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I'm new to the medifast family. I just got my food today and I'm hyped about getting started hopefully tomorrow. I'm looking for some advise about staying on track. I have read some stories about people crashing or cheating. I know it's going to be a little hard but this a new life changing moment for me. Any good advise would be helpful from those of you who have made it, struggled and fought through it and accomplished your goals...

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Me too! I just started today. I am kind of hungy, but that might be just because I am used to eating all of the time. The food is pretty good!.

Nancy e..

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WELCOME NEWBIES! Your body will adjust and you will come to love this program and meeting new people!..

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Welcome to the Medifast family!.

My advise would be; come to the boards often. The people on this site are the best and always willing to give advise. Drink tons of water, it fills in the cracks and helps flush out the fat! Get rid of your eating triggers in your house. Stay 100% OP and follow all the rules! Read the Medifast book to know all the rules..

Good luck and we are all here for you. Join a team. That is a great motivator. I love team PINK!..

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Welcome! I agree about the boards. The other people here understand what you are trying to do and what is making it hard, easy, exciting, emotional, and everything else that comes with this journey you are taking..

Take advantage of that! It is good to know that we all have our good and bad days but there will be someone here help give you a boost!.

The only other thing I tell brand newbies is BE EXCITED! You're gonna love the results!..

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Welcome and remember, if you stick to it, you will be so happy you did this!! The first 3 days are the toughest, but after that it's really easy.

Hang in there, keep focused on what your goal is, fantasize about the new body, new clothes you will have..

Good luck and drink your water!!..

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Welcome aboard!! I gave myself the whole first week on Medifast to devote strictly to MF. Basically I lived the week like a spa, I spent every free moment on here reading success stories, taking notes on recipes. I went through catalogs and looked at clothes that I wanted when I lost weight. I read the Medifast book cover to cover. Painted my nails, took long bubble baths. Took naps.

My house was a disaster but in the long run I believe it led to my success so far. In my mind, I programmed all the food so that the taste reminds me of a slow enjoyable time with no stress. My family ate sandwiches, cereal and takeout while I took my bubble bath. Sounds extreme, but it was 7 days and really set me up for success I think. I rationalized that if I went for Gastric bypass I would be out of commission longer.

I also promised myself I was doing this come hell or high water for 4 weeks. Four weeks is a very small amount of time in your life. Commit to that and by week four you will be amazed at how easy the program actually is.

Best of luck to you, it is an incredible journey...

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I am at the end of my 2nd week and am looking forward to the 3rd. I have to agree that it is very important to drink all of your water and then some. I was a moderate coffee drinker and didn't think I'd survive not having my coffee every morning. The first few days are tough and you will have a headache. It will pass. I haven't had any coffee and it really doesn't bother me.

Visit the boards and stay OP. You will be surprised the next time you weigh in. Good luck to you all...

Comment #7

Welcome! It's great plan. Personally, I haven't felt any desire to cheat on this at all. It's made my life so much simpler foodwise..

Oh, and if you find some of the foods are dreadful tasting, check out the recipe forum for ideas, you would be surprised how easy it is to turn dreadful into delicious.

You will do great! And one other thing.. I don't see it as a struggle. It's like anything worthwhile, you have to discipline yourself. Once you find that you are able to do that with your diet... everything else is gravy..

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