Medifast Calorie free flavor sprays - has anyone tried??

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I ran across some flavor sprays online that are supposed to be calorie, sugar, carb and fat free (which I would think means GUILT-Free too!) They seem to be like the capella coffee flavors except they have savory flavors as well. Flavors like pesto, smokey bacon, maple, parmesan and cheddar cheeses, garlic and oil, and tekiyaki among others. My question is, have any of you fine folks ever tried these? I am thinking some of these would be great sprayed on salads or chicken..

These sprays are found at

I am not sure how to insert a direct link but I guess a quick cut and paste would get you there!.


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I haven't tried the flavor sprays...but did order Capella drops last week...haven't rec'd them yet but hopefully will this week..

If you try the flavor sprays let us know how they are...we need all the help we can get when it comes to flavor..

Comment #1

I ordered Capella's last week too. Looking forward to getting those. If I decide to order the flavor sprays I will definately let you all know how they taste.


Comment #2

I have not tried these but think they would be great to have. I am going to ask on the nutrition support board and see if we can have these..

Comment #3

I ordered and received the Capella drops. Just added the banana nut creme flavor to my banana shake. Tasted it before I put it in the freezer to chill and it is yummy. Kind of tastes like banana nut spread..

I have not heard of these sprays but would be interested to hear if they are good sand if they are allowed. Sound like they could add some nice flavor to chicken and veggies...

Comment #4

He also has something on there called a "Food Splash" in butter and other flavors, also zero calories and carbs... found this about it on another site:.

Renowned chef David Burke has expanded on his popular Food Spray line with Food Splash (, a collection of flavors that can be dipped, splashed or poured on poultry, seafood, beef, salads, vegetables, dairy and bread productswithout adding calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol or fats associated with toppings, gravies, dressings and sauces. The splashes are vegetarian friendly and available in Butter, Jalapeo Butter, Garlic and Oil, and Gravy flavors. Suggested retail for the 4-ounce bottle is $6.95...

Comment #5

I checked out the Nutrisystem reply and this product got the OK to use as a condiment. I think I will order some and let everyone know how they taste! Lets hope they are as YUMMY as they sound!.


Comment #6

I ordered the Mephis BBQ, Teriyaki, and Smoked Bacon...will let you know how they work out when I get them!.


Comment #7

Okay, I ordered several of these. Will let you know if they are yummy...

Comment #8

I have tried them and they are gross. Save your money and buy the capellas drops.

Let me know if you need any more info...

Comment #9

You know whats funny I tried these and the capeella drops and I perfer these.. the capella drops have a nastty after taste and I will never buy those again.. THEY RUINED MY MUFFINS!! so I love these.maple is my favorite!!..

Comment #10

Good to hear... what other flavors have you tried? I am especially curious about the non-sweet ones....

Well, those who ordered, please give us a review before I stuff my pantry with even more flavorings! My friends think all I have in the house is flavor, not food!..

Comment #11

Well, I FINALLY received my flavor sprays - their excuse was overwhelming demand...anyway - I haven't used these on food yet but I did do a little taste test. They all taste pretty good by themselves. The Memphis BBQ has a little aftertaste that I am not sure of (maybe a smokey flavor) anyway, I will try it on some chicken and let you know...the teriyaki tastes really yummy...can't wait to try it with some beef or chicken and broccoli...the smoked bacon tasted just like smoked bacon! Will be using it on my eggs in the morning and - of course - I will let y'all know what I think (whatever that is worth ) Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #12

Hi everyone! I have a ton of these, and I do like them alot. However, I think the capella drops have a bit of a stronger flavor. These are good though if you are wanting flavors that aren't sweet - like cheddar cheese, smoked bacon etc..

If any of you are near a Le Gourmet Chef store, I found them there for 75% off a couple weeks ago. That made them about $1.50 per bottle. Might wanta check out that store if you are near one.


Comment #13

I tried the smoked bacon on the eggs. It was pretty good! I think it works best to spray on after it is cooked. There were a few bites where I could imagine I had chopped up some bacon and put it in my eggs...not bad! I think I will put a little more on next time. I am having some beef tonight so I will try the teriyaki spray on it and report back...

Comment #14

Thanks! There are too many choices, so I am waiting for your report to help me make up my mind.....

Comment #15

I know! It is also nice to have non-sweet flavors to pick from, too! There are so many ways to liven up the shakes, puddings etc. but it is nice to find a guilt free way to jazz up the lean...I really and holding high hopes for the teriyaki one of my favorites before MF. I will definately keep y'all posted on the results...

Comment #16

I went to the Le Gourmet Chef store and bought a teriyaki and a maple. I went to the person I have teamed up with on Medifast and we tried it on a piece of chicken... It had no flavor to me... I am hoping I'll have better luck with the maple (for my oatmeal when order comes in) I will try the teriyaki again tomorrow and see if maybe it was because of the seasonings she had already on the chicken from cooking it the day prior. The store only carried a few flavors and they were $6 each for those here in WA this store is in Marysville at the outlets and at the North bend outlets.....

Comment #17

I think the teriyaki was pretty good but I can see that you would need a good bit to make it really pop! The flavor was very authenticly teriyaki tasting. I only tried it on a few bites because at the last minute I changed my dinner plan. Instead of just grilling the steak with typical seasoning and eating it plain like that, I decided to saute up some mushrooms in a little beef broth and added one wedge of lite laughing cow cheese (garlic and herb flavor) and let it melt and topped the beef with that - HOLY LAUGHING COW - that was good! I think I will post that as a recipe...anyway the teriyaki has a very good flavor but you would need more than the "one spray" the website describes but for the occaisional hankering for teriyaki - I am glad I got it!..

Comment #18

Tried the maple one this morning on my oatmeal... no maple taste, I could smell it though. I used 6 sprays.....

Comment #19

The BBQ was kinda icky It had a really strong smoky flavor bordering on metallic...wouldn't recommend this one....

I think these are best sprayed directly on what you are going to eat - cooking with them doesn't work to well - the flavor disappears...

Comment #20

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