users. Online chatting tips?

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My first question is: users. Online chatting tips?.

My next question is: I got a few questions that are bothering me and need some advice/answers.

If you all dont know me, I'm the guy who about two months ago found out my best friend liked my girlfriend. Well theres a bit about that situation going on and another problem I wanna talk about..


So recently we were fighting bad and decided to take a break from each other.  The break is to hopefully fix things between us.  It has been going great so far..

So heres the few things I had questions about how to react/act to.....

My former best friend liking her still bothers me.  She claims that he doesnt mention it to her anymore, but instead they text each other and for valentines day he bought her gifts and in return she bought him a build a bear.  He does things that really bother me with her, like tomorrow for instance we're going to a concert and my girlfriend is working.  So my friend texts her and says "we're probably going out tomorrow, either way you're invited".  That bothered me because thats my job to do that, not his and he takes it upon himself to do that and include her with everything.  A few days ago she was sick and not feeling good and he texted her and said "i'll take care of you today if ya want", the message supposedly said something along those lines. .

These things bother me because I can't stand that he talks to her that way when thats my job.  She gets message that are two in the same almost from the both of us and when we're all out together she wont completely act on her feelings with me around him because she knows he still likes her and doesnt want to hurt his feelings..

The other thing that has been bothering me is my ex.  Lately I blocked her and deleted her off of my myspace and aim.  I did that for my current girlfriend because she didnt see the point in having her on either so I did that for her.  My ex sent me a message asking why I did that when we dont even talk anyways and I told my gf  about it.  She instantly got mad at me and said I'm not over her and that I will never be, which really ticked me off.  Supposedly her and other people think that I'm not over her and it's really aggrivating.  I've been without her for 6 months and I could honestly care less about her. .

My question is, what the hell am I supposed to do to make ppl believe me?  It kills me that people wont take my word for it and I'm out of words to say...

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Your question was: users. Online chatting tips?.

Yes, I remember you and I remember advising you to get rid of both of them and I still stand behind that advice.  A relationship (thru shouldnt be this hard or this abusing to you.  Why not find another girl who is into you the same way you are into her and doesnt play games with you. You'd have a lot more fun...

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Hi Toughtimes99,.

Welcome from the new CL.  It's great to have guys on the board!!.

I'm not defending your gf in any way, but shes not the only one at fault.  Have you spoken with your friend and told him to stop?  If they don't then I'd drop them both.  Friends and girl fiends don't treat people like this.  I know this is way easier said than done, but....

I would think your gf would be more understanding about your ex.  She is in the same boat as you!!  And you did what she asked.  I wouldn't worry about your ex and if she contacts you, I'd leave it alone. .

We can't please everyone in this world, so don't work too hard at trying.  Do what is best for you and treat others with respect and common courtesy..

Good Luck,.




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First -ur best friend there dont sound like a best friend.  if he knows you guys are trying to work things out then he should step aside to let you two do your thing.  if it doesnt work out between you two then there is his chance but right now he shouldnt interfere.  as for the ex-gf, y does she even care if you deleted her?? it's a done deal, relationship (thru is over-u don't even need to respond to her.  what right does your current gf have to get mad over your ex-gf asking you a question while she accept gifts from another guy and getting him a bear for v-day??? common that's only between a gf & bf...sorry to be blunt but sounds like shes trying to have the best of both worlds.  you shouldn't have to put up with this -i think you should ask her who she wants to be w or if it's ok with her that you have another girl texting you and buying you gifts on v-day, relationship (thru has to balance everything has to go both ways, if she is not ok w you having a female friend acting like a gf then your gf should understand how you feel.  good luck!..

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I remember you from before too and I thought that your girlfriend had promised to stay away from your best friend. Clearly, she is not doing that. I think you should move on and find someone new...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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