Medifast and Diet Pop

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As many of you know, it was mother's day - and I took out my mom for breakfast. I ate food that counted strictly for my LG meal but my mom was all over me about the fact that I was drinking diet pop. She went on for about 10 minutes regarding aspertame and all sugar replacements..

I'm looking for advice on how to better handle this situation in the future - because I had NO clue what to say, other than, 'yes mom, you've told me that diet pop and sugar substitutes are bad for me since I've been a child.' (To clarify, I'm almost 25, and she's 64 and very much still in controleven though I consider myself to be 'my own person.').

I am NOT telling her that I am on a diet because that will just bring up another myriad of questions and accusations that I don't want to deal with. My friends all know and support me, and my mom lives 120 miles away now - so I don't see her often, but father's day is coming up, and I still will be OP then - so what do you say to people in your life who can't stand sugar substitutes?.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!..

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My mom and sister give me a hard time about diet pop too. Being the biologist geek that I am, I looked for research on artificial sweeteners. There is a lot of controversy, but there has also been a lot of research done trying to link cancer with aspartame intake. You could look at the link below (national cancer institute) which gives an overview of a study on aspartame and leukimias and tumors. They had about a half million people in the study group and researchers weren't able to link aspartame intake with cancer..


I don't know how your mom would react if you tried to present this information to her. It might be that no matter what you say she will still think artificial sweeteners are bad for you.

Does your mother hate food preservatives and artificial flavorings too? Does she eat all organic? I kind of think "artificial flavorings, artificial colors and preservatives- aren't artificial sweeteners kind of in the same category?" None are really good for you, but are they really that bad for you?.

I hope this helps. The women in my family (including me) are pretty confrontational so I don't know how this type of argument would go over with your mom...

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Thank you! I'll print it out and bring it next time.

To clarify, no other artificial things bother my mom. She is most nutritionally un-safe. To clarify, her idea of a meal is an entire bag of lightly salted Lay's potato chips and she eats a bag of those daily. She's 4'11" - around 120 lbs - but looks great - eats a TON - is always on me about my weight - and hates artificial sweetners. She acts as if one diet pop is going to literally kill me tomorrow. Oh, and she smokes.

I'm not trying to get down on her - I just really want a decent comeback that will get her to ease up on my diet pop during dinner time...

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Sounds like you can only say "yes, mom". One of those daughter/mother tussles that is probably ageless..

I want you to know that I quit drinking diet pop for the same nagging, eye glazing reasons your mom tells you. I have no idea what aspartame does or does not do, but I do feel a "little" better not drinking it. I miss it, yearn for it and the only thing stopping me from drinking it is the 3 month detox headache I had while quitting cold turkey....that can't be goodbut then I was was drinking 3-4 cans a day.

Moderation-don't you think? Hope Medifast is going well. Your mom just loves you...

Comment #3

Your Mom is being "bossy" about this, because you're allowing her to do that. I also have a "bossy" Mom, and I discovered that I had to set some boundaries..

Very nicely, I would say to her...."thanks Mom, but I'm good". Then change the subject. If she goes back to nagging you about it, say it again, and change the subject again. If she keeps going back to that topic, tell her....having a diet coke is a whole lot better than smoking(like you mentioned she does)..

We can still be respectful to our Mom's and yet, stand up strong if we're being nagged. Nip it in the bud, otherwise she'll keep doing it over and over again....for years to come..

I'm so glad I found the courage to stand up to my Mom about "unsolicitated advice". She minds her business a lot better now than in the past...

Comment #4

Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it. I hate to start family fights, and I'm going to try all of your responses next time in the hope that it'll work..

I really appreciate all of you!..

Comment #5

For what it's worth, I think the messages about how destructive high fructose corn syrup is (i.e. the sweetener is most non-diet sodas) are far more unnerving that anything you hear about aspartame. Did you know that one can of regular coke contains the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar? Once I heard that, I swore off regular soda for life (and that was before I started Medifast). If your Mom drinks regular soda, then her soap box is a little soggy (if you'll excuse the clumsy metaphor..

Comment #6

Since you don't see your Mom on a daily basis, I think I'd just order iced tea or water when I was around her just to not "fuel" any discussions. She'll be surprised and thrilled to see your weight loss when Father's Day rolls around LOL.

Regarding diet sodas, I LOVE them, but now very rarely longer buy them for the house - just have one when I am out at a restaurant from time to time as a treat. Most everything you read about any kid of dieting or healthy eating plan strongly suggests you avoid all cabonated sodas. Even if they are diet ones, the sodium, etc. is not good for you. I do sometimes crave carbonated beverages when I'm at home so do keep a bottle of selzter water (not club soda because of it's high sodium).

You might want to try giving up diet sodas for a week just to see if you can do it :-)..

Comment #7

Aspartame is TERRIBLE for your bones and joints. I have arthritis in my neck (from an accident) and was sure I was getting it in my hands too. Some days my joints hurt so much I could barely open jars and I'm only 40 years old! A friend suggested to go off of diet coke (I was averaging 2/day) so I tried it and within 2 months I was completely free of the joint pain in my hands, COMPLETELY.

Now I will allow myself 1 or 2 diet sodas/week and that's it. So far so good but if the pain starts to return the soda is the first thing to go. Just my .02..

Comment #8

A quick, non-confrontational way to avoid this situation again, would be to drink plain water in front of her, or seltzer water. Seltzer is my savior for the fizzy craving without the sugar or the artificial sweeteners. Your mom wouldn't harp on you at all, and you'd be on plan 100%!.

Good luck and great job staying on plan. You can do this!..

Comment #9

After tallying our expenses on soda, we decided to put out the money for a Soda Stream. It's a device that carbonates tap water at home; you can either leave it as seltzer or you can add their flavorings (the diet ones are really yummy!). There is absolutely no sodium to that seltzer and it really helps my cravings for fizzies! It was worth every penny and I love it! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about it!..

Comment #10

You could offer her a deal... "I won't drink diet soda when I'm with you and you don't smoke when you're with me... otherwise, no comments". :P hehe..

Comment #11

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