vs Yahoo Personals - which is better?

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My question is: vs Yahoo Personals - which is better?.

My 2nd question is: I'm not sure what to do about this situation. I have been seeing a coworker since May. Most of the time I just thought it was casual but I hoped for more. However, recently it's been getting more serious. He has invited me to his meet his entire family and we have been seeing each other more frequently. The problem is that he is 8 years older and for the three years I have known him, he has never been in a relationship.

It got so bad that one night after the work Christmas party everybody asked me if they were hooking up. Later, I caught him walking with her outside of the bar that we were at. I couldn't handle seeing this and I started screaming at him. He took me aside and said he never hooked up with her and never plans to. He said he was only helping her find her car.

He also said that he was scared that I would leave him. But the next day, he claimed he doesn't remember saying that - even though he drove me home. Then he asked if I loved him and I just replied asking if he loved me. He did not respond. Later that day I found out I got into a top tier law school and I texted him and he never responded..

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Here's my answer to your question: vs Yahoo Personals - which is better?.

I'll start with you. Sorry if this seems harsh but I want you to see yourself from another perspective.You're about to put a whole lot of money down on a college for a career based on effective communication, yet here are the communication methods you've employed within the scope of this post:1) Not communicating at all, and assuming your relationship (thru was more serious than it actually was2) Immediately screaming at a guy just for being seen with another woman3) Responding to a question with another question (ok maybe you'll be a pretty good lawyer)4) Texting important information right after a big argument and getting mad that he doesn't text you backYou know what, this guy may not be a great catch. He leads another woman on, gets drunk, tells you he loves you, then doesn't remember having said it. Yes he sounds like a waste of time, I'll be honest, but on the flip side, what are you doing? Are you effectively communicating what you want? Do you have trouble talking calmly face-to-face with someone about important things in your life, including what you want out of dating?..

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Well we left things on a good note after the fight. I was not surprised that he would deny what he said just upset. I thought we were fine until he didn't respond. Moreover, I have explained to him several times exactly what I want from our relationship. He just doesn't seem to want the same things at this point, but it's so hard to pull away. He does talk about our future but he just does not want to make it official.

I wish I could move on. I already tried and failed because all I could think about was him...

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How long did you try for? Don't convince yourself that you're stuck here just because you thought about him a lot. We've all been through a breakup where the only thing on our mind was the guy... It takes a while to get over but it happens...

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Well I tried for over two months. I even started dating (online dating with someone else for a month. But the entire time, I just remembered the happy times. Not that he didn't hurt me repeatedly, I just can't stay mad at him because it makes things awkward. I'm sure I can get over it, I just don't want to act rashly and have a missed opportunity. To be honest, I am just scared of going to law school and never having a life and then never meeting someone. It's not as ridiculous as it sounds because that is exactly what happened to my cousin...

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While your fears about finding a man in law school are normal, I think you also know they are irrational... Statistically, college is the best place for finding someone. You meet so many new people in a similar stage of life with similar interests, it's difficult not to meet and connect with someone. Yeah it may be what happened to your cousin, I also know someone who's been struck by lightning but I still go outside.I don't think you have anything to lose by going to law school and keeping yourself open to meeting new people and starting a new life...

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