to think we got hood-winked or not!!..

Comment #17

Spoiled, the drops will come out of the white thing in the bottle. don't take it out as you'll pour out too much. some flavors are thicker than others and take longer to come out. You just have to really shake it. using a paper clip to open the opening more is a good idea and worked on the bottles I have here now. the product is a really good product, I love them.

I hate it when companies take my money right away and then take their own sweet time getting the product to me! grrr!!..

Comment #18

OK, thanks for the update. Still "wish" they had sent instructions...

Comment #19

A snickerdoodle is a cookie-I believe sort of a combo sugar cookie with some ginger flavor added. They taste really good, but of course are not good for us...

Comment #20

Yuck......I don't like them at all!!!! I put some of the cinnamon swirl in my vanilla pudding and it tasted like alcohol to me. I neverd thried the other 4 flavors yet.........really didn't want to after that!!..

Comment #21

Lighter, the cinnamon swirl is one flavor I don't care for. That's why I got the variety pack so I could pick my favs...

Comment #22

I ordered a mini-pack on Jan 2, got the e-mail everyone else got about the delay. Got an e-mail on Thurs (Jan 11) saying they shipped. I honestly think they weren't prepared for the amount of Medifast orders they've been getting. Hoping they work out their production issues soon... They really are a nice bunch of people, so I'm trying to be patient (definitely not one of my strong suits!)..

Comment #23

I love the sound of these flavor drops! Would someone please post the website where they can be ordered??.


Comment #24

Don't lick the drops off your finger though. YUCK, It was horrible!!!!!!!!! And it burned my tongue too!..

Comment #25


I ordered on the 10th and still no word from them at all......

Comment #26

My absolute favorite drops are the Cinnamon Danish Swirl. I seem to taste them the most (although I also have to put more than the recommended dose), and they taste divine. I love putting them on the vanilla pudding. It tastes like icing to me. HTH..

Comment #27

The danish swirl is my favorite. You have to remember to shake the bottle, maybe thats why some people get the alcohol flavor. I did that at first and it was really YUCK. Now I only use 3 or 4 drops...

Comment #28

Are there any stores/shops that stock these so we don't have to order online? How long do the bottles last?..

Comment #29

The amaretto and the egg nog are my favorite! Amaretto + the hot cappaccino beverage is awesome. Then I take the vanilla shake (which by itself I dont really like) and add a tiny dash of pumpkin pie seasoning, a few drops of egg nog, and half a pack of splenda and it is to die for!!..

Comment #30

Just had a vanilla shake with the Orange Dreamcicle drops!!!.

WOW! Fantastic!!!..

Comment #31

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh! That sounds SO yummy!!!!!! Orange Dreamsicle will definitely be in my next order! Thanks BT!..

Comment #32

I really loved the eggnog... I put it in my Medifast cappuccino and never missed the Starbucks eggnog lattes this season!!.

Just this weekend I tried my mom's Amaretto flavor in the Medifast hot chocolate.... YUM! It was superb!.

I really liked the prailines and cream too...

Comment #33

I just got the glorious email that my drops are on the way!!!! Yipee once I get the flovors I got I will say what I liked best.....

Comment #34

The peanut butter and the graham cracker are my favorites. Caramel is really good, too. I got a free bottle of blueberry cinnamon crumble with my last shipment. It's brand new and the size that has "75 servings." Would anyone like to trade?..

Comment #35

I just got my drops today. I had a chocolate shake with coconut drops in it..

It was very good. I can't wait to try them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #36

Hi All,.

You will not want to lick the drops straight! The reason is , they are 300x more concentrated than your syrups, thats why you are getting the bad taste. If we created Flavor Drops in a 750ml bottle, and we diluted them with mostly water (your basic syrups) you would be able to drink it.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be glad to offer any help at all to the Medifast community. They were nice enough to give me this demo account, and I will be around to answer questions or make suggestions... after all, I am the founder of the product.



Comment #37


Just want to let you know.......I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flavor drops!!!! Thank u, Thank u, Thank u! The flavors are great!!!.


Comment #38

Wow Kristy! Thank u, Thank you , Thank u! I love my job of making people happy, and I especially love reading messages like this! Thank you!.


Comment #39

I just got my second order of Flavor Drops and now the hard part is deciding which to try first! I also have to pass on what FANTASTIC customer service this company has. I had this 2nd order go missing in the mail and emailed the company one evening inquiring what might have happened to it. To my pleasant surprise, I recieved a call from Randy at Capellas 20 minutes later to see what the problem was. She said to let her know if I didn't get it by Friday - so I did. The replacement drops were in my mailbox on Tuesday (today). That is taking care of the customer! Great Job, Capella's!.

