vs - which is better?

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My question is: vs - which is better?.

My 2nd question is: O.k well I'm back because the guy that I still like...while I thought that I was being a total idiot in my behavior....well I wasn't!!!.

I had taken some advice and NOT e-mailed or called this person and earlier this week while I was on the phone talking to a friend....I get a call..and it's from HIM!!!.

Well he called to give me another phone number of his because the other phone was giving him the next evening he called me and we talked and I went over to his place to watch some movies.....

We actually cuddled and it felt really really nice.I did not have sex with him because I can't do that unless I'm in a committed relationship (thru and unfortunately,that's not where he's at.....

My problem is that since I've  cuddled with him....Oh..and by the way...when we were cuddling I started to feel that sensation between my legs BUT I fought it off...well since then....I've had trouble sleeping I'm also fantasizing ALOT about having sex with him..WHAT can I do to prevent me from going insane over this?!.

I was going to buy a vibrator awhile back but chickened out.I did have one a few years ago but threw it away over a yr ago.....

I really feel that it would complicate my life IF I were to ever give in and have sex with him....I deserve better then just a romp in the sack here or there....

I admit that I have been focusing on more important things in life this yr like finding dealing with that had allowed me to not have to think about sex.I had put that in the back of my mind..BUT now I realize that no matter what my circumstances are employment wise...I'm still a woman with needs!! Help!..

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...well because he's been up front and honest that he doesn't want to be in a serious with that said..he's only looking for someone to have sex with...I want more and I feel that if I was to take a chance and just sleep with him....he would discard me like a piece of dirty underwear..

I've known about him since april BUT only meet him in Sept...and we've talked on and off then..BUT I still don't feel that I 'really' know him....I admit that I still like him BUT I know that I want a serious relationship (thru and that's not where his head is at the moment so why set myself up for heartache that I don't need?.

I know myself enough to say that I just can't have sex with someone..eventhough I like him...and that's that.That type of lifestyle is not me...

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If the guy says he doesn't want a serious relationship (thru then you should believe him. Waiting to have sex won't change that. You're already setting yourself up for heartache if you keep going out with him in the hopes he will change his mind...

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I'm not waiting to have sex with him...its because he says that he doesn't want a serious relationship (thru is the reason I DON'T want to have sex with him....I thought that I had made that clear?.

I'm saying that unfortunately for me I still like him so that's why I'm ONLY going to  be his friend and NOTHING else.I feel that in feelings will go away.I know that there are guys who want a serious relationship (thru so I'm going to focus on only those..

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Ok, I misunderstood what you were saying then. I'll have to re-read the original post, because that's not how I interpreted it at all. If that's the case though I'd recommend not cuddling with the guy...

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Yeah I know you're right about not cuddling...I haven't since that night..

UGH...but it's so hard!!! I am looking for someone more suitable for me BUT I still like the guy BUT I'm sure in time that those feelings will desolve....

My plan was to stay focused with school but since I'm on my holiday break....I sort of let things get out of hand. When I start school again in Jan,...things will be back to normal...

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Happiness and success come when what we Think, Say and Do are lined up together.Your thoughts are you want to be involved in a serious relationship, your words are you want to be involved in a serious relationship... When your Actions are aligned with your Thoughts and your Words, that's when you'll not only stop being conflicted, but also open your life right up to lay out the path for what you want to come to you. In the meantime, don't waste the pretty on something you know isn't right for you.You can buy a vibrator online very discreetly if that's what caused you to chicken out last time you tried to purchase one..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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