tips for guys?

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My question is: tips for guys?.

My 2nd question is: I have an ex in my life and he's been my ex for 6 - 7 months  now.  We only dated for maybe three months.  At the time I thought he was wonderful and a good prospect and I fell hard (actually too hard).  He did the breaking up, so I moved on.  His reason for breaking up with me was lame to be, but I respected his decision.  He didn't request his second chance until he knew I was dating (online dating with someone else and didn't even apoligize for messing with me.  (better yet, he started the conversation with "I don't know what you've heard, but I've been spending a lot of time with my ex wife" - I wanted to ask him if he was stupid.)  Just kept stating that he was better than my now BF. .

Anyway.  This morning on the way into work, he called me.  He needed closure.  I'm thinking blah blah blah - you should have thought of that before.  He went on about how he was a good person and that we had each choosen our paths and that he was moving out of our condo complex.  Oh, and that our timing was off.   He wouldn't let me get a word in at all!!!.

I honestly don't think badly of him.  I do not and will  not ever like the way he treated me, but I don't wish him ill - we all make mistakes.  I say go on with your life and be happy.  let it alone.  Why does he keep doing this?  It's driving me nuts!!!!  I really hoping that was the last phone call.  If I bump into him, I will give him the same common curtesy I would anyone.  I honestly don't think he will be able to do this as he said this is awkward for him and he will protect himself.  What does he have to protect himself from.  I'm not some amazon woman who will beat the crap out of him!!!.

Boy this guy really makes me appreciate my BF.  Even with how busy his life can be!!!!!.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Do you have a strange ex story?.



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The best thing to do is to never answer his phone calls.  It sounds like you are doing great with the new Boyfriend.  So whatever he is thinking is his problem...

Comment #1

<< Why does he keep doing this?  It's driving me nuts!!!!  I really hoping that was the last phone call.  >>.

We see these types of stories a lot on the iV boards ... and I always just have to scratch my head and wonder "why do women keep answering the phone if they don't want to hear from the guy!?"  (or open/respond to the emails or whatever form of communication it is)..

Just delete.  Ignore.  Move on..

I once dated a guy who called me a couple times after we ended it (it was a shorter-term relationship (thru ... just a few months) ... and he wanted to meet, to talk, to blah, blah ... and after the 2nd or so call I just replaced his name with DNA (Do Not Answer) ... so, if I saw DNA pop up on the phone, it would be a bold reminder to just NOT ANSWER!..

Comment #2

Glad to have you on the board Imm02..

I agree and I won't answer his calls.  He gave me a hard time for this before, so I thought I was being good, but this is HIS problem and he can keep it.  :0)..




Comment #3

DNA sounds great.  I don't think my cell phone carrier has that.  I wish they did!!!  I know I didn't have to answer the phone, it just seems rude and I have to admit.  My BFF and I had a good laugh over it!!!.

And one good thing that came out of it.  I really do appreciate my BF more and more!!.



Comment #4

You can change your phone number so motor mouth gets it through his head that he is not on your A list...

Comment #5

<< DNA sounds great.  I don't think my cell phone carrier has that.  I wish they did!!!   >>.

Oh, no no no ... it's not something that the cell phone carrier "has" ... it's as simple as changing the name.   If you can put the word JOE (for example) in your phone ... you can put the letters DNA over the name.  .

Some may say ... well, why not just delete the number?   And, I've done that too.  But, I don't know about you ... I don't always scrutinize a number when it's on my screen ... if it doesn't have a name on it ... but, if I see the reminder DNA (do not answer) ... i'm certainly going to be more inclined to not answer.   See what I mean?..

Comment #6

I get it.  Clever idea!!!!  I usually look, but I was driving (and I drive a stick-and my roads still have ice on them) so I grabbed the phone and quick answered it.  I don't ususally get calls that early in the day!!! .



Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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