I have really liked all the drops I have gotten so far but must say that the Danish Swirl and the Double CHocolate are my favorites from my first order. I have high hopes for the peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter from this order (although they all sound so yummy). Will let everyone know what my favorite new flavors are.....

Comment #40

Be Cautious with the Amaretto drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the strongest!!!!!.

I did 4 drops in a vanilla shake. WOW not a good idea..

I like the Toasted Almond much better. Much milder.

I will be trying one drop of Amaretto in cappucino tomorrow. We'll see if that's better..

Any other words of caution or not so favorite drops.?????.


Comment #41

Wow. I wish I rec'd such good service. I had a pretty bad experience with my order. It took forever to get. No one let me know about the delay. I had to write and ask when the product was coming..

I got e-mails back but the product didn't come for awhile. And they charged my credit card the day I ordered, even though they couldn't ship for over a week...

Comment #42

I just ordered some today: I ordered:.

White Chocolate.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

Orange Creamsicle.

Klua & Cream.

Vanilla Hazelnut.

Strawberry Cheesecake.

I hope they are yummy!..

Comment #43

I have to agree with Marci here. This company has about the best customer service I have seen in a while. If you have any problems with an order, they will fix it and then some! GREAT customer service! Just don't see that much anymore. I also talked to Randee- she is very nice and helpful. This company is awesome in my opinion.........oh and all the flavors I have tried are WONDERFUL! Hazelnut is probably my favorite..


Comment #44

I just got my drops, but I am confused, I searched everywhere for peanut butter and everyone is talking about it. I don't understand why I couldn't find is all I wanted but I settled for hazelnut and a 5 other flavors....where is peanut butter? ANybody know about getting a free sample...I know there was a post a while it gone?..

Comment #45

The Peanut Butter is available in the Individual size or 3 pack, not the 6 pack minis yes (sorry, we will be offering it at some point).


Hope this helps,.


Comment #46

Yeah, sorry we are aware of it. The amaretto actually slipped through the cracks (too potent) we are working on the adjustment. For now, just cut the # of drops. Unfortunately all flavors are NOT created equal, it turns out that almonds come across quite strong.


Comment #47

Thanks Kristy,.

We do everything we can to keep our customers happy!.


Comment #48

Please, I LOVE the amaretto the way it is!!!!!I am not drinking any alcohol now so this was a wonderful add to my coffee or to my diet cream soda like I used to add the "Real" Amaretto! Was great to curb that craving!.

Love It! Tastes like the real strong stuff the way it is supposed too!.


Comment #49

Don't worry Jodi we are not going to change the flavor at all!, just line up the 3-5 drops system. Currently coffee and tea customers are even complaining that they are putting 2 drops and that 3 is overpowering. Again, you will NOT notice any flavor change at all! Glad to hear your enjoying it.


Comment #50

I have 4 flavors and I really like them all. Maybe later will branch out. My flavors are double chocolate, chocolate raspberry, amaretto, and eggnog..

Question: can you cook with the Capella's flavor drops? I am looking for a way to fancy up my muffins besides adding cinnamon...

Comment #51

Your taking the conservative approach.

Sure you can cook with them. We have the Executive Chef from the Sheraton in Florida which uses the Blueberry and Raspberry in his Pancake and Waffle Batter !.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, You may want to take a look at out promotion going on with the Minis. You can get 7 for the price of 6 (for a limited time). If you see the Flavor Drops banner on Medifast, then click that it will take you to the main page, there you will see the "for a limited time" post. If you cant find it, it's here.


Also, we have just separated the minis from the sampler and now you can purchase them separately for 2.95 ea, we made it easier for Medifast members to get started for less than 19.95.



Comment #52

Hi Tom!.

Thankyou for your help. I started out with the 3-pack plus another flavor. Just started almost 3 weeks ago, so still learning about the ways to fancy up my preparations. I did see the special promotion, and have been trying to decide which flavors to get! Surely Amaretto will be one, since my husband has been using it in his coffee and I don't want to run out.

The fruit flavors sound like a good idea for pancakes - I think we can make them out of the oatmeal. As soon as you said it, I thought of dividing the batter and adding the flavoring to only one part, then swirling it in so it would look like syrup!.

I am making my Medifast order tomorrow or Saturday, when I have time, so will probably take advantage of the special at the same time. Thanks again...

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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